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I’ve just been looking back through my Sunday Sevens folder of photos on my Mac, going back to the beginning when I started in March ’15.  I think it’s one of the best things I ever did – joining in Natalie’s Sunday Sevens.  It’s the diary I would always liked to have kept, but wouldn’t have kept up to.  All the photos remind my of little moments which would otherwise have been forgotten.

Last week started with our final Works Golf Society outing of the years.  The fellas tend to hit the ball further but a bit wilder than the ladies so a lot of time is spent looking for balls.  On a positive note the blackberries were ripe so when we deviated from the fairway I was able to pick and eat them.


This is an old pic of my car (from a previous SS post).  My car went in for it’s MOT and I’ve not seen it since.  It’s 14 years old and failed miserably.  It’s been sold and I’m in the process of trying to sort out a new car.  One thing is for sure, it won’t be another Merc!  I never even got chance to say bye 😦


My stethoscope pouch in action – Thanks Jen! Not it’s intended use when she made it but the best thing in my rucksack at work.


Apart from golf, gym classes (we tried Zumba – such a laugh but no photos!) and work the week was fairly unphotoworthy.  Until Saturday.

We weren’t sure what to do with ourselves.  What do normal families when they aren’t into cricket?  The season had finished and we were at a loose end.

We decided to have a ride out to Salts Mill in Saltaire, Shipley.

Up until 1986 cloth was produced there but now it a place for art, dining and shopping.  Hubby recently bought a bike from the bike shop there and it needed to back for a mini service.


It was so busy.  The car parks even had attendants guiding everyone where to park.  When we asked why it was so busy we found out it was Saltaire Festival.  A huge annual event that started in 2003 to commemorate 150 years since Sir Titus Salt created Saltaire.

Inside the huge mill there was the strongest smell of lilies I’ve ever smelt.  Huge vases were on every table.


On the 2nd floor I found a section selling dressmaking books, but managed to abstain from buying any.


Outside there were quite a few people dressed up.  I need to have a read of the festival website to find out what that’s all about, and haven’t had chance yet.




The chap below looked a bit sinister!  The one in the hat – not H in the background!


At one side of the mill is the train track, and at the other the canal.


Beyond the canal is the river, with a pub in between.  So of course we had to stop for refreshments.  Unfortunately this is the only photo showing beyond the river where there was a stage and music playing.


Sunday night we did what normal families do, hence no Sunday Sevens post on time.  We watched X Factor.    We are unashamedly X Factors biggest fans!


Enjoy york week!  I’ve a busy one coming up, including Sewbrum on Saturday – I can’t wait!! Are you going?

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  1. Wow! A normal weekend like other families! I’d read about the Mr. Salt’s place recently, so very serendipitous that you just went, too. Lovely photos of all – thank you! So sad about your Merc, but hope you locate something you’ll (eventually) love even more. You’ve been working hard this week… but no scrummy photos of any creamy-delish puddings. 😢 Were your ears just red? Robyn & I mentioned you in a convo (speaking of Fabworks)! Have you been lately? If not, is it time? I’ve a commission if you feel the need & have the time … 😉

    • A commission…..? I’m intrigued! I wasn’t planning on going as it’s Sewbrum this week and I’m really trying not to buy stuff willy nilly, except for this Saturday. I could pop down to Fabworks if you need me to forward anything into to you? xx

  2. Suzanne Mawson says

    Would love to see photos of sewbrum, especially Moseley as I lived there for a few years. It was a really great village, some real characters and I’d love to see how its changed. Enjoy your week.

    • I’ll be snapping away like a good un and will report back! I’ve never been to Birmingham except by accident when I went wrong on my m42 (I think) and ended up driving right through the centre to get to the other side! 😀

  3. I love that the mill has found success in reinvention rather than converted to flats or knocked down to make way for new buildings. So sorry to hear about your Mercedes – ours is 16 years old and not exactly going strong, but it’s such a lovely car that we don’t want it to go. Look forward to hearing all about Sewbrum and so sorry that I can’t make it.

    • I can’t believe I’ve not been to Salts Mill before, i never knew the history behind it until last week. I’m sure we’ll get chance to meet up one day – even if we have to wait til you gave your b&b and I come down to your sewing retreat! Hope you find a place soon 😃

      • We’ve found a good place, it’s just waiting for the flat to sell so we can finish our house and get it on the market. Hopefully it’ll still be for sale when we’re in a position to buy it…..

  4. What a great post! Sorry about your Mercedes, it was awfully cute. I can see you zooming around in it. Loved reading about the Saltier Festival; the lilies are beautiful, and how strong you were to resist the book sale! Nice to see your normal family relaxing on a Sunday evening. 😉 That bit of paisley does look pretty sweet in your work rucksack, if I do say so myself. hehe

  5. I can’t believe how restrained you were with those books! I would have been unable to resist.
    I suspect the dressing up at the festival may have been ‘steampunks’. I’m no expert but I’m learning from The Demented Fairy. The garments she makes on her blog are awesome, and she goes to similar festivals.

    • I’ve seen them, she must need the biggest wardrobe ever! I’m really trying not to go daft with my purchases, which is easier in real life than on the internet 😀

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