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The Yorkshire Spoolette’s 2nd Meet-Up

Well, I needn’t have worried!

All those restless nights were worth it!

I even dreamt one night that I couldn’t even blog about today because I forgot to go!

It wasn’t just me who was a bit nervous.  I mean, we hear it all the time on the news.  The dangers of meeting strangers online that might not be who you think they are!!  Gosh, if our kids had known what we’d  been up to today!!

So at 10:30am I met with a lovely bunch of ladies, who did not feel like strangers at all, and we didn’t stop talking or shopping until 4pm tonight!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   348

We gathered together at Kenny’s Bistro – a newly opened cafe that’s done out lovely and very reasonable – 85p for a toasted currant tea cake!!  More money to be spent on fabric!!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   347

The staff were lovely and didn’t mind us rearranging the table and chairs so we could all gather round.

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   346

We had a little fabric and pattern swap whilst I worked out some of the milages how far those on the train had travelled.

And as usual when we get together Amanda and I  me ‘n’ Amanda (we’re in Yorkshire!) had a selfie!  We were missing Nee, hopefully we’ll catch up soon.

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   345

If you’re a non-blogger and fancy coming next time, don’t be shy!  Jeanie (my real life sewing friend) doesn’t blog and still fitted in and was like a long lost sewing buddy!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   321

Once we’d refuelled (one lady had travelled 135 miles!!!!!!) we headed for the market.

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   323

There’s a stall that sells really cheap elastic, threads, bias trim,zips and all sorts of fancy stuff!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   324

I think we all bought a little bit of something here!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   325

I bought 4 open ended zips, they were  £1 each. I need one for the Brooklyn hoodie and 3 more just in case!  They had the same at Fabworks for only 25p!  But I’d already bought these:

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   349

There’s quite a few fabric stalls on the market, but as the weather was pretty miserable we headed over to Fabworks.

A bit damp but still smiling!  Note Anne’s empty green holdall – it was full to bursting when she left!!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   326

Everyone loved Fabworks.  It was busy already when we got there, but there was plenty of staff about so we didn’t have to wait long to be served.  Not that it mattered, we’d got all day!

Whilst there we had a couple of “here’s one I prepared earlier” moments which was funny.

First up Karen with one of her latest makes…

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   320

And then Lucie with her recently blogged Coco…. Hila was soon off to the til with the remaining bolt, can’t wait to see what she makes with it!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   328

Between us we scoured every shelf of the delicious fabric, and with heavy bags crossed back over the road and headed up to Lucky Fashions.  Just a note, if you go to Fabworks on a Saturday it closes at 2pm.  So don’t leave your car there and go  shopping elsewhere!!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   329

You wouldn’t have thought the ladies were up for more shopping but there was a spring in their steps and a cup of tea waiting for them at our next port of call. And biscuits!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   331

And lucky for me the winter white embossed double knit i NEED for my Brooklyn Hoodie was still in stock!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   330

So glad Camilla could go.  It was a last minute decision yesterday, so if you were adding up the mileage you’d best head over to her blog and see if there’s any clues!!  As a fellow Sunday Sevener you get to know fellow sewistas a bit more than when only reading about their makes

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   332

We also squeezed in a visit to the £1 a yard shop.  This is just around the corner from Lucky Fashions.

Now don’t let looks be deceiving.  There’s some real bargains to be had here.  So much so that Hila feels to have been well and truly ripped off at Leeds market for buying the same fabric for double the price!   There’s 3 rooms full of fabric downstairs and more upstairs.  It’s not a place for small children or the infirm, but if you like a bargain it’s the place to go!

#yorkshirespoolettes 25

Our bags were full to bursting and getting heavy.  Our tummies were rumbling too so we headed for Weatherspoons (or Spoons if your a regular!) and killed 2 birds with 1 stone.

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   335

We met some friendly locals who offered to take a picture for us!  We stood out a bit in here being the only women in there this side of the bar!   …Margaret with Rod!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   334

I’d wished I’d left the car at home and got the bus.  I’d forgotten just how cheap it is in Spoons!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   338


So, from left-ish to right-ish who made it to the end (sadly Jeanie had to get off to go celebrate a special birthday, Amanda needed to get up north for the blog manager, and Karen from WakeyMakes is missing from the photo! – sorry I should have taken a  team photo in the cafe!

Hannah, Camilla, Corrine, Me

Margaret, Catherine, Hila

Margaret, Teresa, Ruth

Lucie, Anne, Karen and Manju (who incidentally travelled the furthest – 135 miles!! I know that there’s a competition on to work out how far we all travelled, but I couldn’t help myself and just had to tell someone!!)

Click on their names to be taken to their blogs/IG/FB.

Karen you was missed off the main photo (big sorry) but you did have your picture taken with Sewing Royalty, our own GBSB star, Amanda!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   327

So that was our day – a fab day spent with lovely like minded lovely ladies!

There’ll be more in the future – I’m planning another Wednesday and Saturday one when the weather picks up, and our stashes reduce.

If you want to know more about the Spoolettes click on the link in the header at the top of the page.  There’s useful info on shopping in Dewsbury too.  The main thing to remember is that Market days are Wednesday and Saturday.  Fabworks is open 6 days a week, but Lucky Fashions only open on market days.

