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Sewbrum 2016

Back in March Charlotte from English Girl At Home revealed the date for Sewbrum 2016.  I was so giddy when I checked my shift planner – it was my week end off I and could go!!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Sewbrum, and that can’t be many, even my mum’s heard of Sewbrum, it’s a day out socialising, shopping and eating cake with lovely like minded people.


I had been gutted to miss Sewbrum 2014 and 2015 as the dates just didn’t work for me, but this year it was 3rd time lucky!

I’d never been to a meet up before, well only the little Yorkshire Spoolette ones I had organised earlier this year and last year.  And none of the other Yorkshire Spoolettes were going so I was going to be going on my own.

And then Becca from Redwsew said she was going so we booked on the same trains.  I’d met Becca in real life earlier this year at the Fabbadashery so it wasn’t too scary as I wasn’t going to feel too alone.

It was all very exciting on the run up to the date.  Sewbrum mentions kept popping up on IG, and there was talk of some great raffle prizes too – so not only could we buy amazing stuff, we could win some amazing stuff too and raise money for The Eve Appeal!

The day finally came, and after much deliberation I decided to wear my Morris Blazer with one of my Sorbettos, and my jeans.


The weather was unseasonably warm and was forecast to reach 20 degrees.  I would have loved to have worn a dress (there were many to admire) but I felt the need to wear my flight socks!  I imagined a 2 1/2 train ride wouldn’t do my poor circulation any good and I didn’t fancy risking a DVT!

So Becca and I caught the train at just after 7 am from Leeds Station.


Not this one!

We passed this little beauty in one of the stations en route.   A Pullman I believe.  Maybe we can travel in style another time.

We arrived at Birmingham New Street just before 9:30am and headed for Starbucks to meet some ladies before we headed to the tea room.

I’ll just mention that I don’t have photos of ‘everything’.  Although I’m not known for being shy amongst friends, especially with the camera, I didn’t want to appear papparazi-like so wasn’t quite as snap happy as I would have liked to have been.

I think there was about a dozen of us – some new each other and had attended sewbrum previously, and we all exchanged names, and then forgot them!  Only kidding!  I remember some, but I think name badges would be a good idea.  We headed up to the Gallery in time for the big meet up at 10am.

As we approached the Museum and Art Gallery I could see quite a gathering of ladies.  I recognised quite a few faces, and quite a few items of clothing too!


The Edwardian Tearoom opened at 10am and by 10:15 it was packed to the rafters.  I initially sat with a couple of ladies who I’d never ‘met’ before.  Janet from DIY Wardrobe and Julie from the Sewing Directory.  The three of us were newbies to Sewbrum but were soon chattering away like we’d known each other for yonks.


Julie needed to get off to meet her partner in crime from the Sewing Directory, so Janet and I joined a bigger group of ladies.  Some faces were new and some I already followed on IG or followed their blogs.  By the end of the day I’d exchanged quite a few IG names with lots of lovely ladies.


People starting leaving in small and big groups.  Lots of people had come on their own but looked to settle in to groups and everyone was chatting and smiling.  So if you’re thinking of coming next year, or to another meet up, don’t worry about coming on your own, there’ll be others in the same boat as you and everyone is so friendly.


We headed across town.  Becca and I tagged along with seasoned SewBrummers so we didn’t get lost!

We headed off across town to the Rag market.  I wasn’t sure what to expect here.  No rags in site, but there was a huge market, maybe 2.  I usually have a good sense of direction, but in my sheep like state I soon got disorientated!




Here’s the lovely lady who quite a few of us bought our African Waxed prints from.  Either £15 or £20 for 6 m of amazing fabric.  Bargain!!


Stalls full of really cheap and wonderful trim and all sorts of haberdashery.


Gorgeous lace….


And a trip to the Fancy Silk Store.  Here’s Becca and Vicky posing!


There were 3 floors of so much fabric I’d have needed a week to have a proper look round.


By mid afternoon we were ready to head to Guthrie and Ghani who had tea, coffee and cake waiting for us and also selling raffles.  There was also more temptation to buy scrumptious fabric and patterns!  And a pub nearby to buy lunch and wine!

We caught the bus.  I imagine a queue of 120 ladies waiting patiently to catch the bus, but as we’d split up into smaller groups people made their way there as they were ready.



We were greeted at the door and given a sticker Ben!  Even big kids like stickers!


And Elizebeth made sure we were suitably refreshed with coffee and cake.

Please can whoever made those big bakewell buns with the jam in the middle send me the recipe!!??


It was a lovely warm afternoon and we were able to dine alfresco outside the pub.


What a lovely bunch of ladies who I had lunch with!


At half 3 we headed back as it was time for the raffle to be drawn!


There were too many ladies to fit everyone upstairs, so a lot were downstairs in the shop.


Lauren was in contact with downstairs by telephone to relay the winning ticket numbers.








