Sunday Sevens
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Three 6am starts on the trot, finishing on Sunday evening can only mean one thing.  Early to bed and Sunday Sevens will be done on Monday!


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog post of your week in 7 photos, thought up by the lovely Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins.

There’s no hard and fast rules and if you want to join in you can. No need for an invite, just jump right in! I love reading about the lives of my blogging buddies in other parts of the globe, and judging by the comments I receive, I’m thinking they must enjoying seeing mine too!

This first pic is nothing to do with Sunday Sevens.  It’s the amazing hand-made Christmas card from Sewchet that was in my StitchingSanta parcel.  Somehow I forgot to post it.  Isn’t it fab!!  (I play golf in case you’re wondering!!)

#stitchingsanta   318

1    This is the view from H’s bedroom.  It was a gorgeous morning and when I saw the blue skies it was an easy choice to put my trainers on and go out for a run.

#sundaysevens   311

2  My local wool shop Twist & Purl, 3 miles away.  I could spend hours in here and I’m not even a yarn addict.  Well not a proper one. I popped in to buy a little house warming gift and also came away with 4 balls of the chunky yarn in the basket at the middle-ish left.

#sundaysevens   313

3  Coloured my mums hair – sorry mum!

#sundaysevens   312

4   We’ve starting emptying the loft and I made the first of many trips to the local council household waste skips.   We’re planning some major work on the house this year so we need to empty the loft and the garage.  Not looking forward to this at all! (we will be giving away and recycling too!).

#sundaysevens   315

5  I usually colour my own hair but opted for a trip to the hair dressers and had foils for the first time ever!

#sundaysevens   316

6  I’m really pleased with  how it turned out.  Not much off the length as I’m trying to grow it.

#sundaysevens   317

7  Saturday morning in Huddersfield.  The most amazing sky I’ve seen in ages.  I took this with the panoramic function on the iPhone and was really pleased with how it turned out.

#sundaysevens   318

8  Saturday night out for a very good friends birthday.  Another reason I was so tired on Sunday evens.  Although I wasn’t drinking I only had 5 hours sleep.   It was worth it though.

#sundaysevens   319


Feature image – Rory modelling slouching hat for Jo (above).

Hope it was worth waiting for!

Cheerio for now! x


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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


      • So easily done 😦 I always feel that my social life’s kind of on-hold during term time and then I have to do some manic catching up in the holidays…

  1. You are such a busy gal (puts a lazy gal like me to shame). I love your hair. It’s lovely and fun to be pampered once in a while. Handmade cards are the best. Handmade any things are the best!

  2. corrineappleby says

    Some gorgeous pics this week! Your new hair looks lovely and the pink sky over Huddersfield looks beautiful!

  3. Oh that glorious pink sky! Your hair looks terrific, and isn’t a bit of pampering just such fun?! H has a wonderful view – such a lot of lovely space you have around you. Cute pic of your mum, did she really think she could escape your photo finger? Hope your reno goes smoothly and doesn’t make you too bonkers!

    • The view isn’t open at the front of the house, when we have the work done we’ll have a bedroom at the back too so I can’t wait. I think it will drive me bonkers, I’ve already asked my parents if I can have a corner for sewing at their house to help my sanity! 🙂

  4. Why wouldn’t we eagerly await hearing about your week!? Can’t beat seeing cuddly Rory & that amazing hat, your gorgeous blue skies, a glimpse of fab Twist & Purl, & a stuffed animal so big it got buckled into the front seat! Hope Cyber Mum isn’t too upset about that surprise photo, and you gotta give me your hair colour info ~ I keep telling you it’s great! 😀

    • Thanks Del! My hair colour has been toned down a bit to a dark brown, it was getting a bit coppery me doing it myself. And the blond bit help the grey (or gray to you!) not stand out too much when they come through – which is far too quick for my liking! 🙂

  5. Anne Wright says

    I am always totally in awe of your energy! 3 6am starts and still out partying on Saturday night. You make me feel like I’m about 95! 😉 Since starting my 3 month college courses and having to get up at 5am every day I’m just a puddle on the floor by the time I get home. Get food ASAP so I can be tucked up in bed ready to do it all over again! Love your hair, lovely highlights, makes me want to get mine done now. How big is that stuffed toy in your car? Did you really throw it in the skip? Was H sad? My two have a ridiculously massive bear my hubbies bought when no1 was about a week old! Gah! There is nowhere for him and am always falling over him, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to chuck him out. Good luck with the renovations. What are you having done? Look forward to the photos!

