Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Sevens Week 49 (me 24!) 

These weeks are flying by, and those of you who joined Natalie right at the beginning of #Sunday Sevens I bet you can’t believe it’s nearly a year since it all started! 

I wonder if Natalie is going to organise a party for us over at Threads & Bobbins?! 

Here’s my week in sevenish photos:

1. Hubby’s work entered 4 teams in a golf day at Woodsome Hall Golf Club in Huddersfield.  His games not up to scratch so I stepped in and took his place! Woodsome Hall is steeped in history, it’s a 16th Century listed building set in the middle of stunning grounds which is now a golf course (and has been for over 100 years). The top photo shows the front of the building, and the one below show the 1st tee and putting green which would once have been the front lawn. It can be quite intimidating teeing off when there’s other golfers gathered round watching! 

2. H’s last Yorkshire match of the season. Usually I take hundreds of photos at the matches, narrow it down to about 80 and upload them to the cricket Facebook page. Because of this there’s never any photos of me.  I soon changed that and took pictures of me with everyone there was 40 altogether, here’s just a small selection! 


3. Posted off 6 small parcels for my recent giveaway


4. A Swede cooked whole in the microwave! Not done it before but turned out ok – Quite moist and juicy! Chop the top off and cook for 20 minutes on full power if you fancy having a go! 


5.  Watching cricket at Melthem one evening when we saw a helicopter with something hanging below but not sure what it was. You may have to zoom in. 


6.  Stood by catching up watching the Bake Off:


7. Practicing lace insertion! It’s from the latest craftsy class which I’ve bought – Katrina Walker’s decorative seams. The class included a copy of Vogue 1329 which has lots of scope for fancy seam and piece work. 


Before I go, in case you’re wondering, yes it’s Sunday today! The last 2 weeks I’ve been late with my Sunday Sevens but today I’m working and managed to do it in my lunch break – lunch at 10:30am, great time for spag’ bol’! 

Cheerio x

Oops! Forgot to mention my feature photo.  Usually I’ve been updating you on my mum’s new kitchen but as there’s no change this week, i thought I’d add a selfie of me and my sewing machine. Random I know, but what the heck! 

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  1. Nice photos – you’ve had nice weather too 🙂 I haven’t watched last week’s bake off yet… just catching up with everything now I’m back from my hols 🙂

  2. At last you’re in the photos! I know exactly how that feels so I may have to alter that in future. The lace insertion looks fantastic; I can see that in a pair of cropped jeggings:)

    • It’s so easy too! It says to sew it over a seam with a narrow zig zag, then snip away the fabric up to the zig zag, so easy! My tiny pink stitches just disappeared from the right side. There’s gonna be lace everywhere!😃

  3. corrineappleby says

    I got my prize! Can’t wait to put it to use – thanks so much!

  4. You have the best smile! Great pics, as always. And I noticed that you did your Sevens in a timely manner…..I have not even started mine yet! Oh dear. And I’m wondering which one of those delightful little packages is mine? I am checking my doorstep regularly….it has quite a distance to travel. 🙂

      • Bekki Hill says

        Excellent! Although I hope you’re not going to use it to customise any of H’s uniform for next term 😉

  5. What’s the name of the class you’ve bought? Have always wanted to do some lace insertion & can’t ever get round to it. Great grin, Lovely! Nothing in my post as of yesterday, but once it hits these shores, it’s goes by donkey cart (kidding – just seems like it). Your dear mum is still waiting??? Bless her . . . so we’re stilllll awaiting the big reveal . . . . ⌛️ Almost forgot – THANK YOU for showing me what a swede looks like!

    • It’s just called Decorative Seams by Katrina Walker. It’ll come up if you search walker on Craftsy. My mum’s been waiting for years for this kitchen so a few weeks til it’s all finished will be ok! She’s bought the curtains, but not sure if she’d like Thimberlina to make any blinds yet. She’s bought the paint too, just needs some manpower!
      Hope your donkeys are well fed and they get a move on! 😀

      • 😀 Sounds like your mum’s got all her ducks in order (do you have that saying there? similar to all her boxes ticked?)! Don’t know her window’s construction, but it is possible for her to put up curtains initially, then add blinds if she decides on them later? Just a thought. As for painters… when’s the next Bank Hol?! 😉
        PS/I hope they are, too! 🐴 Too bad they disbanded the Pony Express!🐴

      • Turnips, yes, although never heard about except for November’s Thanksgiving, and rarely even then. Not a ‘main stream’ veg.
        Swedes? Don’t think so, unless they’re tall & blond. Have to look them (the veg!) up & see if we’ve a diff name… Thank you for the course reference ~ will check out Walker!

      • OH – rutabagas! Yep, we do have those, but rarely heard about. So you can take one, wash (and peel?) then poke a few holes in it (so it doesn’t explode) and microwave? Never cooked or tasted one, so far as I know. Thank you for something new to try!

        • Yay!! Tho i didn’t wash or prick it, just chopped off the lid, put it on a plate in the microwave and cooked for 10 minutes twice. Then scooped it out. I don’t think it’s the most exciting veg any way it’s cooked but it’s worth a try for a change! 😀

    • It was easy, give it a go! That was my first attempt, it just getting the narrow zig zag to just catch the lace on the edges. 😀

    • Oh yes! I think it’s going to be everywhere! I might even try it out when I make some cushions for my new sofa, but not in pink! 😀

  6. You always seem to have such lovely, busy weeks, with lots of time out and about enjoying the sunshine 🙂 I’m intrigued to hear about the turnip – I’m all for anything that reduces the number of pans to be washed! The Craftsy class sounds good, I look forward to seeing your future makes using your new techniques.

    • I’m definitely always out and about – the tans coming on nicely but it’s so hard to get any sewing done. The cricket season will be coming to an end soon, all the junior stuff has finished just a few matches left with the men for H then there’ll be sparks flying off my sewing machine – it’s gonna be red hot! 😀

  7. How neat is your lace insertion!? It looks gorgeous- looking forward to seeing you use the technique in garments. Love all of your selfies! I can’t believe it’s almost a year since Sunday Sevens began….who knows…I may have a little something planned! 😀

    • Time just flies! Was a brill idea on your part, and I love joining in, both for keeping a track of what I’ve been up to but also seeing everyone’s lives outside their sewing room. Did you think it’d take off like it did? 😀

  8. Nice work on the selfies!!! I need to practise mine more the always look photoshopped!

    I always wondered what rutabaga was after reading Of Mice and Men at school, now I know. Never really been enthused about swede unless mashed with carrot and served with haggis and whiskey gravy!!!

    • Haggis and whiskey gravy! Sounds yummy! Not heard of it never mind tried it, will look out for that next time we’re north of the border 🙂

  9. Lovely smiles this week and kind of fab that you replaced your husband -girl power! Your lace insertion looks great, looking forward to seeing it crop up in your next makes…

    • Thanks! we nearly won a prize too! there’ll definately be some lacy numbers in the future, wish I’d have learnt how to do it before summer as not sure if it’ll feature much in my winter wardrobe. 🙂

  10. 🎵 On another note . . . Guess what came in today’s post?!
    Watch your email tomorrow ~ xxx

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