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All in a day’s work!

I don’t talk about my time at work much, what with patient confidentiality and all that.  And also nothing much happens that I think would be worth sharing.   But, and it’s a BIG but,  I’ve had a great day today and I just can’t wait to tell you!

Yesterday a pattern arrived in the post so I thought I’d take it to work with me in the hope I’d be able to muster up some enthusiasm to trace off the pieces for the top in my lunch break.

#fabberdashery 406

Lunch ate & pieces traces off, including fathoming out a sway back adjustment, in 45 minutes.  I decided to do the sway back adj before sewing a muslin as everything I’ve ever made has always needed one, but I’ve never thought to do it before the first fit.

#fabberdashery 418

And then it happened.  I got a call to a patient at the Fabberdashery in Halifax.

“The What” I thought.  Never heard of it, but I was soon on my way.

Once the patient was safely on her way to hospital I had a quick look around the shop.  It was amazing, and Chrissy the owner is lovely.  I took a few photos to share it with you – there’s even a craft room where they offer a huge variety of lessons.

As most of you know I’m mainly into dressmaking but have recently dabbled in quilting and this I imagine is going to be quite addictive too.  Especially now I’ve found this little gem to fuel my new addiction!

So here we are, some photos I quickly took before I had to be on my way….


A totally handmade quilt – hand pieced and quilted…..

#fabberdashery 407

I’d like the bookcase with ALL that fabric in my home please!

#fabberdashery 408

They sell mainly fabric for crafting, but do have some for dressmaking including the bolts of linen below…

#fabberdashery 409

Beautiful cushions everywhere, and classes to show you how to make them…

#fabberdashery 410

I really could have done with coming here when I went shopping for my Time for Teal fabric…..

#fabberdashery 411

And my goodness!  How cute is this cushion!!??  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me copying this for another block for the time for teal quilt. After all it’s for charity!

#fabberdashery 412

The craft room opens up from the shop.  It was so hard not to go sit down with these ladies!

#fabberdashery 413

Don’t ask me what I bought!  I did have my purse with me but didn’t want to do any panic buying!  This shop is only a 20 minute drive from my home and I’ll be back!

#fabberdashery 414

Goodies everywhere!

#fabberdashery 415

I really, honestly, truly didn’t buy anything!  But when I go back I’ll let you know what slipped into my basket.  We’ve a baby due in June (not me!)  and I’m going to make my first proper quilt, so this is the perfect place to stock up on all I will need.

#fabberdashery 416


Unfortunately although they do have a website and a Facebook page they don’t sell online. But if you’re within driving distance it’s well worth a visit.  It’s even on Trip Advisor!!   Or if you don’t drive it’s only 1/2 a mile from the train station, and Halifax is quite a nice small town to have a wander round with plenty of nice cafes to grab a bite to eat.  They even have an old fashioned independent department store (as seen on Happy Valley!).


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  1. Fab post Ali, thx for sharing. Not far from my parents so I’ll definitely be popping in for a gander! Ta! Nee x

  2. That looks such a lot nicer than Happy Valley Halifax! I wouldn’t mind a visit there – and yes that fabric bookcase could come to live with me, too!

  3. Ooh what a great coincidence! I’d love to be called out to a fabric shop at work hehe but I imagine the leaving was difficult!! I love the handbag posted in your first pic by the way, is this handmade? It looks fab!

  4. What a great find! The tea cushion is lovely, and I spied some Paddington Bear fabric too. You were very restrained not buying anything!

    • It was hard! but I couldn’t stay long and i want to have a proper look rather than just buy for the sake of it. Can’t believe myself really, it”s probably got something to do with it being payday next Thursday – might call in before work!!

    • I didn’t think I’d heard of it, but when I looked it up on Facebook I had already liked it, but don’t remember!! Strange!! I won’t forget it now though! 🙂

  5. I think you need that teapot cushion, or at least make one similar, to sit with your tea cups! And then another cushion with a plate of cakes would sit nicely alongside, 3 is always a good decorative number!

  6. Fabulous, grand store ~ and congratulations(?) on just looking on your first time there. (Must admit I thought you’d made that bag during stand-bys at work 😉 – it’s fabulous!) Looks like many wonderful fabrics for plenty of inspiration. On reflection, must admit there wasn’t much of that in my little local shop. Do stay away from teensy little square rules for now, as there’ll be something coming your way shortly from my last fabric trip… 😀 Have a lovely mini sojourn!

