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Sunday Sevens 11th April ’21

3 weeks in a row! Crikey! Even I’m shocked!

When I stopped blogging so much (almost 4 years ago) it coincided with me & Craig splitting up, and I just felt like I needed to keep my life more private and I lost my blo-jo. That’s liking loosing your sew-jo, but to do with blogging.

But I’m happier now and as I really used to love writing my Sunday Sevens, and also looking back on them it wasn’t a hard decision to start sharing them with you again. So don’t be surprised if this is a regular post from me on a Sunday (isn). And as in the ‘olden’ days of my Sunday Sevens, there’s likely to be more than 7!

The week started with a Bank Holiday, and a ‘Full English’ before we headed out for a walk.

Wrapped up – it was a cold one🥶

Cherry blossom 😍 no other words needed.

The first hail stone of the week was on Tuesday. It’s hard to take a picture of it in the air, so here it is next to my golf ball.

11 days off and back to work on Wednesday. I love early mornings and seeing the Sun come up.

Imagine this view from your lounge window😍

And this unexpected view! I had to do a double take as I thought it was a real person when I first saw it!

I’m known for eating random meals at work. Scrambled egg with spinach, and mackerel in a spicy tomato sauce. Nothing weird there, I don’t think, but you might beg to differ.

Another ‘Full English’! But it’s the view I’m sharing this time. This is the view I have when having breakfast at Bob’s cottage. Shame it was too cold to eat with the door open, I just got him to open it to show off the view.

One of Bob’s neighbours had left this old drop leaf table out for the bin men…. Bob’s going to give it a new lease of life. (ps do you like his sweatshirt🙈 I bought a Cricut a couple of months ago, so everything now has vinyl on it! Bob’s a lift engineer in case your wondering….!)

We got dressed up on Saturday afternoon for a day at the Races as it was the Grand National.

And had a surf n turf at a lovely country pub on our way home. Well, it was on our knee in front on the telly, but I think we’ve all developed vivid imaginations during lockdown!

A seal or a sweet potato?

Oooops! When we walked off one of the greens today our playing partners trolley had disappeared. Somehow it made its’ own way to the next tee, dropping some clubs on the way!

One of these days I might narrow my Sunday Sevens down to 7 pix🙄. Next week H’s cricket season starts. I can’t wait to watch him in action again! I’m on nights next weekend but am hoping to catch a couple of hours when I get up. And hopefully I might get a pic or 2 there. He’s soooooo tall now. Those of you who have followed me for a while won’t recognise him!

If you’re heading to the pub to sit in a freezing beer garden this week, wrap up warm. But really I’m thinking you must be mad! The temperatures are going to have to be a lot higher before you’ll catch me freezing in a beer garden, regardless of what Boris says! But then you might think I’m crackers playing golf in hail and snow like I have this week!

Anyway, whatever you’re up to, stay safe and keep smiling,


Ali x

Not sure what Sunday Sevens is about? It was a fab idea thought up a long time ago by the lovely Natalie of Threads & Bobbins – a fellow Yorkshire lass who lives in America. There’s no rules but the idea is to share 7 isn photos from your week. Read more about it on Natalie’s blog post – it actually took some finding – Sunday Sevens started way back in 2014!! Read her first post HERE.


  1. I’m with you on sitting in a cold pub garden but I’ll have a job persuading the OH it’s not a good idea 🥶
    Like the cheeky sweatshirt – nothing like a bit of positive advertising 😉
    I’m looking forward to the GBSB this week – will you be watching and reminiscing?
    I’m glad you’re starting up again with your Sunday Sevens, it’s lovely to see you looking so happy,

    • Hi Lynn! Yes I watched it! It was good to watch it as a ‘fan’ and not one of the sewers.
      I’m a bit behind with what my blogging pals are up to, are you still in France & are you able to watch it? x

  2. Agreeing with Lynn above – good to see you smiling and having so much fun! Don’t see anything “wrong” with your choice of sides with eggs – I do the same (or similar). 😉 Best to Bob and keep on stenciling! xxx

  3. So lovely to see you enjoying life to the full again.I feel quite hungry after this post. That view is a keeper!

    • It’s stunning isn’t it! I wish I could put my house where his cottage is for that view, wouldn’t really want his cottage as there’s no space for me a sewing room! 🙈x

  4. Looks like a fun week (I love the seal potato…!), but you’re going to have to explain the inflatable person face down on the table!

    • The inflatable suit I think is when A&E staff need to decontaminate patients. I think they must have been testing the suits for leaks…. i wouldn’t want to wear one if I’d had a curry the night before😂🙈

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