    • I’ve done shifts for 23 years (makes me feel old when I type it!!) so I guess I’ve gotten used to running on little sleep when I have to. H has another huge animal – Albert the dog – which I don’t think he’ll ever part with,, but this one was someone else’s cast off so doesn’t have the same sentimental value. We’re having a big extension as our 3 bed semi was outgrown quite a few years ago, and if we moved it’d cost a bomb and we wouldn’t have a decent garden. Our existing lounge will be my sewing room and I’m getting a new bedroom too so I can’t wait!! We’ve only just had the plans drawn up so it’s early days yet. PS i’ve just posted off a pack of your fridge magnets to a fellow blogger in America! Hope you’re not reading this Del!! 🙂

      • Anne Wright says

        Extension sounds so exciting- especially your big sewing room! It’s really exciting seeing it go up. We did a big extension 7 years ago and I was pregnant at the time and told my hubby he could only do it if there was no stress. It went really smoothly- either that or he shielded me from the stress! Messy but boy was it worth it. Exciting times.
        Wow that’s cool to imagine my magnets travelling all the way to the states. Does that make me an international seller now? 😉

        • You sure are!! And how lucky are you that you had no stress. Can you send your hubby over here to give my some lessons! 🙂

  6. Your hair does look really good – I love that you don’t mind displaying yourself in foil. I try to avoid looking in the mirror when I’m at the hairdressers – those harsh overhead lights don’t do me any favours 😦 What a great photo of you and your friend – definitely one to treasure!

    • It was a lovely seeing me in the foils so I was a bit excited! Might not have been a good photo if it had been close-up! I think i’ll have to get a copy of the pic of me & Jo and have it framed – not enough get printed now we’re in the digital age. 🙂

  7. Great pictures as usual. Your hair looks fabulous, much too nice to be clearing the loft! Well done on the run – nice mornings do help don’t they?(Though I’m not sure I’d cope after your early starts)

  8. Ooh, pretty highlights! I’ve started to get a few greys now – literally, just a dozen or so but, in near-black hair, they sparkle in the light and really stand out. I REALLY don’t want to go down the all-over colour route and am at a loss of what to. Put up with them and hope I don’t go any greyer? After all, I’m fifty in two years so I should be quite grey by now. I can imagine what your mum was saying in that photo! Is the extension going to be your new sewing room that your husband is reluctant to resign himself to?! Hope your friend loved the hat after all that effort. Is that the one that was too slouchy – did you frog a few rows in the end? Three 6am starts would have killed me. Presumably you do three twelve hour shifts and then four days off? Mr H-L brings me hot water with lemon every morning before he goes to work and I never remember him leaving ‘cos my eyes refuse to open before 8.30, just in time for a quick shower before the school run:)

    • You are soooo lucky that you don’t have to colour your hair. I’ve had to do mine since my early 30’s. I’d love to still have proper dark hair but it’s too hard to keep up with it. I don’t know what to suggest other than all over, I’ve never been adventurous with my hair, it’s more been a case of needs must. Though hubby says I should grow old gracefully I’m not ready yet! The extension is going to be new lounge, extended kitchen diner and new utility so the old lounge will be all mine!! Hubby is fully in favour of the lounge being mine, so that’s a relief! My friend hasn’t got the hat yet – I’ve told her about it and she’s got a bottle of prosecco to be put her on! 🙂

    • I know, the sun’s so late coming up. On that photo i was at work, it was still really dark when I went into the patients house and when I came out I was greeted by that, so was a lovely surprise. 🙂

  9. I love the colour of your hair! I’m must say that I’m very intrigued by the work you’ll be doing on your house…I hope there will be a sewing room! 🙂 Rory is very sweet!

      • Haha, yes maybe that should be my next post, all’s well, haven’t been making much, I have turned to crochet now, as it can be done in front of the tv, hehe, debating whether I have enough time to make a baby blanket.

        • It depends how much time you’ll spend watching telly before the nesting instinct kicks in and you start cleaning all your kitchen cupboards! 🙂

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