    • Oooo! I will Del, no shopping for me till the end of the month as I’ve got a bit carried away with the online buying this month! We’e had a lovely break and back to the grindstone now – just on my 4th wash load of the day! :-0

  7. That is such a cute shop. What a lucky find! I can’t walk into any ‘real’ fabric store and not walk out with something that was calling my name…like the double gauze that followed me home today after the Kids Sew Too meeting. Ooops!

    • Haha, it’s just too easy isn’t it!? There was so much I would have liked, but will go back with a vision of what I’d like – it was strange just being plonked there by chance and not being prepared! Well, not prepared for shopping. 🙂

  8. Debbie Jones says

    What a fantastic find and so close to where you live, how lucky are you? I’d love a shop like that to be near by – although I’m sure my purse and husband wouldn’t agree!

    Love the Cynthia Rowley top on your pattern, I will look forward to seeing your completed version

    Debbie x

    • Thanks Debbie! I’ve finished cutting the fabric out last night but ‘jobs’ have gotten in the way today, and touching up the roots, so I’ve not gotten in to my sewing machine yet 😦

  9. What a lovely shop! I dabbled in quilting some years ago, but never finished anything. It’s quite relaxing though.

    • I’m going to start small – I imagine it can be overtaking with lots to put together in a big project. I’m also going to have a look at the quilt as you go method which might be good for my Splendid Sampler project. 🙂

  10. Perfect serendipity! Is that Cynthia Rowley a new release? The top has interesing design lines.

  11. Jenny says

    That’s really weird timing. My husband works in Bradford and just a couple of days ago he sent me a photo of a flyer pinned to an office notice board promoting the Fabadashery. I had a look online (I love discovering new shops) but there wasn’t much info, so this post is really timely and very informative. Thanks for posting it. Jenny

  12. Looks like a gorgeous shop! I used to travel around yorkshire for my job, and would look for fabric shops nearby to wheat I was working. Really like that Cynthia Rowley top pattern!

    • I’m the same but I google them when I’m stood by – there’s a new crafty sort of place opened up in Elland I believe but they’ve not sent me there for a while! 🙂

  13. I think a trip to Halifax is in order, looks like my kind of shop! I just love the sewing bag, do you know if it was a kit or a pattern?

    • I’m not sure Margaret but looking at the rest of the comments I think it’s my mission to find out! You’ll love it there, it’s easy to find too from the train station 🙂

  14. Lucky you:) Unlucky bank account 😦
    I am willing to bet that gorgeous bag in the first photo is handmade and, like several other commenters, I’d love to know if there’s a kit or pattern for it as it looks like a great project I could do with my sewing buddy on a Wednesday afternoon. You are charged with the responsibility of finding out for all of us 😉
    Love the teapot. I have done something similar(ish) for Time for Teal and will be using some of the lovely scraps of fabric you sent me to make a Dresden Plate for it too.

    • I’ve seen your time for teal teapot – its lovely! I’ll find out as soon as I can about the bag – it really it gorgeous, so much detail on it. It’s a good job I didn’t there instead of the other shop looking for teal fabric, I’d have been bankrupt! 🙂

  15. How funny, that shop is one I have to avoid at work (I work across the street so to speak) They are incredibly helpful in there and although they don’t stock many dressmaking fabrics, they do have a lot of hard copy independent patterns: I’ve picked up Sew Over It, Sewaholic, Colette, Made by Rae and Oliver + S patterns in there before. A colleague has done some of the workshops too and says they’re excellent!

  16. I have to admire your restraint – I’m pretty sure my bank balance would have suffered had it been me in there and not you! Love the bag, love the quilt, love the teapot…..well, love it all actually. What a great name for a shop, too. Being only twenty minutes away, is it possible you might be tempted by one of the classes on offer?

