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Competition Results & #SundaySevens 50

Sunday Sevens is late as we were at a wedding yesterday, so I thought instead of writing 2 posts, which seemed I bit daft, I’d announce the winner of the competition with this week’s Sunday Sevens.

If there’s anyone who’s not heard of Sunday Sevens – it’s 7 ish photos of your week showing a bit more about what goes when you’re not sewing. Generally for me I’m either eating or working!  Invented by the lovely Natalie from Threads & Bobbins if you want to read more.

Without further ado………….

The total mileage travelled by all the ladies from their Home to Fabworks Dewsbury was 671 miles!


The evening of the meet up I totted up the mileage and sent my mum a text of how far all the ladies had travelled.  I was quite amazed at the final total, and so was mum!  And even more amazed that some of you got quite close the the figure.

The winner of the £25 voucher plus free P&P donated by Fabworks is Sam who guessed 666 miles.  Sam – I’ll drop you an email about how to claim your prize.   Sorry Beth, you guessed the same but Sam had already said 666.

The winner of the mystery parcel donated by me is Tialys  who guessed 655 miles.   If you could email me your address I’ll pop your prize in the post!

Well done ladies and thanks to all of you who entered.

I was just looking on Fabworks Facebook page the other day and they’ve released their first video.  Click on the link if you want to have a wander around their store, and listen to a Yorkshire Accent – not quite as broad as mine I don’t think!

Now onto Sunday Sevens.  I thought as I was only working 3 days I’d have a productive week.  I ended up working 2 extra shifts (girls golfing holiday is on the horizon) so not as productive a week as I hoped.

1    Look at this for a view!  Looking over Halifax and into Happy Valley territory.  The patient didn’t need to go to hospital and when I explained about Sunday Sevens they were happy to share their amazing view with my readers.

#sundaysevens   321 (3)

2  Pancake Day!  I felt quite stuffed after eating 4.  I think H lost count of how many he’d had!

#sundaysevens   320 (4)

3  Mum’s recovering well from her knee op and can move quite fast when the camera comes out!!

#sundaysevens   323 (2)

4 I bought her a couple of balls of yarn, a crochet hook and got her started on a blanket.

#sundaysevens   322 (2)

5  Finally got my Brooklyn Hoodie cut out.  I’m hoping to start sewing it up today.

#sundaysevens   324 (2)

6    Now that’s what you call a Yorkshire Pudding!

#sundaysevens   326 (2)

7  At the wedding yesterday – the brother in laws 3rd (someone asked if he could keep the ball as it was a hat trick!).  H decided to see if he could use the bubble mixture on the table to blow bubbles from his mouth.

#sundaysevens   321 (2)

8   He managed a few….. much to everyone’s (and mostly his) amusement!   I wouldn’t recommend having a go unless you’ve some lip salve handy – after a couple of hours rubbing the bubble mix onto your lips they get a bit sore.  Clean, but sore!

#sundaysevens   320 (3)


So that’s my week!  Hope yours has been a good one too, and wishing you happy holidays if like us you’re on 1/2 term holidays this week.

Cheerio x



  1. Well! Rub me in fat and call me a chip! I can’t believe I was so close. There was nothing at all scientific about my guess. I was rather overawed by people talking about spreadsheets and wotnot so just took off the miles travelled by the lady who travelled the furthest – which you told us about – and averaged a 30 mile trip for each of the others. I think that’s sort of what I did anyway. Thanks so much – I very rarely win anything but then I very rarely enter anything either so I suppose that’s why. I’ll email you with my details.
    Your poor mother – getting snapped in all stages of her recovery. At least she’s got her best purple slippers on.
    I love the view over Happy Valley territory – who would guess it was a den of thieves, a nest of vipers and home to so many murderers? I managed to get hold of the DVD of the first series btw and finished it just before the 2nd series started. I have been in a state of constant trauma ever since – but I love it!

    • Glad you shared your skillful guessing technique! That was funny! Glad you’ve managed to see the first series of happy valley, it was rather gruesome in parts. Not something to watch just before bed! I’m hoping that the likes of those nasty characters aren’t the n Calderdale in real life! 😳

  2. Love reading your Sunday Sevens. Do you get over to Wakefield in your ambulance or was it someone who looked liked you on Saturday?
    Well done to the 2 winners!

  3. Well done to the winners of the comp. Could murder that Yorkshire pudding. As for bubble blowing with your lips, I’ll leave that to H. Great to hear your mum’s doing well, she looks like she is 🙂

  4. Well done the winners. I was amazed how far some people travelled. My 5 miles was pathetic. Lovely looking wedding. Did you get to make a new Wren? Your hoodie should fly together now K xXx

    • No, I’m almost ashamed to say this, but I wore a rtw dress I bought in the sales – hence no photo of me! Just started the hoodie now x

  5. Well done to the winner of the competition. So close too, amazing! Really enjoying Happy Valley as well. Some of the accents are a bit off but Sarah Lancashire is just fantastic. And that weird bloke in prison is the same actor as the hero in War and Peace, but he’s not looking quite as good without the soldiers uniform this time around. Or the prison haircut.
    I’m not surprised you bought a dress, instead of making one. That would have been tricky with only a few weeks to go. Dare I ask what colour it was?

    • Haha you can,,, it’s greys, but textured dirt off and is a body con sort of style. I imagine that will be no help at all!! I’ve loads of pics on my ‘big’ camera so will try and add one to next weeks Sunday sevens 😃 PS you’re right, he’s proper scary in happy valley!

  6. What a stunning view!! I was going to ask what dress you ended up wearing too – will look forward to seeing a pic next week 🙂
    That’s pretty impressive that people managed to guess so close to the total distance – and also impressive how far we all travelled but so very worth it 🙂

    • Yup, worth the travelling, but still a strange destination for a girlie shopping trip!! Think none sewers would be a bit disappointed! 😃

  7. Damn, I forgot to enter what with everything going on here! Well done to the winners. The threat of you with a camera is your mum’s physiotherapy then – what a helpful daughter you are, she’ll be running in no time! I’m going to be stepping up the exercise too as the dogs will be getting walked a lot more now Sean Bean has moved into a house on my usual route! He’s already been spotted in our local:)

    • I won’t be wanting a tour of fabric shops when I’m hopefully down in the summer. I’ll be moving into your local pub – he’s got to be near the top of the list of sexy Yorkshire men!! I have a saying… (Not mine originally!) ‘It doesn’t matter where you get your appetite so long as you eat at home!’ 😉

  8. Hi all, thanks for the congratulations, I forgot to put something on here,as I’d replied to Ali’s email, I hope you don’t think I was being rude! I’ll be sure to spend my winnings wisely, I’ve got a wedding in Malta in the summer, so I will be looking for something to make for that I think and if there’s another meet up I’m hoping to join you all then.
    Best wishes

    • Well done Sam, and I’m sure no one thought you was rude! Can’t wait to see what you choose – when it arrives send me a pic and I’ll add it to my Sunday sevens 😀

  9. Congratulations to the winners! And to H for flipping that pancake so beautifully (and to you for catching the photo) and to mum for escaping the camera and healing up nicely. Great week in pictures, Ali! 🙂

  10. Love those last two shots! Now I’ve met you in person, he looks even more like you 🙂 Amazed readers got so close to the correct answer, hope they enjoy their prizes.

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