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The BIG Vintage Sewalong – Vogue 9082 & Sonja Dress Hack

What do you do when you’re too excited to sit still and watch TV, not that I’m good at sitting still anyway?!  Well, for me I’m going to drink Rose wine and tell you about a frock I finished a couple or 3 weeks ago.

Why am I excited?!  It’s Sewbrum tomorrow!

EEEK!!  I’ve wanted to go to Sewbrum for the last 2 years but the dates just didn’t agree with me.  But this year it’s fallen on my weekend off so I’ve bought my train ticket, and I’m good to go!

My first Vogue 9082 which I’ve worn 3 times already and had loads of compliments when wearing was only supposed to be a practice for my niece’s wedding.  It was no way a muslin,  I’d already made 3 of them so I knew it was going to fit when I finally cut into the stunning chosen fabric. It was to wear to Ripon races back in June.

So the plan was to make another in different fabric.

I bought this stretch cotton sateen when I was on holiday down in Arundel:


This photo doesn’t do it justice – it reminds me of sick!!

But then the day after I fell in love with this and bought 2m of it, together with a gold linen with a shiny finish to it.

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 657

So I was confused.

I didn’t think the striped organza would suit the straight style of the Vogue 9082 and stumbled across this free dress pattern from Salme Patterns:


The Sonja Dress can be downloaded free on the Burdastyle website.

I’d also seen this skirt in the Ted Baker shop for Β£169 (ouch!!)


I thought I could adapt the Vogue 9082 into something similar – with the striped fabric as the skirt and the linen as the bodice.  (glad i didn’t buy this skirt – not that I’d spend so much on a skirt – but someone was wearing the very same one at the wedding!!).

I didn’t want to cut into the striped fabric so decided to make up the pattern hack using the pink cotton sick sateen.

The PDF pieces went together really easily with no issues.  I lengthened the skirt by loads – can’t remember exactly how much but I wasn’t sure how long I wanted my finished dress to be, and the Sonja was a little bit short for my liking.

I altered the pattern pieces of the bodice to accommodate a centre back zip, that way I could adjust the fit more easily.  I also had to create a centre back seam in the back skirt piece.

In almost no time at all I nearly had a frock.  Yay for all the previous fitting I’d done!

I wasn’t planning on lining this dress so only had 10 darts to sew on the bodice!  If I’d have been lining it there would be another 10!!  (there’s 8 in the original pattern piece but after tweaking the fit I needed another side bust darts).


After I had pressed and basted the pleats of the skirt in place I applied some iron on interfacing to help them keep their box shape whilst finishing the dress and during wearing.




After sewing one of the back bodice pieces to the skirt piece I couldn’t work out what I had done wrong:


Ooops!  I don’t think there should be a dart coming from the centre back seam!!

It was soon unpicked and in the correct position, thank goodness for the stitch ripper!


As you can see above I interfaced the side seams and also the centre back seam so strengthen the seams from any heavy strain, such as when I’m not able to resist a pudding or two!

I added a normal lapped zipped after much messing about.  It was more taffy than inserting an invisible one.

Then I unpicked it after I bought a pink invisible one!  Read here how I insert my zip and align my seams.


Then everything came to a grinding halt 10 days before the wedding.  I went on strike one night after work, left the family to make their own tea, and went to our local shopping centre for some late night shopping and some tea.

Several bargains were purchased, including a frock for the wedding and a fascinator that I can’t believe I paid Β£49 for (in the sale)!  But I liked it and it cheered me up!


So the sewing came to abrupt halt, and the pattern hack was pushed aside.

Until 3 days before the wedding.  MIL was talking to sister in law, and very quickly MIL worked out that SIL and my good self had only gone and bought the same bloody dress!

As SIL was the step mother of the Bride to Be I didn’t think it should be her who changed her outfit so graciously said “no problem! I’ve another dress I can wear”

I thought the pink sick dress might come to the rescue and would go with the new fascinator:


It was ok, but I wasn’t sure.  So the next morning I went in search of a different hat to go with either this unfinished dress, or my original Vogue 9082.

Phew…  I was spoilt for choice:


And found this which was just perfect for the back and cream V9082:


So problem solved, but I still felt I should finish the pink dress as I might want a change for the night do.  So the day before the wedding I went into sewing overdrive and got it finished!

It was only supposed to be a practice for the striped gold fabric (which is still in the carrier bag!) but it turned how so well and I really enjoyed wearing the hack of V9082.

So here’s a couple of pics.   First up our little family all dressed up and ready to go! (apologies if you follow my sunday sevens you’ve seen this already)


And then after a very long day and evening, me not looking so bad at 1 o’clock in the morning:


I’d changed my frock for the night do but not my shoes – these were just too comfy to dare take off my feet!  Not sure if it’s my posture or if there’s a excess fabric in the back – I will investigate!

In the meantime here’s some shots of Gertrude wearing her new dressed which she’s really chuffed about!



I had to take the side seams in quite a lot – particularly at the hips.  I left the excess fabric in place in case I ever put on a few pounds or if anyone else a different size wants to borrow it.


