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#SundaySevens 96 And We Have A Winner or 2!!

Well, I finally gotten round to doing my Carol Vorderman bit and added up the total mileage of how far everyone travelled to the #sewdowndewsbury meet up.  And I was absolutely flabbergasted!  Even before the 808 miles from Chris who came from Germany were added you guys travelled 1,111.2 miles!!!  So in total that’s…….. So the UK winner is Cathy from nanacathydotcom who guessed 1876, so she was only 43.2 miles under, and doesn’t live too far away herself so hopefully we’ll meet up at a future sewing gathering. Last year Sam won the competiton and this year she came, so you never know! The international winner is Rachel, all the way from Malaysia, who blogs at SewSouthLondon. Rachel’s guess was only 54.8 over … 1974. Well done ladies!!  If you email me your addresses I’ll arrange for your goodie bags to be posted off to you!! So now on to what else happened last week……included some sewing.  I’m a bit worried that you’ll think I’ve given up the sewing blog in favour (or should it be flavour) …

Competition Results & #SundaySevens 50

Sunday Sevens is late as we were at a wedding yesterday, so I thought instead of writing 2 posts, which seemed I bit daft, I’d announce the winner of the competition with this week’s Sunday Sevens. If there’s anyone who’s not heard of Sunday Sevens – it’s 7 ish photos of your week showing a bit more about what goes when you’re not sewing. Generally for me I’m either eating or working!  Invented by the lovely Natalie from Threads & Bobbins if you want to read more. Without further ado…………. The total mileage travelled by all the ladies from their Home to Fabworks Dewsbury was 671 miles!   The evening of the meet up I totted up the mileage and sent my mum a text of how far all the ladies had travelled.  I was quite amazed at the final total, and so was mum!  And even more amazed that some of you got quite close the the figure. The winner of the £25 voucher plus free P&P donated by Fabworks is Sam who guessed 666 miles.  Sam …

A Competition Ladies!!! 

I’ve just stumbled across a competition whilst making tea.  Well, I should’ve been  making the tea but like most of you I am easily distracted, I’m still at the deciding stage!  CroftMill are running a competition for those of us who are making a party or posh frock! Click here to find out more! And what’s even better is it doesn’t matter whether or not you bought the fabric from them!  SEWCHET……you need to enter your posh frock! I bet it looks amazing!  I think I might enter my Colette Wren!   More good news!! Hubby just rung to say he’s on his way home, I’ve suggested going to the local……2 meals for a tenner! Off we go…..!  See ya & good luck 🍀🍀🍀 PS they’ve not asked me to spread the word and I won’t be a judge or anything, I’m just sharing the sewing love! ❤️