Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Sevens 2020-3

What a week!

Scary times ahead with ‘you know what’, but I did manage to pack quite a lot in to this week, but socially I think that will be it for quite a whilst we exercise social distancing.

The week started with a little sewcial gathering at Hicklteton Golf club and a little shopping spree in Waltons when the Yorkshire Spoolettes went on tour.

Monday was also Childrens Day – something we’ve celebrated in our family since I was 11. Not quite a child any more but H still gets a pressie and I get one from cyber mom and pops.

I got lilies, they are beginning to open up – I wish you could smell them!

On the way back from the meet up I called off at Castleford Outlet and bought a pair of new boots….

Tuesday I managed a game of golf, only the 2nd time this year. Yorkshire Karen spotted me from the Greenway and sent me this picture, though I never saw her.

Wednesday I popped down to Lucky Fashions with my sewing wife, Lisa. I wasn’t buying anything but I obviously did! She’s such a bad influence on me!

Then we had a coffee and I had cake. Old habits die hard.

Lisa finger wagging at me as I took her pic, I usually catch her by surprise and we’ve been close to divorce on more than one occasion.

Thursday back to work after 6 days off but I managed to whip up a new top for #wearyourmandyboattee organised by Sam over on Insta.

Works been tough. But there’s been some lovely gestures from members of the public. We got HIT on Saturday night. If you’re wondering what that means there’s hashtag #hittheambulance and #hittheambulancegamers We got given a box of choccies from staff in a small Tesco.

We also got left some primulas on the door step of the ambulance station with a thank you note.

Today is Mothers Day and although mum and dad aren’t letting us in the house, the sun was shining and we enjoyed bacon butties and each others company in the garden.

And here’s how you hug when you’re socially isolating!

Just one last one, I risked life and limb at 2am to take a pic of this stunning display of daffies.

Enjoy your week whatever you’re doing. Stay safe.

Cheerio for now

Ali x

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  1. Karen Dodgson says

    Yay I made it on your blog I feel famous now lol 😂
    Love your Mum’s social distance hug, I’ll remember that pose when I’m allowed out again!

  2. Love your new boots, can’t wait to see how the new fabric gets used, but do wonder what you risked at 2 AM with streets appearing quite empty. 🤪 That new b&w top is stellar!!! Am gearing up to make some 100% cotton masks over my way, and will be thinking about you with each one. Good thing you’ve got a bit more protection that my old cotton sheet can provide! You stay safe, Lovely!!! And enjoy your Mum’s Day all next week! 💋 🎉 🍾

  3. Lisa says

    Mmmm I’m a bad influence 🤔🤔….hope everyone notices who had the cake and who didn’t 😇😇🤣🤣. Stay safe wifey 😘 #nodivorcehere xxx

  4. I’m sure, if your like me, that you don’t need any encouragement to buy fabric…..but always good to blame someone else.
    Mother’s Day has been very different this year hasn’t it😕but celebrations are just delayed not cancelled 🍾

  5. Great pics. Love your new top and your boots. You need to stop feeding that boy of yours – you do know they keep growing until they’re 21?
    Glad you got to at least be in the same garden as your mum.
    Fingers crossed we don’t have need to start both our SS next week with that opening line xx

  6. Thank you so much for the work you do Ali. Love the top you made.
    I have a very tall son too, when he introduces me as his Mum and I can see people puzzling at how that could possibly be as they look from one to the other!
    My daughter and grandchildren came to my garden for virtual hugs yesterday and we did a 2m apart dance in a circle.
    Take care. ❤

  7. Pauline says

    Love your boots and top. Who can’t resist fabric, all that stroking and admiring and thinking what can I make.
    Fabulous photo of the daffodils such happy little souls dancing in the wind cheering us all up.
    Have a good week and keep safe.

  8. Wow lovely fabric and so happy that the public is showing you appreciation. Heros aren’t celebrities they are people like you. Last night someone I have known since childhood came round- he stood on the drive and we chatted, then he bowed to me and I dropped a curtsey! But we were both a bit weepy. Loved your new hugs. Take care xx

  9. Well deserved chocs and primulas. Take care while you are taking care of others and thank you and the other paramedics and health professionals for all you are doing. Big hugs xxx

  10. I love that geometric top–very nice. We’ve been confined at home for a few weeks so are not out at all except maybe once a week in masks to buy food. I started feeling really crap last night though, breathing trouble, and the county said to call an ambulance, who came and said I’d be worse off at the germy hospital so to stay here. Here is where I’m staying. Be well all.

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