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There’s only one thing for me that signifies Spring is well and truly here and that’s seeing the lambs jumping about in the fields.

#springlambs 419

These we quite an inquisitive group, and not scared of the bight yellow car that came to an abrupt halt to photograph then.

#springlambs 420

One or two were quite springy on their little legs but I wasn’t able to catch them in mid air!


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  1. Aww, little lambs with Zebedee legs! We’re off for a week in t’country next week, so will hopefully see some. I got to the trying on stage of my jeans today …. very exciting!

  2. I just told NanaCathy that nothing says spring like daffodils, but spring lambs are tied with them now that I think of it. So cute!!

  3. I love the way lambs spring and frolic and run little races between each other. We’ve some really woolly looking ones in the village. I’ll try to remember to get a pic for my Sunday sevens.

  4. Adorable! Wish we could have more of them over here, and then we’d have a bit more of that yummy you-know-what for you-know-when. Have always enjoyed a bit. Lovely photos – thank you!

      • 😢 Sadly, not quite. But we do have crumpets, sort of… pic to follow on Sunday. Mailed you a small post today… should arrive next week, if we’re lucky! Includes another bar for tasting!

  5. There was a large farming community where I lived in California, and the spring lambs were always a joy to see. (Not such lovely farmland, sadly, very flat…lucky British lambs!) Best depiction of spring, little lambs are indeed so springy!

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