Sunday Sevens
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Here’s my Sunday Sevens – a few photos from my last week, linking in with Natalie from Threads and Bobbins, and all the other lovely Sunday Seveners.

A little bit late I’m afraid but I thought I’d best update my blog otherwise those of you who read regularly might think I’ve done a Shirley Valentine and stayed in Portugal!

Here we are then, if even you thought golf was boring and didn’t fancy it, read on…. it might be a good walk spoilt to some but it’s also a great excuse to jump on a plane for some sunshine!

The view from our apartment on the first morning…….

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the view from inside reception as we waited for our minibus to take us to the golf course.

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I won on the first day! The winner had to wear pink deely boppers for the whole evening and at breakfast the next morning.   I didn’t have to wear the doggy eye covers though!

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Helen sadly came last on the first day and had to wear the golf ball deely boppers!  We did get quite a few comments and most people thought we were away on my hen do! (note the trousers have remained ankle length for now).

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Another day another game of golf in glorious sunshine.  We were so lucky – the weather wasn’t half as nice the week before.

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We had a presentation night each evening and there was always surprises – one night Helen presented one of the ladies with some L plates as she’d never ridden a buggy before.

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As well as playing lots of golf we ate the most amazing fish dishes…..

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And sang Karaoke…….

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Mags was our overall winner of the week.  Helen had devised various comps which we were awarded points for.  I didn’t get very many.  Although I won on the first day, as the nights got later the scores at golf got worse, but luckily I managed to avoid wearing the losers deely boppers.

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We came home Thursday.  Friday morning I woke up to 3 inch of snow and no voice.  When I say no voice, I could just about manage a squeak and a whisper!

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The snow didn’t last long, thank goodness.  As Sunday Sevens wouldn’t be the same without an sunset, here’s Friday night whilst I was out for a walk.  I couldn’t get one whilst in Portual – I heard they were amazing but the pubs were all facing the wrong way!

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So ladies, if you fancy joining us on a next trip you’ve a year to learn how to play golf!!

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. Okay, I’m ready to sign up right now for the trip and the food and even the karaoke (maybe), but nobody wants to see me stumble around after a little white ball. 😉 Looks like a wonderful time with some great friends! I hope you’re feeling better and all parts are now fully functional. 😉

    • I’m back firing on all cylinders thank you, but stumbling after the little white ball isn’t so bad ⛳️ 😃

    • I’ve been laughing for the whole time, they’re a crazy bunch, I’m sure my laughter lines are deeper now! Glad I could make you chuckle too! 😂😂

  2. Delighted to hear you’re back on all cylinders, Lovely, and that you had such a grand time in the sun with your lovely mates! You all look delightfully healthy in your tans & summer togs. 😎 🌞
    How did your wardrobe do? Noted your still-long trews, and those new shoes. Was very surprised with your returning white “greeting.” But even more surprised that I actually wished I was there instead of in this humidity. And it’s not gotten that hot. yet.
    Welcome home!

    • Thanks Del! Back home for a rest, but we’re already looking for flights for next year!
      My wardrobe -well, it was a mixture of me made and rtw, I still need more solid coloured clothes but the attraction to all those bright patterns is just too much sometimes!
      The weathers had a total transformation since Tuesday and we’ve had glorious one stop sunshine. Crazy times eh??!!
      Lovely to hear from you and as usual I’m playing catch up on what you and my other lovely blogging buddies are up to!

    • It was a big shock! I laid in bed thinking I’d get up and go out for a jog. No chance!! I ended driving to our local sports centre and signing up for an annual membership 😳

    • Aw thanks! You should give it a go, have secret lessons and surprise your sister. I’ve played in France, we went to Annecy for our honeymoon and the golf was fab. It’s a great sport for women as there’s a big social side to it, as you can see, lol. 😀⛳️😀

  3. Karen Dodgson says

    What a fab time you had! Right, I’m playing with hubby tonight so I can put another handicap card in…sign me up for next year lol!

  4. You ALMOST made me want to play golf with this post. Only, almost though. I did a lesson at a range once and let’s just say that I chose sewing as a hobby for a very good reason. Sounds like you had a really fab time. Enjoyed reading about your holiday and you made me laugh with the pub facing comment. Welcome back to sunny Yorkshire!

  5. Looks fabulous fun! Love the winners’ accesories! But what a contrast in weather once you were back. The weather here is bonkers too, boiling today, but hailing a couple of days ago…

  6. Wonderful pictures! Ouch about the snow after such a sunny holiday. Love your trousers😘

  7. Me me me! I want to come. I remember you telling me you’d come and teach me to play golf a while back, so maybe you should get a six moth transfer down here and you can teach me to play between shifts. Oh go on! Say you will!

  8. This looks like a really great trip with lots of laughs and great food! I admit, I did miss your blog posts while you were away 😊

  9. Oh what fun! I’ve been wanting to play golf for ages, but don’t know how my wonky knees would fare. It does seem to be gangs of fun for all! (I mean really, where else can you get away with all those deely-boppers?) Sorry that you had snow upon your return, and that you missed the sunsets in Portugal…nice one, though, from your walk back at home. Super Sunday Sevens!!

  10. Harrumph. My original comment has disappeared, and I’m quite certain it was most delightful and witty. At any rate, this was a great post – yummy food, beautiful views, funny deely-boppers, and a gorgeous sunset!

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