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Another lovely week!  I am lucky – it even surprises me when I come to write my Sunday Sevens just what I manage to get up to in only 7 days!

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On Monday after school H and I called into a kitchen and bathroom showroom to look for ideas for when we have our extension built.  Have you ever seen karaoke in the shower before!!??

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Cherry and custard pizza….. scrummy!

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Made the amazing fit simplicity 1696 pants.  Can’t wait to show you these, but need some sunshine and a photographer!

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We did have an abundance of sunshine on Thursday for golf….. (cont below)

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I played at Bingley St Ives in between Bradford and Keighley.   It was a team event raising money for our local hospice.   Below is the 18th hole.  A par 3 where we have to hit over the road.  The road is only open to people and horses.  We had to wait until the riders passed before we could tee off. (I managed a Par!)

If you’re in the area and have children, there’s the most amazing adventure playground ever here (free!!).  Kids right up to 12/13 year olds who like H still like to play would love it, as well as the younger ones.

There’s also some decent walks around the estate.  It’s worth checking out here.

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In the clubhouse after….Look at all the raffle prizes!  And I never managed to win one!!

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Saturday night I called at my parent after work only to find H now appears to be bigger than my dad!  It’s hard to decide really but then you look at where H’s knees are and then my dad’s and if nothing else his legs are longer!

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You may have missed my lovely mum this week.  She cringes every week as she opens up my Sunday Sevens on her iPad wondering if she’s going to starring!  But this week it’s dads turn.

She does read all the comments and asked me to say a big thankyou for all the get well wishes since she had her op’.

Hope you too have a lovely week!  I’m writing this on Saturday night and scheduling it for tomorrow.  The hubby and I are abandoning H leaving H with my parents and we’re heading to Northumberland for a couple of days.  Until next time, Cheerio!

And just a late entry… I forgot to add the ‘featured photo’.  Although this picture of me and my sister was taken aprox 33 years ago (!!!) I’ve added it in celebration of Children’s Day which was the 16th March.  If you’re wondering why you’ve not heard of it before, it’s because it’s just peculiar to our little family.


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  1. Debbie Jones says

    Love the fabric you have used for your new trousers, they are going to look great in the warmer weather.

    How unlucky were you on the night of the raffle not to win a prize?

    Enjoy your break in Northumberland – very well deserved.

    Debbie x

  2. I thought when I saw the pic of H in the shower that he’d gone and grown again – clearly I was right. Love that fabric you’ve made the pants in. Great to see you’ve been enjoying the fab weather. That raffle looks hard to loose. Did you buy any tickets? 😉

  3. That looks like my kind of raffle! Bathroom shopping sounds like fun – we did ours a couple of years ago and bucked the trend by NOT opting for the beige-everywhere, tiled from floor to ceiling look as we reckon it’s going to be so dated in a few years time. A bit like the avocado suite of the Seventies! What do you think your style is going to be? Or should I shut up now…..Love the fabric for your trews. They look like the perfect thing to throw in a suitcase for a weekend away. Oh, wait a minute….have fun!

    • Thanks Sheila! There’s so many things to choose I think it’ll drive me mad! We found out today our plans have been passed so it’s gonna be getting exciting! I’m might go for a nice peachy colour bathroom suite, lol 😀

  4. Have a great weekend. Now spring has officially started I hope you see some sun. Looking forward to seeing your trousers that fabric is stunning K xXx

  5. I love your golfing adventures (even thou I am not a golfer). I have always loved the beauty of the courses. Look at H growing to tower over your Dad yet still kid-like enough to sing Karaoke in a showroom. I imagine he inherited your sense of humor. Your parent’s kitchen is lovely. Have a fabulous couple of days away.

    • Yup, H is quiet just like his mum, lol! Golf is a great excuse to get out there as sometimes it’s just too easy to stay in….and sew!! 😀

  6. Looks like you’ve had a great week. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the trousers, love the fabric. Enjoy your weekend

    • Thanks, we had a lovely time, but not the weather to take my flowery trousers on the golf course, but hopefully soon 😀

  7. Oooh, what fancy pants those will be! H is adorable, but it’s a shame he is so shy and retiring. LOL. Love following your golfing exploits, and would love to walk the paths at the estate! And boo, that you didn’t win a raffle! Better luck next time. Great week, and have a wonderful bit of break time!

    • H is coming out of his shell a bit, though he’s quieter like his dad most of the time. Me and my mum are slowly helping develop his crazy side!

  8. Wonderful photos this week, Ali – thank you & hope you’re having a lovely long weekend!

    Dear CyberMum ~ Remind your husband ‘little H’ has a tall quaffed hair style, and probably an inch added by those trainers!
    Delighted to hear you’re doing so well! Keep at it!

    • Thanks Del, we had a wonderful time! My mum said a big Thankyou to,say to you for your lovely get well wishes. I’m going to have to show her how she can comment too 😀

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