Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Sevens Weeks 41 (me 16)


Hi Everyone!  Here we are again at Natalie’s Sunday Sevens!  Gosh, how the weeks fly.  My weeks consisted of watching 2 crickets matches, playing 1 round of golf and working 4 12 hour shifts!  Hence not much time for sewing, though I have started on the Capri Pants from the latest GBSB book.  They’re all sewn up, just need to tweak the fit and add a zip and the facings on the waist.

Enough rambling on, here’s 7 photos from in and amongst my busy week:

1.  We have a farm less than a 5 minute walk away that sells eggs.  There’s an honesty box and it’s open 24/7.

sundaysevens 1 (1)

sundaysevens 2 (1)

2. Blonds have more fun!  Not sure if yellow counts!

sundaysevens 6

3.  Intermittent drizzle and a bit breezy watching cricket, so after i had walked 18 laps (each lap is 1/4 mile) I settled down with a my crochet under the brolly.

sundaysevens 5 (1)

4.  Another cricket match.  Couldn’t keep up with Clare (in the blue frock), Sarah stood on the step was poised to join us for more laps. A shorter match in the evening, only 20 overs.

sundaysevens 4 (1)

5. More crochet at cricket!  Having a rest after Clare’s power march around the pitch!

sundaysevens 3 (1)

6.  Not a real photo but a screen shot of a text message I received this morning.  Yesterday was Captains Day at the Golf Club – which marks the 2nd Anniversary of me getting back into sewing – see my about page.  Unfortunately I couldn’t go as I was working, but I bought some raffle tickets which was raising money for a local childrens hospice and I won a bottle!  Hopefully it’s something alcoholic and not a bottle of pop!

sundaysevens 8

7.  My amazing dad – Happy Fathers Day!  Hopefully he’s putting his feet up today but he’s been busy this week making all my mums dreams come true getting ready for a new kitchen being installed.  He’s ace!  The best dad ever.  I thought all men could do everything, just like my dad, but sadly I learnt the hard way once I got married! sundaysevens (1)

As usual I had too many photos.  My feature photo is of a key ring one of my lovely pals bought me!  Thanks Ann!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week, see you all next Sunday – same time (ish) and same place!

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  1. It sounds like you have had a very busy week! Your crochet looks like it’s really coming along, can’t wait to see it finished 😊

  2. My Dad could do anything too – not always 100% perfectly but I didn’t realise that until I got a bit older. I never had to take my car to a garage when he was alive but even though Mr. Tialys is very handy around the house – and a good cook to boot – he knows absolutely nothing about cars. I miss my Dad and having to buy a Fathers’ Day card ;(

  3. Where did this week go… I feel like it was only yesterday I was reading your last Sunday sevens!
    I love that keyring! And those eggs are cheap, especially for lovely fresh farm ones! You didn’t mention you were wearing your blue Colette (I think) dress at cricket 🙂

  4. What a lovely, thoughtful key chain from your mate! Loved your photos this week, from that honesty egg supplier to your yellow hair, your laps (very impressive steps!), and your lovely dad doing his thing. Looks like your climate might be cool, whilst the hearts within it are warm as toast. 💕💕 Have a joyous Sunday!

  5. Tammy says

    A great week! I’m wondering if Ann will share where she bought your key chain from because I’m about to go do some sewing but really should be doing some housework 🙂 Thanks.

  6. I love your keychain it is so cute and vintage looking. The fresh eggs, 5 min walk from your house and open 24 hours is so cool!! Your week was sure busy and you are still pulling off crafts and exercise you rock!

    • I’m sitting and resting now! Phew! Doesn’t happen often!
      The egg hit sure is useful, especially when I decide i want to bake at ridiculous o clock! 😃

  7. Lovely week – crochet being so portable is what makes me want to learn! Sounds like cricket is good exercise too! Lovely that your dad got a mention 🙂

    • I’ve watched H play for 6 years but it’s only this year that I’ve started to walk round. I used to sit on my butt and eat a picnics! Not good in the waistline, feels loads better now though! 😃

    • I’m there from 9:45 to 17:15 for the Yorkshire matches! Need to fill the day with something, it used to be cadburys mini rolls but I’m trying to be healthy! 😃

  8. Such a good idea to fit in exercise whilst watching the cricket. Crochet too, so that’s how you get it all done?! You’ll be rigging up a spot for your sewing machine in the clubhouse next….

  9. Yeah, I love your multitasking at the cricket matches (I should have known you wouldn’t be able to just sit still and watch!) Love the keyring and that’s a wonderful photo of it!

    • The only time I can sit and do not is when it’s a scorcher of a day, hence it doesn’t happen too often! 😃

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