Oh!! The Competition!!  

Only for those who’ve read on to the very end!! 

If you would like to win a £25 gift voucher which has kindly been donated by Fabworks to be spent at their online shop all you have to do is guess the total mileage travelled by the 17 ladies who attended today’s meet up.  

For those readers outside of the UK there will be a little goodie bag up for grabs for you, donated by me!   So there’ll be 2 prizes!

 Unfortunately 4 ladies couldn’t make it, (hope you’re all feeling better, and Holly – break a leg!!) so if you’ve all ready done some workings out you may need to do a little more maths! 

To enter, please ‘like’ the Fabworks Facebook page AND enter your answer below in comments. If you’re not on Facebook don’t worry, you can still enter!   Please leave a contact email if your name doesn’t direct me to your blog, or a means of contacting you.

You have to midnight on Valentines Day to submit your guess answer!

Good luck!!

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  1. Reblogged this on Making and Marking and commented:
    Such a lovely way to spend a Saturday. It was brilliant to meet so many bloggers and sewists as well as finding some amazing shops not too far from home. I’m so glad I went and I want to thank Ali again for organising what was a fantastic day of all things sewing!

  2. What a miss, gutted I couldn’t come. Hi to all the lovely ladies, hope you had a great time! Will definitely try and make it to the next one. 😘

    • You were missed too!! You’d have be in shock tho Nee. Ladies were buying 3m of the same fabric!! I thought I pushed to boat out at 2!!
      I’ll arrange the next one around when you can make it. Will be in touch xx

      • Shock horror, we can’t be having that! I could make 3 dresses out if 3m!!! Saw a bit on Periscope too, so cool…looks like you had a fab day!

        • The periscope was funny, i didn’t really know what I was doing! It’s not really something you can practice I don’t think as it just goes live and that’s it! 🙂

  3. Sounds like a fun day was had by all. I’m deeply jealous of all the good fabric shops you have. Also, kept on noticing everyone’s clothes, thinking “oh yes, I remember when you blogged about that!)

  4. WONDERFUL photos of a glorious group of like-minded women ~ XX to everyone! Will be on the lookout for more hints on distances, and appreciate the deadline. It gives me time to tote things up. 😊
    Really admire & respect everyone’s gathering together. Over here distances are longer & fabric stores fewer. So whilst Dewsbury it might not be a posh place, it cann’t be beat for fabric!
    Would you believe I work up at 5 my time today? And was thinking about everyone with an exciting day ahead. After a few more crochets with my new yarn, had to nap again. But am back at it, after downing a bit more Tea & “proper chocolate!”

    • You’d have loved it Del! That move to NC wasn’t the right one really. You should’ve come to Yorkshire! We’re a friendly bunch and you could definitely be an honorary Yorkshire lass! Good lucks with the adding up! xx

      • Aw, gee, you’re darling to say so – thank you! You lasses certainly are friendly & warm and I’m enjoying all your blogs ever so much. So glad you had a grand time yesterday. (huge thumbs up!)

  5. Great write up, you have really captured the day, it was lovely to chat to so many like minded people, and visit some great shops.

    • Thanks Ruth! It was really lovely to meet and weird that we work for the same “firm”. Hopefully we’ll do it again soon! 🙂

  6. So disappointed I couldn’t make it. Looks like you all had a fab time. I WILL be at the next one (when Panto has ceased to take over my life). Holly x

  7. Fabby day. Thanks for organising. A really lovely bunch of ladies. So nice to just talk patterns and fabrics with like minded people K xXx

    • You’re welcome Karen! Now I know you’re even closer to me that Wakefield we’ll definitely have to get together for a run and you can put my through my paces! And thanks for the ear rings, they’re really cute! xx

  8. Haven’t smiled, laughed or shopped so much for a while! After the slightly surreal moment of meeting everyone ‘in the flesh’ and feeling relieved that you’d ‘read’ people right, this was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks so much Thimberlina, already looking forward to the next one. Now to get all that lovely fabric sewn… 🙂

    • I’ve got mine drying on the radiator, wish it was warm so I could get it pegged out! It was a fab day wasn’t it, and I thought everyone was just like I imaged they would be. Looking forward to us all doing it again! 😃

  9. Looks brilliant – all those fabric shops, what a treat! I can imagine the noise made by 17 chatting and laughing ladies – you must’ve made quite an entrance at each venue. Can’t wait to see what everyone bought, and to see your white hoodie made up:)

    • It was ace! I think we made the biggest impact in the pub!! It’s a proper drinkers pub full of blokes so we stood out like sore thumbs. Had a laugh though and we didn’t have to worry about been on our best behaviour! 😃

  10. It really was great: not just cos of the shopping and bargains! But also because everyone was so down to earth and friendly. Thanks again for organising.

