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Holly Jumpsuit BHL Muslin No. 2 #Jumpingintojune

Jump In To JuneNot much tweaking was really needed after Muslin No.1.  I’ve added a ruler width to the body length, which turned out to be 1 1/4 “.  I just guessed and as it happens, it’s turned out ok.  I’ve chopped the excess length off the legs, cut them to 30” for now so I can try them on with flat and heals.

#Hollyjumpsuit 3 #BHL

#Hollyjumpsuit 2

#Hollyjumpsuit 5

#Hollyjumpsuit 4

#Hollyjumpsuit 6

I’m feeling happy after my second muslin.  The thing I’m going to change tho is the width of the top which causing slight boob gapage.

#Hollyjumpsuit 7

If I was a bit younger it wouldn’t bother me, but I’m not and it will so I don’t think it will be a big job to reshape it.  I’ll add extra fabric when I cut out the top piece and shape it on my when it’s nearly at the finishing stage – I think!!

Now the big question is what fabric am I going to choose.

How’s your “Jumping Into June” project?

Have you chosen your pattern yet?

Or are you wondering what I’m talking about?

If it’s the latter here’s the post from Chris of Handmade By Chris (who I’m blaming for this, and of course Teresa of Navy Blue Threads) telling you about it and who’s joining in the fun.  If you want to join in too leave Chris a comment and she’ll add you to the list!

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    • Thanks! I’m really excited, my fabrics washed and on the radiator drying. I’m out for tea with the girls tomorrow and want to wear it!!!

  1. 🙂 Do you know what? I’m really pleasantly surprised at how flattering it is (I’m vicariously muslin-ing through you as a fellow shortie). I’m especially surprised at the ‘bums and tums’ area, looking good!

    • I could take that the wrong way….but I’m smiling, lol…. I feel tall at 5’4″ as my mums only 5’1”! Tho next to hubby (6’3) & 12 yr old son (5’8) I’m a midget!! 😀

      • Oh, I really didn’t mean it as anything other than a compliment! I’m still annoyed that my own brother is 6ft 2, seriously? What happened to equal height distribution? How come I only got 5ft 2 ( and a half)? You’re positively tall compared to me 😉

        • I knew it was a compliment, it made me laugh tho! Have you tried the skinny bitch curvy chick patterns? They’re for petites. Ive just got there new cardigan pattern – free delivery all the way from America!!

            • I’ve made the Manhattan pants, the lemoncello cardi and a couple of the tonic T shirts. The lemoncello is lovely, I don’t wear it much but my friend wears hers lots. I’ve out grew the pants but loved the fit. Got my pattern ready for the Cabernet, just need fabric! 😃

              • Will have to do some back reading of your blog. Some good ones to add to my to-buy list. And they are mostly tops, therefore fulfilling a gap 😉

  2. Good luck on the boob gapage issue, haha. You’re so productive! I’m currently making a dress, then must make that blazer now I’ve got the pattern pieces ready… Then if June has not gone already I’ll try my hand at a jumpsuit…

    • I’m not productive at the minute, feet up with family but TV is rubbish so prefer to read blogs! Good luck with the frock! ….now where’s my wine…..🍷

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