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The Leap Of Faith – with a modesty panel #jumpingintojune

Firstly can I apologise for yesterday’s post which may have distressed some readers and put them off their lunch.  I returned home late last night after getting drenched at golf, opened my reader and was shocked to see me almost doing a full frontal for all to see!  I never realised I’d put that photo as my feature image!  Needless to say it’s gone and won’t be reappearing!

So, onwards and upwards!

We’ve all been waiting for June with varying degrees of anticipation and excitement!  A few weeks ago in some friendly blogging banter on Chris’s blog it was somehow suggested that we’d sew Jumpsuits for June!  Before I knew it I was signed up and dusting off my Holly Jumpsuit pattern – or Jolly Humpsuit if your that way inclined!

I think rather than rambling on I really need to just move on and show you my pics!  The first photo shoot was in pouring rain, and after a dynamic risk assessment by trainee blog manager (TBM) and myself the height of the Jump was drastically reduced, and high heels were replaced with flip flops.

Strange face – slightly cold and anxious

#jumpingintojune 2

Waaaay Hay……!  The first Jump!

#jumpingintojune 3

Landing Gear Engaged…..

#jumpingintojune 4

Phew, safely down!
#jumpingintojune 5

I was then instructed by TBM that I needed to jump higher and further forward!  Did he not realised I’m nearly 44 and should really have some sort of crash mat on the ground for my delicate frame!?

Oh well, I decided I’d give it a go, so with trouser part of jumpsuit tucked away to avoid major trip hazard I prepared for takeoff.

#jumpingintojune 6

Still smiling….just

#jumpingintojune 7

Preparing for forward launch –nearly getting an eyeful!

#jumpingintojune 8

Thimberlina in Mid Flight!
#jumpingintojune 10

And safely down!

#jumpingintojune 11

After all the excitement, daftness and danger of the above photo shoot, I only thought it right to show you some ‘normal’ photos.  Firstly a few quick ones taken in the rain.

#jumpingintojune 13

#jumpingintojune 14

#jumpingintojune 15

#jumpingintojune 16

#jumpingintojune 17

#jumpingintojune 18

#jumpingintojune 19

As you’ll know it’s really hard to smile and appear cheerful for photos in the wind and rain so this morning as it was sunny I put it on, along with a makeshift modesty panel for a few more pictures.

Holly and Morris – they get on so well together!  I also put my orange wedges on to see what Holly would look like with heels.  I know they don’t match, but they’re comfy and I didn’t want to fall over on the patio for the sake of a few photos!  These are really high, lower ones needed – #mustgoshopping

#jumpingintojune BHL Holly jumpsuit 2

#jumpingintojune BHL Holly jumpsuit 3

#jumpingintojune BHL Holly jumpsuit 4

#jumpingintojune BHL Holly jumpsuit 5

#jumpingintojune BHL Holly jumpsuit 6

#jumpingintojune BHL Holly jumpsuit 7

#jumpingintojune BHL Holly jumpsuit 8

#jumpingintojune BHL Holly jumpsuit 1

After seeing my pics and how versatile the Holly can be I just know you’ll be wanting to make one before the month is out!  For those who think you’re the wrong shape or size for one, here’s my measurements.  I didn’t think I was either, but I was pleasantly surprised with now it turned out.   I’m 5ft4, bust 43, upper bust 39, waist 36 and hips 42.  I added 1 ruler width, just over an inch I think, to the bodice, and did a 2 inch FBA.

Here’s the pix from the FBA – there’s a great tutorial on the BHL website:

holly jumpsuit FBA 1 holly jumpsuit FBA 2 holly jumpsuit FBA 3 holly jumpsuit FBA 4

This last one shows the pattern piece on top with out the FBA

holly jumpsuit FBA 5

The FBA worked a treat and reduced the boob gapeage but the increased width was really weird.  It shouldn’t have given me any extra width on the front waist according to how I altered my pattern but i ended up with 2 inches, and I think it was these 2 inches wish causing the boobs to be exposed at the front!  I nipped in the excess and sewed some darts – if you looks at the front you can notice some bagging under the bust but don’t think anyone else will notice.

So still not tempted??  If you need more inspiration head over and have a look at Chris’s first Jumpsuit (yes – she’s made more than one!!) and Amanda’s (I bet she’ll make loads….we should have a sweep stake and see who can guess how many jumpsuits she sews up in 2015!).

Oh, and guess what??!!   Not only are we Jumping Into June this month, it’s Indie Pattern Month over at the Monthly stitch!!  There’s competitions and prizes all months, with a different category each week.  My jumpsuit won’t qualify for this weeks competition which is Dresses, but they want to see any Indie Pattern makes so I think I’ll have to share this over there too!


  1. This is actually really nice! Especially with your Morris blazer! You should be very proud of yourself 😀 Have you made anything BHL before? Just thinking it could qualify for the new to me contest? You’d definitely get points for photography too!

    • Thanks, it has turned out better than I thought.
      I’ve made a couple of Victoria Blazers so unfortunately I can’t, but I thought I could enter it in the 2 takes one if I make another. Or wonder if it’ll count if I made the trousers? 🙂

  2. Bekki Hill says

    Looks wonderful. And goes brilliantly with Morris. And top marks for bravery, wind rain and dangerous stunts! Glad you’re still in one pieces 🙂

      • Thankyou! I knew what you meant 🙂 It’s was horrible – the things we do for our blog and fellow bloggers!