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for making the journey! It was great to see that fabulous coat if yours in real life too! You’re right about everyone bring down to earth and friendly, we’d have had a fab day if we’d have stayed in the cafe (or the pub!!) all day!! 😃

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for trundling down the A1! Need a sewcation now so everyone can get all their sewing (or crochet!!) done!! X

    • It’s not a pound a yard any more but it’s dirt cheap!! Though there is a few bits that are £1 which would be OK for Muslins. 😃

  11. Look at all the fun you and all the ladies had! My goodness. It would be so much fun to join in. I would love to spend a day here doing something like this. NYC (garment district) would be a blast. You all are so lucky for the experience.

  12. Great post – great meet-up. Enjoyed every moment – meeting fellow sewers even more than buying the fabric. Thanks for organising. I have blogged about my buys – but you know I never thought to take any photos of my fellow sewers!! If Robyn organises one in New York I might be up for it!!

    • How fab would that be!! I’ve never been to America, I just mentioned in reply to her comment that my hubby want to take me to Vegas but I’d much prefer New York. Hopefully one day! I’m sure I’d be able to loose him for a day or 2! I’ve had a quick read of your post, going to head back over their now I’ve a bit more time and a cuppa! 🙂

  13. Wow!!! What an amazing day you all must have had! It looks like everyone is pleased with their purchases and now I can’t wait to see what everyone makes 🙂 I will admit that once again, I’m very jealous that I’m not still in Sheffield….when I eventually plan a visit back, you know I’ll be dropping hints for another meet up right?!

    • We’ll definitely arrange date when you know when you’re next having a trip home. We might even kidnap you and not let you go back!! Or better still, i might trying and hide in your suitcase – I’ve never been to America! 🙂

  14. corrineappleby says

    Thanks for organising such a fabulous Day Ali. Loved it! What’s the plan regarding making something from our haul yesterday? I’ve forgotten!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! You’ve got 4 weeks to make something from yesterday’s fabric haul, so plenty of time! I’ll write a post with a link party! Or I’ll try! 😃

      • corrineappleby says

        Righto. Best push some of this lot to the front of the sewing queue then. I’ve still got my knitting and stitching show fabric to sew up! As soon as the kids’ school uniform is done I’ll be pre washing line mad!

  15. Wow! A lovely outing for a group of talented, sweet, sassy ladies….it must have been riotous fun. 😀 So enjoyed this vicarious adventure. And do I see notice some interest in a New York adventure???

  16. Fantastic day Ali, thanks for organising it, I’ve got some serious sewing to do to keep my stash from taking over! Is it ok to ‘borrow’ a few photos, with a link of course 🙂

    • Course it is Margaret, borrow away!! It was a great day, will have to have a catch up in between, maybe mini spoolette meet ups in Leeds, even if it’s just for a coffee 🙂

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  18. Fiona M says

    Looks like you all had a blast! Some lovely photos there – I love the two wearing something made from the fabric they are posing with! Hope to see you on the next Wednesday meet.

    • They’re fab aren’t they – I should send them to Fabworks so they can put them on their website! I’m having my shifts changed soon, once I know the shift pattern I’ll be able to sort a date out for the next Wednesday one. 🙂

  19. Ali, you have told the story of our day beautifully ! Great photos, better get on with the sewing now!

  20. Melbourne bloggers had a shopping day & meet up recently, followed by a dinner (Frocktails) then a recovery breakfast the next day. I went to the shopping tour only & it was very similar to yours. New friends who already knew each other, the twenty first century version of pen pals. We also had a lovely day.

    The only real difference was the weather! We were warm and dry. I do not miss the perpetual damp in Yorkshire. Your pictures brought memories flooding back of my childhood in Yorkshire.

    • Would be fab to do it with guaranteed sunshine! We were lucky last year in April and had a flukey hot day. We’ve talked about making a weekend one in the future, would love to do the frocktails thing – i’ve read the posts before and they look great fun! 🙂

  21. Claire Sutherland says

    What a great day you all had. I have liked the fabworks FB page and am guessing 347 miles x

  22. What a brilliant day – shame about the English weather but it looks as if you were all prepared and, when there’s a fabric shop or two at the end of it, who cares?

  23. What a triumph!!! So many of my favourite bloggers in one place! The spooky thing is, last night I had a weird dream I was in Yorkshire and that I met you! It was only when I got back on the blogs today that I realised why!!!! Spooky…. And I’m very envious. You’d better still be doing these meet ups when I move home!

    • You came on our meet subconsciously! Did you buy any thing nice?
      We will be definitely doing more of these and an even bigger definitely if you’re planning a trip over in this direction! What seems really weird is seeing them all together on my blog post, when I’m used to seeing pics of them on their posts. They’re all a fab group of ladies – worth you having a trip home to meet them 🙂

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  27. It sounds like you had a blast. I’m originally from Dewsbury, the first fabric I ever bought was from Dewsbury market when I was about 13. I wish I had that sort of choice here. My guess is you travelled a total of 525 miles.

    • Thanks for stopping by, and for having a guess! I had a look round your blog and can’t work out if you’re inside or outside the uk now, you’ve some amazing photos.

    • It was fab! You’d have loved it! I think the Yorkshire Spoolettes might need to venture down south and meet some more sewing buddies! 😃

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    • You’re welcome! And thankyou for teaching me a new word! I’ve just looked up desirous as i’ve not heard it used before 🙂 x

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