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It’s arrived!!! My pressie and it’s taken prize of place under my tree!   I’ve just gotten back from a run and our lovely postie had left it next door.

I was starting to get worried that it might arrive when i was out and I’d have to go to the sorting office, or miss out altogether!!!

So this is just to say Thankyou to whoever sent it and let them know it’s arrived safely.  I admit to scrutinising the parcel for clues as to who it’s from but she’s not left any! Not even a post code so I can’t even narrow it down just a little bit!

Only 3 sleeps!!!!!

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  1. Hope this will be offered again next year, as it’s so much fun! Know you’ll be pleased with whatever is in your pressie – can’t wait to see & enjoy vicariously! xx

  2. Everyone is so excited, all of us like little kids, each with our own peek-don’t peek sensibility! (not sure which tack I’d be taking if I was home with my surprise package…) It really does bring out the child, doesn’t it, having a gift just for you that is a total surprise. And so excited to see everyone else’s gifts, too. And oh yes, please, may we do it again next year?

  3. Debbie Jones says

    What a lovely idea. I bet you are so excited, I wouldn’t be able to wait three more days to open it though 🙂

  4. Brilliant! Both mine are now under the tree, too, and I’ll have to resist the urge to rip off the wrapping paper first thing Christmas morning and remember to photograph it all as I go. I fully intend to make this an annual event so, those that didn’t get to participate this year for whatever reason will get chance to take part next year. I think the excitement is because we KNOW we’ll love whatever is in the parcel as it’s been put together by someone with the same passions as us:)

  5. This #StitchingSanta thing is so intriguing as I am seeing a few blog posts about it. Sounds like a really great idea!

    • It’s fab! Brings out the big kid in you, it’s what I’m looking forward to most opening on Christmas morning. You’ll have to look out for it next year 🎄

    • We are! Thanks for thinking of us. We’re surrounded by lots of the worst bits and some friends have been affected. We live high up so only got big puddles and no flooding where we are. It’s been sunny today so the water levels are going down. So sad tho. 🙁

      • LOVELY!!! So grateful to know you’re out of the worst of it! Just finished a note to Sheila, wondering if you’d been called in to work. Have you heard from any other sewers up in your area? If you do, and they need anything, do let us know. Thank you sooo much! xxx

        • That sounds a bit strange. Should have been “LOVELY ONE ~ so grateful…”

          Sounds as if I was glad to hear about all those living in the midst of the flooding, which is definitely not the case. Was just so glad to hear from you.

          Have you heard from Nee, Amanda, or others up your way? After seeing the Guardian’s front page, was really worrying about you all.

          Thank you again for your message!

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