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What a week!

It was a good job I only had to work 1 shift, and I had to swap that as it clashed with one of the 3 games of golf I had to play.

It was quite a week for cyber mom too.  She had difficulty breathing at 3am one morning so dad rushed her to A&E – didn’t like to ring 999 despite both daughters being paramedics!!! She wasn’t sure if it was a real emergency! After a 2 night stay they diagnosed her with asthma and she’s got some inhalers and whatavyer, and is back firing on all cylinders.  Phew!

As well as golf I also had a day out in Birmingham when I attended Sewbrum No 3 which was just the best day ever – separate blog post with lots of pics to follow!

About the golf.  3 games and a bridesmaid every time.  Monday I played in the final of the mixed knockout and we lost 😦  Tuesday I came 2nd in the ladies weekly competition 😦   And Thursday is was the 2s final – for all the ladies who’ve had a 2 in the last year (not easy to get!).  Guess what?  Yup I came second 😦

I suppose on a positive note I couldn’t get in the top 3 at all last year so things are improving, it would just be nice to win one of these days.


I squeezed in a trip so the hairdressers for a trim and my colour toning down – it had gotten quite blond with all the sunshine on the golf course.


I also squeezed in a trip to my sister’s clinic for H’s feet ‘doing’.  Whatever she does he loves it, and says it’s like walking on air afterwards.  She’s the one who is a paramedic too – very clever and multi talented with bodies, not fabric!


My mum offered to lend my these for Sewbrum – I was wishing I’d taken her up on her offer by the end of the day!


The sunrise as the Hubby drove me into Leeds for my train early on Saturday morning. Yes, he is a sweetie!


Healthy brekkie on Sunday morning before I went with Sue to our Kettlebells class.  It was a killer!  We’d already done a Zumba and Body Pump class earlier in the week.


Straight to footie after Kettlebells.  H’s first match was 2 weeks ago but this is the first match I’ve been able to get to as I’ve been working.


One of the reason’s I go to fitness class is I have a HUGE appetite, or maybe I’m just plain greedy.  We have a new pub opened nearby which has a fabulous carvery.


My eyes were bigger than my belly.  I couldn’t finish my pudding, but gave it a good go!


Maybe if I didn’t eat so much I might loose the 7 lbs that currently won’t shift!

Sunday Sevens is the brain child of Natalie at Threads and Bobbins.  Share a few photos from your week and let us know what you get up to when you’re not in your crafty corner!

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. Lovely photos, and quite an interesting week for you. So sorry to hear about Cyber mom, but glad she’s again firing on all cylinders! Keep at the golf, and next year you’ll be in that winners’ circle! Steady progress, as with your sewing – am eager to see all that somehow, accidentally I’m sure 😉, came home with you on Saturday. xx

    • Only bought 2 pieces of fabric, and neither were solids – so much for my good intentions! I’m playing in a big comp on Sunday at another club so fingers crossed that I’m on form! Maybe I won’t get pipped at the post ⛳️😃⛳️

  2. What a scare for your Mum (and Dad) – I won’t say thank goodness ‘it was only asthma’ as I’m sure it’s not a nice thing to have – but at least she knows what it was now and it’s probably less scary than whatever she was thinking it might be.
    I meant to watch the T.V. programme about paramedics in London but haven’t got round to it yet. I did, however, read the article about it in the Radio Times and I’m even more full of admiration now for anybody who does such a job.
    I go to a Zumba class and I’ve done Body Pump in the past – but what on earth is Kettlebells? Are you sure you haven’t made that one up 😉

    • I thought the same…. it’s only Asthma as there lots more sinister things it could have been, and at least this should be manageable. The kettle bell class is an exercise class using kettle bells – those weights with a handle on. I didn’t make it up honest, I ached like made the day after do definitely didn’t. I’m hoping to catch up on the paramedics program. I’m hoping the bosses at work watch it too and we might get looked after a bit better! 😃

  3. The feet ‘doing’ sounds like bliss! Your poor mum – glad she is OK, asthma is no fun but hopefully it is under control with the medication. We have an 18kg kettlebell in our garden that weighs slightly less than Mr J-M has lost on his diet – and I can barely move it! No wonder he can cycle up hills much faster now!

  4. What a busy week – and glad to hear that mum is back and sorted.
    Kettlebells are really effective exercise. I know that a canon ball with a handle doesn’t look as if it is going to be ‘that’ difficult to use but it really works your body. Check out some of the exercise videos on you tube. I gave my 8kg bell to my sister and bought a 12kg. I slightly regret that now!

    • 12kg! Crikey that’s heavy, I wouldn’t fancy swinging that! We vary them depending which exercise, but not that heavy. You’re super human! 😀

  5. Fiona M says

    2 is obviously your lucky number, you should buy a lottery ticket – I think it’s a big rollover on the euromillions. Think of all the fabric you could buy!

    • Oooo! You’ve got a point there, I’ll buy one for tomorrow nights euro and Saturdays lotto in case I’m runner up on Friday. I’ll treat you with my winnings 😀

  6. corrineappleby says

    So pleased to hear that your mum’s OK. What a busy week you’ve had! I shouldn’t read your Sunday Seven posts when I’m hungry though…

  7. Glad your Mum is okay now. What a scare!
    I injured myself and am currently golf clubless – I had decided to leave my club when subscription due on 1/10 but no point in joining a new one while I can’t play. I came 2nd in our summer eclectic by just 0.1! When I’m better, I’m going to play/interview some local clubs (loads of choice) with hubby. I’ve played them but he hasn’t. Good luck with your big comp.

    • You’re right to ‘interview’ them. Gone are the days when you needed to feel flattered if a club said you could join and the big joining fees. There’s some great deals out there too. Hope you’re soon firing on all cylinders 😃

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