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I used to be good at posting my Sunday Sevens every week, not necessarily on a Sunday, but every week nonetheless.  Oh well! Not any more!

The cricket season sadly came to an end last Saturday.  But the photo below is from about 2 weeks ago when H was asked to help out and play for the Yorkshire Under 14 B team.  Blue skies but I watched from inside as it was a bit chilly!


I’ve been on a bit of a winning streak at golf lately!  Hope it continues as I’m playing with the President in the final of the mixed knock out competition on Monday.


What is it with animals?  They always think our chairs and beds are theirs!


I won 2m of jersey gingham in Karen from Did you make that‘s Ginghamalong Prize Draw I’ve made a top which you may have seen on my IG, but i’ll be blogging about it soon.  There’s lots more ginghammy goodness on her blog if you want to take a look!


Chilli lasagne before it went in the oven – yum yum…it’s making me quite peckish looking a this again!


I’d been missing my gym buddy as she’s been on holiday, and I ended up not going to the gym for 2 weeks!  It’s not the same on my own.  Here we are a bit red faced after a spin classs.


I’ll never be slim whilst these are sold at a shop on the door step to the hospital, that is open 7 days a week!


Having a sort out of my magazines….  I subscribe to Love Sewing and also Sew Direct.  All the supplements for love sewing had gotten mixed up.  I spent ages trying to sort them out before I realised that there is a square that tells you which issue it’s from – I’d been scouring through the magazines trying to find various patterns to match the magazines. Doh!


Our last Family BBQ of the summer… but i cooked the burgers and sausages in the oven.  I thought the smoke from the BBQ would attract rain clouds.  


Chocolate brownie pizza – whatever next!


Crazy workman next door had been sawing a piece of wood on his van roof!  I had to look away and was glad when he was safely on the ground.



Me and my GB tried out a new class Clubbercise which involved a dark room, loud music and glow sticks.  We had brain ache as we struggled to keep up with the moves, but it was great fun!


3 Days before my nieces posh wedding I discovered the dress I bought (yup bought!!) accidentally when out shopping, along with a matching hat, was exactly the same dress that my sister in law had bought – hubby’s brother’s wife!  Disaster!  So I decided to wear my Vintage Sewalong dress that had been to the races twice, but I needed something new for my head.


I fell in love with this and the cream colour went perfect with my dress.


The Tall Boy, no I’m not sat down!


The sun setting at Headingley when we watched England beat Pakistan in the last One Day International.


All dressed up and somewhere to go!


The dessert at the wedding, almost too good to eat.


This is Lorraine from the golf club. Those who went on the mini meet up in Halifax will recognise her.  Do you recognise the fabric too?  She made this very cute dress which fabric bought on the day.


Ooops!  I had an emergency on the golf course last week.  I’d not stitched the elastic down properly at one side of my skort so it almost fell down when it came undone.  Luckily my hair bobble saved me from an embarrassing moment.


This is Leonard.  He was a patient of mine around 12 years ago when he fell 30 feet off some scaffolding on a building site and sustained a severe head injury.  He’s lost a huge chunk of his memory, and has a severe right sided weakness.  It took him a long time to reach a point when he was able to be well enough to try and track down who helped him, it was especially difficult as he couldn’t remember anything about it.  It was an emotional time and was lovely to meet him. 

(I told him about my Sunday Sevens and he was happy to for me to share this with you).


Changing landscapes below as the  fire station is demolished.


A funny one to finish – can you make out the bras stuffed with plants on the railings!!??


Want to join in or wondering what Sunday Sevens is all about?? Head over to the lovely Natalie’s blog – Threads and Bobbins to find out more!


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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


    • Thanks Margaret, it’s amazing what a bit off lippy can do! I’ve not seen the braskets before, or heard them being called that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ great name for them! These are opposite Huddersfield ambulance station. I’ll have to look out for some more. πŸ˜€πŸ˜¬

  1. That sky is so amazing in your cricket stadium photo! But those hanging braskets were purrfect ~ I’m still laughing! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Love the fascinator, too, and those desserts. πŸ‘ What a sweet thing for that former patient to do, bless him! πŸ’

  2. What a lovely family shot of you and your guys before the wedding – you look teeny in between them.
    I tried a spin class once – I don’t know what hurt more afterwards, my legs or my bum.
    Just a thought – why don’t you stop calling these posts ‘Sunday Sevens’ and just call them blog posts πŸ˜‰

    • Haha… they’ll always be Sunday sevens! It’s the only way I know my week is over with being a shift work. I think about it all day on a Sunday even when i don’t post in time! πŸ˜€

  3. Have you seen the credit score advert with the cat that says everything is all mine, mine etc. Reminds me of your cat picture.Good luck with the golf.

  4. What a lovely story to share about your first patient. You do an amazing job Ali. Arent you glad you realised about the dress before the wedding though? Handmade garments always rule :-). Cant believe that when I found your blog H was shorter than you and now he is nearly taller than both of you! Handsome boy too – you will be batting the ladies away soon enough :-). I love reading your Sunday Sevens as always.

    • OMG, I’m so glad! Can you imagine 2 brothers wives both in the same frocks – we’d have looked like geriatric bridesmaids!!!! Glad your still enjoying my Sunday sevens! πŸ˜€

  5. You looked gorgeous! What are you feeding that boy on?? I’m having an emotional day today so your picture with your former patient brought a tear to my eye. How lovely that you were able to meet up.

  6. You looked great at the wedding. Braskets?? Wow! Never saw that coming! Good luck with the golf comp. Good luck to your ex patient too. Bless him.

    • Aw, he was lovely Anne. My job never usually gets personal which is good mostly as some don’t have happy endings like this. But it was really lovely to meet him and feel appreciated.

  7. You looked fab in your wedding finery, hope the day was fab too. I did have a chuckle at your skort problem though….I played with my friend in the searing heat this week, when she suddenly announced ‘why don’t they invent crotch-less trousers for golfing on hot days?’….I fell about laughing and ended up in the bunker! Don’t think she meant it quite like I imagined!
    Say well done to Lorraine for me, I remember her buying that material and her dress looks lovely and summery.

    • Tell your friend I’ll lend her my seam ripper and she can make her own!! I bet it the laughing played havoc with your game for a few holes (no pun intended honest!!). πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Haha! Braskets! Haven’t seen anything like that around here….. Did you notice that luscious dessert looks like it’s wearing a fascinator, too? Interesting tidbit about the versatility of hair bobbles, love the story of Leonard. All best wishes to him.

    • Leonard’s a lovely chap! He couldn’t stop staring at me, which wasn’t weird really, he just kept saying thankyou. Even thought I felt I was just doing my job, he really feels like we saved his life. I think at work we play it down what we do and just get on with it so it was lovely to hear from him and how he felt. πŸ˜€

  9. I’ve not been great with my Sunday Sevens, either – I must remember to take more photos as I do such a lot. What are the odds of your SIL buying the exact same dress? Good shout to pull out the handmade one – no danger of anyone wearing anything remote similar and a new fascinator should make it feel different to the last time you wore it. Still BBQing? Ours was put away with the pool at the weekend. Autumn is in the air – well, it starts tomorrow so I suppose it should be. Still hanging on to the flip flops for a while yet, though:)

    • Septembers turning out lovely, I’ve. It even thought about packing away my summer gear, so weird! It was an indoor BBQ (everything done in the oven) but eaten outside. I thought the getting the charcoal out might attract rain clouds! πŸ˜€

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