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#SundaySevens 97 – Sunshine Edition

It’s a double bill and there’s been lots going on, including my long awaited ladies trip to Portugal.  If you’ve never thought of playing golf, it’s worth learning to play just to come on our trip!

2 weeks ago H was on school holidays.  Here he is with cyber mom, she had to stand on a chair to give him a kiss and for a minute I thought she was going to fall off!  And look she’s wearing my favourite Coco that is now hers.

#sundaysevens 29

And then we all went to play golf. (us, not cyber mum!)  H played with the juniors in their comp and came 2nd and played 3 under his handicap – which is a first.  He was really pleased.

#sundaysevens 28

And then it was soon time for some last minute pampering before my holiday…nothing like a glamorous foils shot to keep it real!

#sundaysevens 27

If you’ve been following the Tour De Yorkshire this weekend and know where abouts I live you might have realised that it’s only been a couple of miles away, and there’s been bikes everywhere……..even in the local supermarket.

#sundaysevens 26

And then the 20th April arrived and we all met at the airport at 6am.

#sundaysevens 25

And guess what?!  I was 20 pounds lighter than I was a year ago when we all went away!

#sundaysevens 3

Our holiday was for 7 nights.  We played golf 5 times and each day had a colour or theme.

Our first day was a blue day………

#sundaysevens 23

Unfortunately I didn’t perform as well as I could have done and came last!  We all have holiday names, so from left to right we have Kizzy, Tiggles, Whiskey, Petra, Trixie, Misty and me – Taffy.  We’re named after pets we had as kids, and call ourselves Pussies.

So here’s what the pussy with the best and worst score had to wear for dinner when we went out that evening…


Luckily my score wasn’t the worst the following day, which was pink day.  Tiggles managed to get one point less than me…phew!

#sundaysevens 20

And she wore the sash.  I’m not sure why she wasn’t wearing it in this photo, I’ll be having words!!

#sundaysevens 19

And then there was the black, red and white day, but only Trixie wore red.

#sundaysevens 18

And then the sensible ones had a day off, whilst the hard core golfers had an extra round.  Obviously I’m not hard core, but instead googled ‘fabric shops near me’ (I know I’m not on my own doing this!) and found one only a 15 minute walk away!

Helen and I bought a few bits of haberdashery and stroked a few balls of yarn.

Did I mention my healthy breakfasts?  Each day I had an omelette with cake for afters.  I usually wrapped some up to put in my golf bag for a lunchtime snack, but sometimes I ate it all before it got into my golf bag! Greedy pussy!!

#sundaysevens 12

Our 4th day of golf was a brightly coloured anything goes day!  One guy came up to us on the course and said we were the most colourful and best dressed 4 ball he had ever seen!

#sundaysevens 13

And our last day was a flower power day.  Do you recognise the shorts? My simplicity 1696 trousers that I made last year….

#sundaysevens 10

A little first aid was needed for Trixie….I wondered why they asked me to go on the trip! Luckily this was before we played and her feet weren’t too smelly!  (Sorry Trixie xx)

#sundaysevens 11

Did I mention that I had to wear the losers sash twice!?  Well I did and I wasn’t impressed, so on the night before our last round I took things easy, only had 3 glasses of wine and was asleep before 1am.  And guess what?  I won!!!!!!

#sundaysevens 7

The next day it was time for home……….here’s Tiggles and Taffy on their balcony all packed and ready for home, and feeling sad even though we’re smiling…

#sundaysevens 6

And then all the tired pussies got the plane home…..

#sundaysevens 1

And just one more holiday pic before I move on.  Earlier I mentioned I’d lost 20 pounds since I went last year.  Here’s me last year and wearing the same top this year, not quite as snug! I’m so glad I joined slimming world, I feel fab and have never eaten so much. (but unfortunately not cake! except in Portugal!)