    • I’m thinking I might need to take a class, or just go to the crochet one on a friday first off. I could do with some help in real life instead of learning everything from videos! Looking back I don’t know how I managed not to buy anything. Probably because I had to clear and be ready for the next call, after all I don’t want to get the sack and not be able to afford to buy any supplies!! 🙂

      • Chrystal says

        We’d love to see you at a crochet afternoon. I usually bring a pattern in for those who want to try something new. Some of the things we’ve done include, snowflakes, socks, cabled hats, ribbed fingerless gloves and of course my famous biker jacket. This week we are doing chicks and baskets for Easter. Virgin crocheters are welcome and it doesn’t take long for them to get hooked. The crochet class runs on the last Friday in the month 12.30 to 2.30 and there’s yarn and hooks to borrow while your there. Hope to see you soon.

        • I’d love to come! I’m working tomorrow so won’t be there unless God forbid someone takes poorly! I’ve done a fair bit of crochet, bags and things but would like to make something to wear. I’m off on the last Friday in April so will make one in if I’ve nothing else on. I think my mum would like it too, I’ve just got her back into it. 😀

  17. Excellent PSA, Ali – I must get within 50m of this shop on a regular basis when I walk into town, and I never knew! I will certainly be popping in to check it out before too long.

    • I feel better now knowing you didn’t know either, and you’re soon close!! Hope you keeping well,I’ll have to let you know when I’m coming to halifax and maybe we can catch up over a coffee x

    • Thanks Rach, glad it wasn’t just me who didn’t know! Hope you’re keeping well – we could catch up over a coffee when I come into to Halifax to do some proper shopping. 🙂

    • I contacted the lady who has the shop for it’s recipe so might be able to reveal it soon! Hope you’re keeping well 😀

  18. Wow, that shop looks just amazing! Lucky you that it’s only 20 minutes away. (and I love the Cynthia Rowley patterns, too)

    • I am lucky! And hopefully am going to arrange mini meet up but such a shame all my blogging friends aren’t on the doorstep too 😀

    • I think I’m going to have to try and distance myself, it’s not wonder my stash is growing as I’m surrounded by fabric stores! 😀

  19. Fiona M says

    Fabbadashery is a lovely shop, I did a class there once with Dee, and funnily enough, she just tipped me off yesterday about that Teal coloured linen! I’m resisting all temptation though. Just got back from a long & expensive holiday and have a lot of car related expense on the horizon.

      • Fiona M says

        Had a month is Australia – Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland. We’ve been several times now, it’s a massive country to explore! Definitely worth saving up for.

        • Wow! That’s what you call a proper holiday!
          I’ve just left a message on Dee’s comment about having a mini meet up on the 5th May in Halifax. How you fixed for then? 😀

  20. Dee Weaver says

    I was just in there the other day fondling that bag! I’ve done several workshops there and they’re always huge fun, plus you come away with something you’ve made.
    Shout up when you plan to come over, and maybe Fiona and I can *cough* help you be selective in your purchases.

    • Haha, I will! Maybe the spoolettes could have a mini meet up? I know Margaret wants to have a ride over, and Rachel’s on the door step too. What days are good for you? 😀

      • Dee Weaver says

        Wednesdays are good for both Fiona and I. A mini spoolettes meet up would be great, and there’s a lovely new-ish cafe nearby in Westgate Arcade.

        • I’ll pop into the Habbadashery and find a Wednesday when they’ve no class on and I’m not working, and will be in touch 😃

        • How about Wednesday the 5th May?? Have a word with Fiona and let me know, otherwise it’ll be into June with how my shifts fall 😀

          • Fiona M says

            Sorry, replied in wrong place below and now can’t delete it. 5th May is a Thursday, according to my calendar, which I can’t do, but I am ok for Wednesday 4th 😀

          • Chrystal says

            FYI, There is a general stitch up session on Wednesday afternoons at Fabberdashery; where you can take in ANY project and sit and stitch with others over a cuppa and cakes/biscuits. H is there to help if you get stuck (£5)

  21. Fiona M says

    Isn’t 5th May a Thursday? I can’t do Thursday, but am ok for Weds 4th.

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  23. Thankyou for the lovely reaction to my sewing bag featured in Ali’s blog ! The rag rug cushion and landscape wall hanging and the wool applique cushion are mine too. Just to let you know that I run courses in all these techniques, and many more, from The Fabbadashery and from my studio in Halifax.
    Have a look at my website, the website is about to be updated as I was previously running courses from my home, but moving to the studio has given me much more space to run larger groups. Have a look at the blog which is part of my website to see some of the things I do.
    My email address is

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