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And sleep…….!

What a week it’s been!  Last night I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages.   I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve something on my mind, or when I’m planning something, my mind plays tricks on me and I have the weirdest of dreams.  When I was at training school (almost 20 years ago) studying to be a paramedic they fed us well.  I dreamt I got so fat my (small) tattoo grew so big is spread and covered the whole of my body!!

So you can imagine what I’ve been like this week with the Spoolettes meet up going round my head!  I wouldn’t mind if I was a worrier.  I’m not when I’m awake.  But it’s crazy what our subconscious minds gets up to behind our backs!

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Anyway, apart from having an amazing Saturday!  The best ever!! I did have a few other moments this week worthy of a photograph, so here we are, my Sunday Sevens as thought up by the lovely Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins…..

1   Not the best start to the working week – 2 hours late off after already working a 12 hour shift.  A slice of birthday cake and a large baileys eased me back into a relaxed state!

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2  Cyber mom I imagine isn’t going to be too pleased with this photo but as it’s quite a significant part of our family history it has to be included – sorry mum!  Mum’s had a new knee.  Well half a one.  They call it a partial knee replacement as it’s not quite totally knackered, only a bit.  Watch this space.  She’ll be doing the couch to 5k in no time at all!  She’ll also be able to drive in 6 weeks, which will be a bloody miracle as she can’t now!

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3  We’ve had some foul weather as usual this week but we’ve also had blue sky!  I had to pull over to take this so I could share the view.  (the broken white line isn’t the middle of the road btw, it’s the edge – it looks like i’ve just abandoned my car!).  It was taken near Scapegoat Hill, only 5 miles out of Huddersfield town centre but it really is in the middle of nowhere!

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4  Another gorgeous view to share.  This is the first time I’ve ever been here though I’ve driven past it 100s of times.   Since Elland Bridge was damaged during the Boxing Day floods I needed to find somewhere else to stand by as there’s no point parking up next to a closed road bridge!   This is only 200m from the main road between Huddersfield and Halifax but a true hidden gem.  I think this will be one of my favourite spots to stand by in the summer!

#sundaysevens   324 (1)

5   You might think I’ve gone a bit crazy posting a photo of a fuel pump, especially if you’re outside the UK, but it’s donkeys years since fuel has been below £1 a litre.  It used to cost me £70 to fit my car!  I’ll show this photo to my grandkids in years to come!!

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6   My Jungle January parcel arrived from America with a £12.97 customs charge!! Has this happened to anyone else before!?  I really feel like complaining to someone as Katherine had ticked it was a gift so I was a bit baffled!  Hopefully I’ll make a belated jungle january garment – H is fancying a shortie-onesie!  I might even have enough fabric for us to have matching!!

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7  As soon as I got in from the Spoolette’s meet up I got stuck into writing my blog post.  I totally lost track of time and the hubby brought me up a pasta bake.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’d had scampi and chips in the pub!

#sundaysevens   327 (1)

8   Footie was on this morning and it was my turn to do the tuck shop and sell raffle tickets.  Luckily we share it out and only have to do it once or twice a season.   It was freeeeezing!  They won 7-1 so the 2 hour thaw-out afterwards was worth it.  H plays in goal and conceded a penalty but was fearless and had a great game!  H has just looked over my should and stated “you cud’ve looked a bit more lively in that photo!”  I assure you I couldn’t!!

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Feature photo:  very cute earrings – a pressies from the lovely Karen at Wakey Makes!  I love them thankyou!!  If you click on her name you can see her lovely fabric on her IG page!

So that’s another week gone and we’re into February already!  I managed only one run this week, but with the nights starting to get lighter there should be more opportunities to get out there.  Also I had some fab new this week.  I’ll be on 10 hour shifts in April instead of 12!!  Yippee!  I’ll have to work an extra day every other week but I’ll have a bit more time for me and the family on work days.

So until next time, cheerio!


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  1. Luv, I laughed so hard over Cyber Mum’s miracle driving, but please be sure to tell her it wasn’t the photo as I hadn’t scrolled down to it yet! 💕 Of, that new stand by you’ve found will be magnificent come summer, and it’s glorious right now! Sorry you had to brave the cold this AM, but glad H won his match! BTW, whose birthday cake were you eating with your Bailey’s? Lovely week & photos, but know what you mean about sleep/dream patterns before a big event. Now you can get back to normal… welllll, normal for you! xxx

    • Haha, yes normal for me!! Should be in bed now, I’m up in 7 hours! So there’ll be radio silence shortly. The birthday cake was what we brought back from our trip up north last weekend. We had our chunk, mil’s chunk and also hubby’s auntie’s chunk of cake to eat! We forgot to drop theirs off!! Was very nice! 😃

  2. Some responsibility in ‘hosting’ a meet up for so many, (it was great how many turned up) no wonder you were having mad dreams! Hope you have more peaceful dreams tonight…
    Loving the work ‘views’, so nice to be able to press pause, even if for just five minutes in a busy, working day 🙂