#sundaysevens 2

So then it was back home to the central heating and tonnes of washing.  H and hubby had been really good – my car had been washed, they’d kept the house tidy and the fridge was full of food!  I think I’ll go away more often!

I arrived home at 5:15pm, had a quick bite to eat, then dashed to parents evening (H’s teachers think he’s as wonderful as me!) and then dashed to watch H play cricket.  It was hail stoning as I left school, but somehow the storm managed to bypass the ground in Huddersfield were he was playing.


And then today I played in the Bradford and District Evening League Team Championship and we only went won!!  This league has been running since 1984 and we play other clubs throughout the summer.  At the start of the summer we have a team event and scores are combined.  This is only the second time in 33 years that our club has even won it so we were over the moon!!

#sundaysevens 4

And just one last one.  A crocodile on the course at Shipley today!!

#sundaysevens 5

And before I go, the ‘feature’ pic is Helen wearing her fab new dress that she made!!  I’ve forgotten which pattern it is but it was one of the free ones that came with a recent Love sewing magazine.  I’ll find out before I add it to my talented friends page.

Sunday Sevens – a series devised by the lovely Natalie (how could she be anything else she’s a Yorkshire lass!!) from Threads and Bobbins.  Join in and share a bit of what goes on in your life outside the sewing room!!




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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


    • Aw, thank you! 😊 The hard work in the lichen is paying off, the hubbys looking pretty good too, it doesn’t take much to make a difference 😃

  1. I’m so thrilled to see women’s golf still has class and style somewhere. Your theme days were a brilliant idea and everyone looks fabulous. This could make a great annual calendar? Kudos to you for all your hard work and diligence in slimming down. congrats on the win.{{{applause}}}

    • Thankyou! the theme days worked out even better than we thought they would. Not only did we all look fab, we also took less clothes as there was none of the “i’ll take this and this and this, just in case!” 🙂

  2. Tammy says

    What a terrific time you had with such great friends. Congrats on your weight loss, too.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time- I would never have guessed that golf could be so much fun. You’ll be changing my mind about cricket next 😉

    • It’s definitely not all about the golf, friendship and fun come well and truly before any serious stuff! 🙂

  4. What a fabulous week! Just like last year, you now have me wanting to learn to play golf so I can come with you 🙂 Mind, looking at you lot, I’m sure i don’t have enough clothes!

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic time! And wow, those 20 pounds do show! You look amazing, even with a pussy sash 🙂

    • Thanks Chris, I’m really glad to see the back of those 20 pounds and now need to get cracking on making jumpsuits for my new figure…..not long now! Have you made any yet? 🙂

    • Thanks Anne, I’m feeling terrific too, and it hasn’t half improved the golf (now I’m home and sober!!) 🙂

  6. What a joyful post! I loved reading it and laught so much! Thanks, Ali!
    The colored themed days are genius! And you look great after loosing so much weigh!

  7. Your golfing week looks sooo much fun! Like the theme days idea. Do you do that at home as well? Cyber mom is so cute trying to give H a kiss. He’s quite a sprout these days. Good for you for enjoying your gorgeous new shape – am sending you lots of patience to re-do plenty of the gorgeous makes you’ve already got in your closet that need altering. You’re looking fantastic ! ! ! xx

    • Thanks Del! As ever your lovely comments make my day! I’m trying clothes on and lots are past altering, I’ve lost about 4 inches off the main 3 spots, so I think I’m going to have to get busy in the sewing room and start some new stuff from scratch. I’ve got trousers I can get off without even undoing them. It’s a great feeling until I was to find something that fits to wear! 🙂

  8. Loving the sunshine edition! You all look fab, very impressed with the coordinating outfits 🙂

    • Thanks Natalie, the theme days really worked well and none of us really had to buy much new, well not anymore than we would for a holiday. We’re now planning next years colours. 🙂

    • Me too, it’s not something I’ve ever seen on a course in England, in a blow up or real life version! 🙂

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