        • Bekki Hill says

          I know. But keep it up, you’re post really made me smile. And between me and you, just when I needed one. Thank you.

          • AW, keep smiling…and if you need another one have a look at Chris’s post if you haven’t already, that really got rid of my Monday morning blues yesterday 🙂

  3. I love it! The pics are so fun and cute 😉 You did great with the alterations I think the fit is great and it especially looks nice with your blazer. You must be so happy with it, great job! 🙂

  4. Looks cute on you, and that’s some serious dedication, jumping for pictures in the wind and rain!

  5. Oh, I love how you’re up for anything 🙂 Fab photos and you’ve done a great job with the dressed up photos. It looks really lovely on you and would be perfect for weddings of holidays especially. A hard act to follow…

    • Thanks you!! You can see why I don’t drink much when I go out – I’m up for anything when I’m sober!! i’ve a night do for a wedding in July and a day at Ripon Races so I’m hopefully going to wear if for those. It turned out dressier than I thought it would, but maybe could dress it down with some sparkly flip flop type of sandals. 🙂

      • 🙂 Looks great and you already have the perfect venues to showcase it in. Also loving how your Moris seems to go with everything…

  6. Oh I absolutely love this post!!! Hahaha TBM is just ace! He definitely is showing great potential!!! I might have to hire him too! Your jumpsuit I’d gorgeous! I think they are very versatile to be honest! I think I might wear mine for an evening out ! I’ve loved being part of this!!

    • Thanks Amanda! It’s been great, I’ve loved it too! And there’s still another 28 days left! Are you making another one, or two, or three……??!!

      • I can’t decide. Mine is lovely because of the fabric. I’m not sure cotton would be the same and that’s all the shops around here sell!!

  7. corrineappleby says

    I think your humpsuit is wonderful! It looks really glamorous with your Morris blazer and a necklace!

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  9. Your stunt photos had me laughing, until I saw how high you were off the ground and then I was astonished. Who knew sewing bloggers had to do their own stunts. I’m glad you didn’t take a tumble. The jumpsuit looks great, especially styled with the blazer.

    • Haha, we had a laugh too. I only did it twice, H wanted me to do it again and go higher and land on the grass! You’re right, I should really have had a stunt double – should’ve made H wear it…haha… That would be funny! Wrong, but funny! 😀

  10. Blimey O’Riley!!!! You look flippin’ ace in your jumpsuit… Classy lady!!!! The jumping was rather adventurous, mind but what a result… And a nice blazer too!

    • Thanks Nee! You’re the first to ever call me a classy lady! Is that for the later photos in the photo and not the jumping ones, lol ?! 😆

  11. I love this! You rock that Hplly jumPsuit! All the fitting work you did paid off! Perfect fabric for summer. Where is your red carpet then? When you style it with the necklace and Morris blazer – thats a stunning outfit! You have outdone yourself Ms Akathimberlina! 👏👏👏.

    • Thanks Hila! Thimberlina can’t wait to get out in it! I’m in nights this weekend, but I’m sure she’ll find an excuse soon 😀

    • Oh no! Can’t believe that sneaked out in the other post! Modesty panel definitely needed, will have to tweak the pattern before I make another! 😉

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  13. SO good! So very good! I love it all, especially with the heels and the blazer. But without the blazer is very ‘summer chic”! I’m very convinced I need a jumpsuit now. Thanks a lot, I have to add it to my list. Boy that list is out of control!

    • Thanks Helena! Blogging’s fab but it is so distracting causing inspiration overload, I don’t know how we all cope! 😃

  14. Wow!!! I absolutely love it! It’s really flattering and versatile. But what’s really made my Saturday is your action-packed photo shoot!!!

    • Haha, thanks!
      I’m not sure why but you ended up in my spam 😳 maybe it’s because you’re in a different place now. But I’ve found your comment now and unspammed you so all should be ok now 😃

  15. Just found your blog, and I’m following. Starting to sew again after many years…..plan to join you for Me-Made-May next year! This adventure should be fun. (and your blog is very funny stuff!)

    • Thanks Jenny, glad it’s made you smile! And thanks for stopping by and for the follow! I’ve started following you too, isn’t the online community just amazing! Too much inspiration and not enough time! 😀

  16. You have such a cute face 🙂 Are you sure TBM doesn’t stand for Torture Blog Manager? I can’t believe you were forced to jump twice, ts ts!! I knew Holly would like Morris, they belong together. I love how the drape of the top makes it so classy and the additions of accessories turns it into a great more formal garment! xx

    • Aw thanks for the lovely comments! He was very nasty, I think I’ll have to fire him and wear my new clothes at cricket so my buddies there can take picks! Not sure why it’s taken me so long to reply! Must be that blond wig that’s scattered my brain! 😃

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    • Wahhay!! I love it! You’re the queen of jumpsuits! All that practice with them long stridey leaps have paid off! Don’t forget to add it to the linky party on Chris’s blog 😃

  18. I love your jumpsuit, but I think I love the daring jump even more!! It was wet and probably slippery, scary! But that aside, great job, it fits you just perfect, both in style and, well, fit!

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