    • It certainly is, I love pulling over and enjoying the view – though not en route to an emergency lol!! It’s funny, when I start organising I don’t imagine there’ll be too many, maybe up to 12 and before you know it there’s quite a few! Was worth the odd sleepless night! 🙂

  3. Karen says

    What a week. Again. Thanks again for the meet. Your welcome!! And yes thanks to you and a couple of glasses of alcohol I HAVE BLOGGED aargh what have you started K xXx

  4. That meet up sounded very fun! Too bad I’m not British, but it looked fun😀 I often get caught up in blog posts as well😀

  5. Isn’t the NHS wonderful! Free driving lessons included with partial knee replacements. Who knew?
    I once had a sculpture made as a gift, by a woman in the U.S. It cost me around $220 and it cost me 98 euros in VAT and Customs tax when it arrived – I nearly cried. I wouldn’t mind but I often buy things from the U.S. – fabric mostly – and had never had to pay anything before so it was a shock.

    • Haha, your comment’s funny – made my mum laugh too, which is good to ease the pain at the minute! This VAT thing is a right con, like we don’t pay enough tax already. Rant over! Sorry! 🙂

  6. It’s worth calling customs and excise (there’s probably a number with the paperwork?) querying exactly why you’ve been charged. I know they charge for printed matter…but it’s worth calling. Maybe they think the fabric is going to be used for commercial use? Thanks again for hosting a fab day!

    • You’re welcome! By the sounds of someone else comments it’s because it was over £20. Oh well! Might give them a right anyway and see what they have to say. 🙂

  7. It’s great how you can be so close to a town/city and yet only have a short drive to such beautiful countryside in the UK, isn’t it? Nothing is very far away…..remind me of that when I moan how it’s half an hour in the car to anywhere around here. The driving comment made me laugh, too, and no, she won’t thank you for that photo! I order pattern packets for my students from the US. Sometimes tax is charged at £20, sometimes none is payable for exactly the same parcel. It’s a mystery to me how it’s decided!

    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it, but not sure I could manage a half hour drive to anywhere. Hubby would move to North Yorks in a breath but not sure if I could. 20 minutes to Dewsbury by car is my limit!! Couldn’t move away from the Yorkshire Spoolettes HQ! 🙂

  8. Those pesky customs people – same thing happened to me when my friend in Oz sent a baby gift – 20 quid to retrieve it!! Basically you have to be under a certain value (£20). Bit of an expensive gift!

    • I wonder if they check – I mean if someone writes £19.50 on the custom label they’re not going to be able to check are they? I’ll remember the £20 limit for next time. I’ve still not used my fabric that you sent me – it’s still on my table next to my overlocker waiting to be something lovely! I’m thinking some PJs cos I was it to be something I’ll wear a lot. I’ve been a bit unproductive for the last few months, need to get organised me thinks! 🙂

    • It was really fab! It’s funny how you soon get to know fellow bloggers just by comments and reading their post and you just know you’ll get on 🙂

  9. You do come across some stunning scenery on your travels! It’s so nice to get a glimpse of blue sky at this time of year isn’t it? Glad to hear you had a good night’s sleep on Saturday night, I think the day went so well and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

    • It’s so easy just to remember the naff weather so these pics make me remember the blue skies too. Shame we couldn’t have some on Saturday, but the rain didn’t dampen our day 🙂

  10. corrineappleby says

    How cool are those earrings? They’re fab! I bet you were exhausted on Saturday night weren’t you! Thanks for organising such a fabulous meet-up. The weather didn’t matter a jot! 🙂

  11. Sweet little earrings! And your poor mum, I hear the knee replacement healing usually goes quickly (hope so, I’m in line for it at some point). A shortie onesie? Oh my! Your view photographs are absolutely beautiful!

  12. Poor mum, hope she’s doing well so far! Adam’s mum had it done last year and is really singing about how much better she feels! I’m glad to hear that your meeting went well & I’m in love with those earrings, what a lovely gift 🙂

  13. Beads and Barnacles says

    I hope your mum gets back on her feet soon, my nan has had both done (and a hip!) but they are wearing out now… I has made so much difference.
    That stand by stop looks lovely, the ambulances often use the carpark next to our ship (and the beach…) in Weymouth. Took me ages to work out why they spent so much time there! :-p

  14. Love it how there’s always some cake! Hope your mum’s recovering well and her new knee allows her to dance too 🙂 I’ve had the weirdest dreams lately all in foreign lands, must be the weather haha!

  15. Your meet up looked so exhausting I’m surprised you’ve had energy for anything else this week! Hope your mum’s well on the mend by now.

    • She’s doing well Thankyou! I’ve managed to get an action shot of her with her walking sticks, she doesn’t half move fast when the cameras out! 😃

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