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The 2nd Half of MeMadeMay17

No don’t rub your eyes, you have read correctly, and yes I am that behind! No apologies necessary, absent friends don’t need to do that….right?  I hope so! I’m here, I’m back and I’ll just get on with it! You can read the first instalment of MeMadeMay HERE.  With me writing this so late I’m just so pleased I posted on IG otherwise it would be a struggle writing this! Day 18 & 19 – I worked 10-20 so it was uniform all day.  If I’m starting earlier or later I do tend to wear ‘my own’ clothes either before and after my shift but with this rubbish shift it’s all work, PJs then bed.  But my trusty Brooklyn Hoodie saves the day when I need me made on a work day – this was made with a colleague’s old fleeces that were destined for the bin! Day 20 – I took part in the Forget Me not Trust Colour run.  My jazzy Espresso leggings were perfect.  I looked like I’d been splattered even before …

#memademay17 – Halfway there

I pledged to wear me made every day and post on IG and so far so good!  It’s been tough at times as I discover more clothes that are too big for me, but on the plus side some of my older makes have been dug out of the archives. 1 – My first Molly Top from Sew Over It has had lots of wear since I made it back in October, and is still in regular rotation. 2 – Me Made May sprung me into action the night before a game of golf when I didn’t know what I could wear that was me made.  I up cycled an unloved golf top that belonged to my hubby. 3 – Day 3 and I managed a whole outfit!  A fairly recently make, my Cynthia Rowley Skirt (simplicity 1783) and a top using a Simple Sew pattern from last year (sorry I can’t remember which one!) 4 – My first and only Fehr Trade VNA top.  I really need more of these for my new action packed …

Me Made May Already!!

An hour and a half to me made may and I’ve not made my pledge yet. So here goes….. Here’s my 3rd time, and I Ali aka Thimbers of will endeavour to wear me made clothes every day, at least one, and hopefully all! I am also going to try and post my pics daily on IG and hopefully pinterest, which is easier said than done! Thanks Zoe! Me Made May Rocks!!