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Me-Made-May 2015 Part 4

Crikey, I’d almost forgotten to write my final post for MMMAY15 with all the excitement of Jumping Into June!   So without further ado, and no more mentions of Jumpsuits (it’s only the 2nd – I hope you’re not sick of them already!) here’s my last few days of MMMAY2015.


A work day, but wasn’t starting until 12 noon.  So was able to wear my me made clothes before i had to swap them for my uniform.

I wore my Victoria Blazer over a Sorbetto with RTW jeans.  This jacket is just the best!  It’s a bit like my Morris, in that i can throw it over anything and it looks good.  It was really cheap fabric at £2 a yard, and with how it’s worn over the last year it shows.  It’s gone a bit bobbly so I don’t wear it as much, as I want it to last forever!

mmmay2015 #mmmay15


Cricket!  For a change!  I dressed for it being nice weather, but 2 hours into the game I changed into my jeans.  Prior to changing I wore a denim Yasmin Yoke skirt and a stripy Coco.  On the back of my chair you might just be able to make out my Colette Albion – it did get worn when the temperature dropped!  Also on the back of the chair is a blanket I knitted last year, specifically for cricket – not sure why I never blogged it.

And look at that cheeky duck!  I never fed it but it didn’t give up wanting my vanilla slice!

mmmay2015 #mmmay15 5


A lazy day at home, so didn’t get dressed until later when we went for a bike ride……. to the KFC!!  It was nearly a healthy ride!

Out came the Renfrew I wore earlier in the month.  I don’t have anything else me made yet for bike rides, so it was either this or a frock!

mmmay2015 #mmmay15 4


I wore my first Coco.   A plain black ponte that is passed it’s best due to bobbling, but looks ok from a distance!  I wore it with my favourite jeggings, luckily i noticed they needed some TLC before I wore them.   It’s a wonder how I escaped a serious wardrobe malfunction – due to excess wear the seams were at breaking point!  I sewed another seam about 1/4 ” from the original then topstitched for extra strength.  Here’s the fix, before and after:

mmmay2015 #mmmay15 7

It was almost a full split!  Front, back and inner thighs!

mmmay2015 #mmmay15 3

Excuse wires!! Still not quite finished the lounge off!


I nipped out shopping in the morning, but the rest of the day was spent mostly in my dressing gown as I was sewing.  When I was dressed I wore my new cowl neck Lekala but forgot to take a picture, so popped it on early next morning and H took one before I got properly dressed. He was still in bed!  Not the most flattering photo – would rather have the camera above than below!

mmmay2015 #mmmay15 2


We had an early start as H had his final trials for Yorkshire cricket.  We had a nervous few hours to kill, so in the morning we had a walk around York.  I wore my Candy Cowl Top, my Oslo Cardigan and my Colette Albion.

mmmay2015 #mmmay15 1

Are you sad it’s all over? I am.  I’m still continuing to wear mostly me mades.  I’m not fasting again this  year – i.e. the RTW fast – but on the other hand I’ve only bought jeans and a waterproof jacket this year, so I sort of am.

I think my MMMAY shows I’ve lots of choice in tops and get plenty of wear out of them and cardigans and jacket, but next year I hope I’ll have more bottoms in my me-made wardrobe too!

I’ve loved my rookie year of me-made-made-May and hope that those of you who have just been on the side lines this year take the plunge next year.

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  1. Bekki Hill says

    Congratulations on completing your first MMMAY with such style and apparent ease. Love those jeggings, no wonder they’re your favourite. Great to see that Candy stripe top again. I so want to come and steal it out your wardrobe.

    • Thanks! When I was sewing the stripy top I was wearing my jeggings – when I tried the top on it looked like some sort of outfit a little girl would wear when they were put together! I couldn’t quite decide if it was a good look or not – maybe only if I wasn’t leaving the house! 🙂

  2. corrineappleby says

    Congratulations! It looks like you found MMM a doddle!

    • It wasn’t too bad, I felt a bit of a cheat wearing my rtw jeans most days. But the weather was so bad mostly that I could wear my skirts. 😀

  3. Congratulations on your first MMMAY ~ lovely makes! You’ve been super industrious and made great choices. Must try to follow your example!

    • That top was a refashion of a man’s shirt I found in a charity shop, don’t know why I added the buttons like that but it works! Thankyou 😀

      • Re-working should count, particularly with that button incorporation!
        Would you believe I’ve 3 (very large) men’s charity shop shirts in my closet? Haven’t spared much thought to mine other than removing collars & sleeves. Maybe chop off below arms & work with just that. Care to elaborate on what you did with yours?

        • I chopped the arms off and squeezed a sorbetto out of it the front and back of the shirt. I used the front buttons that were still on and then added the extra mixed up ones at the top. I went down low enough with the buttons to prevent boob gapeage. I used bias trim from some scraps as a contrast.
          Can’t beat a bit of refashion. I’m just making a Georgia dress from BHL out of some old jeans and a strip if Egyptian cotton I chopped off my mum in laws duvet cover! (She asked me to! I didn’t pinch it!) 😃

          • Ahh! Thank you!!! Knew there was a reason I dragged out that Sorbetto ….
            OK – will erase thought of mum-in-law huddling under her scanty side of a duvet, threads hanging disconsolately to floor…

  4. Glad you could save the jeggings, that’s my favorite outfit. The Coco top is very flattering. Love the back of the Victoria blazer. Is that something you did to the fabric? You kept me entertained this Me Made May.

    • Yes the fabric has an embossed pattern on it. It’s made up of narrow strips of the same fabric stitched on. Pattern placement took some working out but was worth it. 😀

  5. Congratulations, you did it and you did it well 🙂 I had to laugh at the bike ride to KFC!! I have also worn me-made yesterday and today! Can’t help it now!

  6. Fist pump 👊! Yay you! Didnt realise it was your rookie MMM too! My fave picture of all your MMM is the KFC biking gear one😄

    • Oh no that’s my least favourite! I think it’s cos I had a mouth full and trying to smile, eating my kfc in the rain! Well down to you too! Fist pump back….😀

  7. Congrats on a MMMade well done! I love the pic of you and the “begging duck” so cute oh and York looks beautiful! I have never been overseas but its on my list of places to go 🙂

    I am definitely going to participate in next years MMM.

    • America is so big I’m not surprised you never been abroad. I’ve never been to America but my hubby want to take me one day.
      I’ve really enjoyed my rookie year and look forward to seeing yours next year. You’ll have a new skirt for every day!😀

    • Thankyou! It is one of my favourite things to wear, and people are surprised I’ve made it because of the self embossed pattern. 😀

  8. Well done! Great variety of makes there, and colours. Lovin’ the cowl neck tops the most, I think:)

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