So, lesson learnt!  Don’t go buying a frock for an important event!

One of my other nieces hit the nail on the head when she said, “it’s ok auntie Ali, you’ll look like bridesmaids!”


    • Thanks Nee! I’m trying to get in shape, unfortunately it leaves me less sewing time, especially as I’m still golfing too. I think I have too many hobbies!! They keep me sane tho!! Hope you and yours are keeping well. You’ll have to let me know next time you’re at your parents. There’s a sewing meet up in Leeds on the 5th November. Probably not good for you with it being bonfire weekend. Xx

  1. So pretty! I love your idea of using fusible interfacing to help your box pleats in place–that sounds really handy and I’m totally stealing it. πŸ˜‰

    • Thankyou! It worked really well, until I washed it and came to iron it. You’ll need a press cloth, I nearly had it stuck to my iron 😳

  2. Haha! Yes twins indeed! You did absolutely the right thing letting the closer relation have the outfit??
    I could feel the stress, although pleasant stress, of the frenzied shopping and sewing in the last minute decision of what to wear?? They all look lovely. πŸ™‚

    • If I’d not gone on strike I’d not have gone off in a strop and spent all that money! Lesson learnt in more ways than one! πŸ™‚

  3. Didn’t realise wedding season could be so traumatic for attendees, too! After all your time fitting and getting the insides to fit your outsides, that fascinater was a well-earned and deserved splurge, IMHO.

    You look GAWJUS in them all!

    He-he! Dare I suggest you try locating those comfy shoes in another colour for next year? πŸ‘  Seriously, excellent tales of why it’s so much wiser to make it.

    Hope you have a fanTAStic Saturday! That first fabric store looks overwhelming, not to mention the icing on the cake: Lauren & G&G!!!

    PS/Wool transiting now–THANK YOU for your generous offer- Mwah! 😘

  4. All was well in the end!
    I must get my eyes tested. I thought Gertrude had a bottle of wine hidden down the back of the dress when I first saw the photos πŸ™‚

    • Haha, it’s cos Gertrude is spread open as big as she can go!! I had to go back and have another look and see what you mean πŸ™‚

  5. Two ladies with great taste! Glad you had a lovely alternative, with those great shoes and new fascinator. Neat trick with the pleats on your dress, it looks so polished and pretty. And thank you for the invisible zip tutorial – I’m hoping it will come in handy very soon!

    • Thanks Jen! It really works well for the pleats but not sure how it would hold up in a garment that is worn and washed frequently. πŸ™‚

    • I struggle with comfy shoes as I LOVE high heals but have chunky feet so not a good combination. There’s always paracetamol if the shoes aren’t as comfy as first thought though! πŸ™‚

  6. corrineappleby says

    You look great! It just goes to show that the only way to be sure no one else will be in the same dress is to sew your own. May have to investigate that freebie pattern, it’s lovely!

    • Thankyou!! There’s loads of Sonia’s out there for inspiration.
      Have you finished your Molly top? I book the ebook last night after seeing some st Sewbrum and yours on IG πŸ˜ƒ

      • corrineappleby says

        I’ll take a look! Just hemming my Molly top now. We’re hosting a BBQ this afternoon so obviously need a new top! I didn’t have enough fabric for the sleeves though but it looks OK! I like all the patterns in the eBook. Not sure what to make next…

        • I love them all. I think the Molly will be first for me, then maybe the skinny jeans. I never got round to the Gingers, though i printed off the PDF πŸ˜ƒ

  7. That’s such a lucky near miss – and also why I always try to avoid shop bought where I can for wedding guest outfits!
    Both dresses that you ended up wearing look fab! And great tip to reinforce the seams and box pleats with interfacing – I’d never really thought of that, but I definitely have a few things that would’ve benefitted from doing the same πŸ™‚


    • Thanks! If you do do the interfacing trick just be careful when you iron it after washing – i forgot about the I interfacing and nearly had it stuck to my iron. Another near miss!πŸ˜ƒ

  8. You looked great but I must comment on the ‘sick’ fabric. I’ve never seen sick quite like that but I bow to your greater experience as a paramedic – you’ve obviously seen a greater variety than I have!

    • I’ve definitely seen my fair share! It looks totally different in small sections but when hung on the line the full effect is not so good! πŸ˜ƒ

  9. Blimey, it’s a good job that the question of outfits even came up before the wedding – how bad would that have been to turn up in the same dress?! You’re better off always making your own then there is no danger of it ever happening. Good for you for biting the bullet and getting the other one finished in the end, I love the fabric and bet it feels great being stretch sateen.

    • Thanks Sheila! And you’re right – never again am I buying a frock for an occasion! The stretch made me need to take the side seams in quite a bit compared to my first version, and it’s definitely not because I’m thinner! πŸ˜€

  10. Well I thought it looked lovely at the start and then you said it looked like sick and that’s all I can see now! Although you do still look lovely. As Shelia says, lucky you found out about the dresses πŸ™‚

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