Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Sevens Week 35 (me 10)

Hi Everyone – Happy Mothers Days to those mums who aren’t in England – we’ve had ours, but if I’d have known there was another I’m sure I could have hood-winked my family into celebrating it again!

So here we are again.  What with Sunday Sevens, Me-Made-May, and now Jumping Into June I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.  So long as I put the pix into the right folder on the computer we’ll be ok!  To read more about Sunday Sevens head over to Natalie’s Blog at Threads & Bobbins….. it’s never too late to join in!

1.  Yorkshire isn’t just famous for it’s Yorkshire Puddings.  We have Yorkshire Mixtures too!


2.   My office.  An unusually quiet and sunny morning at work.


3.  Picked H up after work. I tried to take a pic of my mum through the kitchen windown, but also got me, H and the garden behind me!


4. H acting the goat wearing his Grandpa’s reading glasses!


5. About a couple of weeks ago I ordered the Cabernet Cardigan from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick.  I’ve bought a couple of Betsy’s patterns before as PDFs but noticed she was offering free P&P, even all the way to England from America.  So I ordered one, and it arrived, and on proper paper too.  Not that flimsy stuff.


6.  I met up with 2 fab friends for lunch in Halifax.  We’ve not all been out together for just over 2 years.  We all work shifts, one lives 90 miles away now and they’re both busy studying for their paramedic exams.


7.  Now this next picture wasn’t taken in the last week.  It was taken 3 years ago, but I’ve got to add this because this is the first time (above) that we haven’t gone out in our matching jumpers (below).  Our jumpers have been everywhere, from walks in the park, to some pretty posh restaurants.  You wouldn’t believe have much people look away and act really normal towards us when we wear them!  Mandi’s moved house and can’t find hers and mine wasn’t me-made so I shouldn’t.  But this is us at Go Ape….


We laughed a lot that day too!  We going to meet up soon at the sea side, where shelly lives now, and I’ve promised to make us matching play suits for on the beach!

Hope you’ve had a fab weekend.  Sorry I’ve no cute animal shots this week like I’ve had occasionally in the past, does the 3 cheeky monkeys above count!?

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  1. Bekki Hill says

    LOL! Love the matching jumpers pic. Look forward to the matching play suits 🙂

    • Yea! We bought them from next in the sale, they were £15 each, so not exactly cheap, but we’ve definately have had our monies worth!

  2. What fun you three have – love the outfits! Always get ideas from your posts, and thank you for taking time each day for these weekly roundups!

  3. Great jumpers!! I’m definitley going to check the pattern place out 🙂 It’s very strange being in the US for their Mother’s Day – it was quiet on the roads yesterday when we went out!

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