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Sunday Sevens #ISEWLATED wk 3

Last week I had a couple of tough days at work. Tuesday was particularly tough and I didn’t think I could get through the rest of the week without having a total melt down. The C word is getting to us all. But I picked myself up with the support of my amazing work family, and lots of love and virtual hugs from my insta friends. Thankyou so much🥰

Monday started ok. No I didn’t buy these, I just modelled them! We bought cookies instead. No photos, they weren’t around long enough to take one!

Early morning pic on my way to work. There has to be some benefits to working the early shift.

Spring is definitely in the air with daffodils in full bloom everywhere.

Keeping ourselves safe…. (we wear gloves too)

There’s lots of support for the NHS to be seen around the village when I’m out and about having my daily exercise….

I added a few finishing touches to a denim jacket I made…

The neighbours at work have been baking for us… we’re all going to be a few pounds heavier when this is all over!

A very talented friend at work drew me a Bee on request. How clever is he?! Now why would I want a Bee sitting on a spool of thread I bet you’re wondering……….

Maybe you need another clue…………….😬

Well, the cat is out of the bag now! Only 8 sleeps until The Great British Sewing Bee graces our screens once more. Excited is not the word!!!!

Stay safe everyone

Cheerio for now

Ali x

Fancy joining in Sunday Sevens or wondering what it’s all about? Head over to Natalie’s blog Thread and Bobbins and read all about it…..


  1. Can’t imagine what work is like at the moment. Glad you have great work buddies. Excellent mix of people in the Bee. Hope it was fun can’t wait to see it. Have fun sewing this week. Cant wait to see what you create K xXx

    • The week didn’t go according to plan, didn’t even finish the blouse, it’s been nearly thrown out of the window so many times! Think I’ve spent my days off stalking your LunaLockdown on insta🤣xx

  2. You’re on the bee!!!?!??? I will have to watch it now!
    Glad to see you have PPI. Stay well Ali 😊

  3. You are on the bee? I knoow a super star? Oh how fabulous. I want to wish you good luck but that’s too late……………..
    So stay safe instead.

    • I am Cathy🙀, It all seemed a distance memory until they announced us, only 3 sleeps now though! You stay safe too xx

  4. OMG! I am beyond excited that you’re on sewing bee. As Cathy says, too late to wish you good luck, but clearly you came out alive 😉
    Sorry to hear about your tough time on Tuesday. I dread to think how hard it was, because I know it’s tough enough during non c word times. I so admire you. You are a truly amazing lady xx

    • OMG I can’t believe it either really! It”s all very surreal, apart from the TV advert we’ve not seen any footage so it’s a bit scary wondering how we’ll come across on TV. xxx

      • I’m sure it is. When i told a sewing friend about you, she asked if I thought you would watch yourself – I thought how could you not? You have to know how it all came across.
        I think the thing to remember is that you’re going to be far more critical of yourself than anybody else. Personally I know you’re going to be fab or I wouldn’t have proclaimed to all my sewing friends that you’re my friend who’s on this year’s Sewing Bee.
        Am really excited about seeing you tonight, but I usually tape Sewing Bee and watch it in three parts with Harry while I have lunch – cos Hubby doesn’t like it – I know, what’s wrong with him? Think I might have to gag him or shut him out in the garden tonight as I can’t possibly wait or watch it in parts with you on it.

  5. I’ve just seen your pic with the rest of the sewing bee contestants. Now I know what the hints were about. Well done. I cant wait to hear all about it. Cant wait to watch it!, I expect your sworn to secrecy. This is so exciting. Cheers me up in these strange times. I’m busy sewing scrubs at the moment. Hardly sewing bee stuff but necessary xx

    • Yes, I’ve signed the official secrets act more or less, so no spoilers I’m afraid! You’re a good egg sewing the scrubs, it’s amazing how everyones’ pulling together and doing their bit. Stay safe xxx

  6. I thought I caught a glimpse of you on the trailer – wasn’t sure, now I know! Can’t wait to see the program, I’ll be cheering you on!

    • Aw thank you! You did well to spot me, a few did but not really that many, I think cos I’d got my head down looking stressed and wearing glasses. And there was me thinking I don’t get stressed😂. Thanks for the cheers! xx

  7. Fiona M says

    Oh God, I’ll have to watch it now, and I’ll be able to tell everyone I knew you before you were famous!
    Glad you’re staying safe and well, Ali.

    • You’ve known me ages Fiona, you must be one of the original Yorkshire Spoolettes! Hope you and yours are staying safe and well too xx

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  9. OMG you modern day hero you, not only work wise, but now you’re also on the Bee! Saw it last night, and almost fell off my chair, well done you!!!

    • You could’ve hurt yourself and I’d have felt it was my fault😂 maybe have more water with it next time🤪🙈

  10. Frenchfancy says

    I’ve just watched episode 1, I recognised you straight away. How exciting!

  11. I was so excited to see you on the telly! You come across really well and I absolutely loved that shirt you made – what fun to have a hunky male model to clothe – I bet you had fun that week.

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