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Sunday Sevens #ISEWLATED wk 1

Well it doesn’t really matter that I’m late with my Sunday Sevens as no one really knows what day it is as the moment!

I thought I’d change the title and add #isewlated too as there will definitely be a different feel to my Sunday Sevens for the foreseeable future.

Everyone is struggling as they adapt to a new way of life. Hopefully it won’t be for too long, although I image it will be the back end of summer before we can have some sort of normality back into our lives. And have real life sewing meet ups! I really miss you guys, but aren’t we lucky having our social media to keep in touch! And sewing to keep us sane!

At work it’s business as usual. I say usual, but definitely not normal. It’s actually a relief to go to work and have some social interaction, and the public continue to be amazing with the support and encouragement we are receiving, which is a real morale booster.

This photo was taken Sunday Evening – the night I posted my last Sunday Sevens (on a Sunday shock/horror!). The manager at McDonalds gave us all free donuts. It actually seems quite odd seeing a ‘group photo’ now we’re exercising social distancing – this was the night before it was announced.

Monday night I had a ride over to see my fella, and was glad I did as now I’ve no idea when I’ll be able to see him again. With the new restrictions in place my love life is now on hold. Heading back Tuesday morning over the Pennines was quite surreal. The M62 usually looks like a car park at 8:30am.

Yay! I pegged out for the first time this year!

Sewing…. my latest #minervamake … the fabric is super soft, with a suede feeling, and a small amount of stretch.

I dusted off my bike and hit the roads. One of the good things at the moment is the roads are sooooo quiet!

I finished my latest minerva make – another faux jumpsuit. This was taken just before the start of my early shifts, my work buddies thought I’d turned up in my PJs 🙈. With the right shoes and my hair done this outfit I do look less ready for bed!

Oops! I was so shocked to see loo roll on the shelves in my local Co-op I dropped my wine whilst stood in the queue. Luckily there was more wine on the shelf!

I had 2 parcels delivered this week. The left is a gorgeous dark navy/white jersey from Fine Fabrics of Harrogate and a snap fasteners kit and overlock needles arrived from Jaycotts.

Sunset from my Lady Cave

The weather changed quite dramatically towards the end of the week so I was out walking instead of the riding my bike. I’d actually been poorly for 2 days before this was taken – really sick. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick before when sober! But I lost 3 or 4 pounds so not all bad!

A very green omelette…….

One of the lads at work has a wicked sense of humour and tweaked a photo of Bex and I.

I cut my fringe!

Stay safe everyone

Cheerio for now

Ali x

Fancy joining in Sunday Sevens or wondering what it’s all about? Head over to Natalie’s blog Thread and Bobbins and read all about it…..

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  1. Thank you & all your colleagues for doing such a wonder job in the current strange world #NHS👏 Stay safe.

    On the sewing front I like your new jumpsuit, all ready for a night out parting when this time has passed🥂

    • You’re welcome 🥰 🚑
      I can’t imagine partying but I’m sure I’ll get back into the swing of things when this is all over 🥳 💃🏻
      You stay safe too x

  2. Lisa Loynes says

    As if you dropped the wine 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣. I need to teach you some skills do that never happens again 😜 stay safe lovely xxx

  3. What with everything else, I never thought about people in relationships – who aren’t living together – not being able to see each other. It must be difficult for you. Just as well you are so busy at work 🙄
    Seriously, thanks again for all your hard work trying to keep us all safe and well. Make sure you look after yourself too.
    Big virtual hugs from me. x

    • Aw thanks Lynn, big virtual hugs back at you 🤗🤗
      Yup the boyfriend thing is a bit tricky, though we had a ‘date night’ with FaceTime and wine this week. I got drunk🙈.
      Keep safe and keep smiling x

  4. Aw got to love the scissor sisters photo! You are all just wonderful. Keep doing what you keep doing and stay safe and I’ll stay home and not make a nuisance of myself. May you soon have the chance to wear the jumpsuit on a great night out with the new man in your life.

    • Aw thanks Cathy, I’ll do my best, and you keep safe… though I bet you’d never make a nuisance of yourself 🙈
      I can’t image going out. It’s like a distance memory. I had a ‘night in’ with him and another couple friends using video chat this week, I got so drunk and don’t remember going to bed🙈🙈🙈. Roll on the times when I’m staggering up my garden path! xx

  5. artcoopsville says

    Keep going there Ali, love your Sunday Sevens and big up to all parts of the NHS. I’m so grateful for all those key workers that are keeping everything going. ( technically I’m a key worker, but we’re running a rota at my school so mostly teaching from home. I’ll be in school next Monday with the kids). Surreal times, keep sewing

    • Thank you I will! It’s lovely all the comments and appreciation, even though that’s not why we do what we do it definitely boosts moral.
      Yours is a tough job at this time. Keep up the good work too. Keep safe x

  6. Hilarious photo doctoring 😂
    Stay safe out there – and thank you all. You deserve ALL the doughnuts.

    • Thanks Kim! I bet we’d have got more if they’d have realised they were closing down the next day.
      You stay safe too x

  7. I hope you’re feeling better. A very bad vasectomy guy in Vermont where I lived is called Craig Rinder, and he is widely called ‘the organ grinder’ and ‘the meat grinder’. I know one person that he put into the hospital–the scissors sister couldn’t do a worse job!

  8. Hugs and keep safe. Glad you are finding time for some therapeutic exercise, sewing and wine. Love your faux jumpsuit. What pattern is it?

    • Thanks Nicola😊😊 always time for wine 🍷🤪
      For the faux jumps in, the bottom is the Hudson pants, and the top is the asymmetrical top from one if the sewing bee books.
      Keep safe x

  9. What a fab set of sevens. Many many moons ago I worked in a BP fuel station and the local ambulance crews used to come in regularly. Amazing band of guys with wicked humour. For the job you do, thank you and stay safe. X

    • Thanks Amanda, I’ve always loved my job, even now 25 years on. It amazing to feel the love of the country. I’m not sure where we all get wicked sense of humours from, but I think it’s more contagious than this bloody virus. Long may it continue x

  10. Tammy says

    Another interesting post. Thanks for all you do! Glad that you’re feeling better.

  11. Tammy says

    Another interesting post. Thanks for all you do! Glad that you’re feeling better.

  12. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Stay safe & keep smiling, Lovely! You & your partner give those hunky guys a real big hug, when this is over! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  13. A fabulous post! Would it be ok to share your last photo/poster on Facebook?
    It was so moving last night as we all stood at our gates applauding you and your colleagues, we could wave at each other, this little cul de sac has never felt like a community before, I thought about you all out there, caring for us, I cried.
    Stay safe and keep your sense of humour which is one of the fabulous qualities I have noticed and appreciated when I have been in the company of paramedics.
    Heartfelt thanks Ali.

    • Hi Sandra, yes of course…share away!
      My neighbours were out too last night, I didn’t realise what time it was but heard the noise and dashed out. It was amazing – again!
      It really is heart warming reading your message, and I know my work family (they’re more than friends😍) really appreciate the response from everyone, and it really boosts moral, and helps us keep our of crazy sense of humour.
      Take care & keep safe x

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