I won a sewing box with some Prym goodies inside and cyber-mom won Tillys Coco pattern and some grey ponte knit fabric.


Ooops – don’t hink Becca was quite ready for this!   Hello to Abigail from Sew Abigail and Lucy from Sew Essential!  Sorry Lucy for spoiling a couple of your photos, the excitement just got to me and I couldn’t help myself with the photo bombing!


Me & Charlotte – how amazing that she organised such a fabulous day 3 years running!!


Still smiling at we head home to Leeds.


I was really quite restrained with my purchases, only buying 2 pieces of fabric.  I didn’t go with a shopping list, or anything in mind , but thought I’d buy if anything jumped out at me.

This african was print leapt of the shelf!


And 2m of this argyle patterned fleece which I’m going to make a jacket or gillet for golf.


And my 3rd piece was from the swap.  This is a gorgeous soft fabric, about 50-100 cm long (i’ve not measured it).  I’m not sure of the content but it looks and feels expensive.



And another swap item…..


More swap goodies….. I was like a magpie when I spotted these shiny buttons


And By Hand Anna from Becca….I’ve been hunting out a hard copy of this for months, so Thanks Becca!   (this was pre-planned and not from the swap!)


And a freebie for everyone……


My african wax….I’m thinking an Anna maxi dress for next summer, what do you think?


So there you go, my amazing day at the 3rd Sewbrum meet up!  I can’t wait until next year!

Luckily though I won’t have to wait too long before I meet up with some more lovely sewers, and won’t have to travel too far either.


On 5th November Becca and Sew Sweet Sally are organising a norther meet up – Sew Up North.  Head over and to their blogs to find out more, and hopefully I might see you there!

Cheerio x


Charlotte has written a round up post including a Vlog and links to other attendees.  Click HERE to hear more of what went on on the day!


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  1. Fantastic post – it was a great day. Can’t wait to see what you’ll make with that lovely African wax print. Think I’m smiling in the last photo (perhaps my lunch had finally turned up, lol!)

    • It just took forever! It’s a shame we had to dash straight off after as I bet you could have a complimentary pudding! Hope you didn’t get indigestion 😀

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic time, Helen starts uni in Birmingham in January, so might just have to coincide a visit with Sew Brum next year. I went in Fancy Silks last year (interview day!) the floor to rafters fabric was quite overwelming!! I’ve put 5th November in my diary 🙂

    • Ace! Looking forward to catching up with you. One of these days we’ll bump into each other at work. Did you ever get to the Fabbadashery? 😃

  3. Suzanne Mawson says

    What a packed day! I was exhausted reading your post. Great restraint in not spending a fortune with so much choice. Thanks for photos of Moseley, I lived almost opposite Guthrie and Ghani although it wasn’t there when I left in 1993 obviously. Look forward to seeing your creation with the African print.

    • I think it was being overwhelmed by the choice that held me back from not having a major spending frenzy, plus having an out of control stash already. Mosely had a nice feel to it and the pub down the road serve great food. 😀

  4. Oh, wow!!! Cannot imagine so many sewing peeps together at one time, much less so many shops & stalls. So m-u-c-h fabric. Jaw drops and all reasoning ceases… 5 min. later. . . Lovely wax print for yes, next summer’s Anna dress. Congratulations on the sewing basket, and all the other goodies and a grand day. Such fun! ! ! xx

    • Hope the jaw dropping hasn’t caused any lasting damage?! There was too much for me really, I think that’s why I didn’t buy much, but my finger ends were almost sore after all the fabric stroking!! 😀

      • No damages, thanks for asking! (Still eating far too much, but there’s a thought. 😉) Sorry about your bruised fingertips, but know a bit what you mean about too much to take in. Perhaps another solo trip or two, just to one place at a time, with a list… well, not really solo, as cyber-mum should go, too.

    • It would be a marathon trek for you to go the Birmingham just for a day, maybe you can wangle a family weekend break in the area next year and you could disappear for a few hours 😀

    • It was! Though I was a bit daunted at first, but there were so many who were newbies to it and everyone just got on really easily 😀

  5. I am drooling all over my key board reading this post. So much fun!!!! Wow!!! You all had such a wonderful day. Love it!!! And that African print fabric is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you make with it.

  6. Very restrained of you I must say – although one piece of fabric is 6m long 😉 . I know what you mean about there sometimes being too much choice and that makes it harder to make a decision – good for the finances though.

  7. Amazing day -just exactly how I imagined it would be! 120 ladies though? Just as well you broke up into smaller groups and a shame you couldn’t say hello to them all personally. Thanks for the introduction of a few new blogs to follow, too. Love the Anna dress and it will look fab in the African print – now that’s a stall I would have loved to have bought from, second only to Fancy Silks, I reckon.

    • Have you made the Anna? I feel like there’s only me in the whole world who doesn’t have one. I could send you the rest of the fabric and we could be matching!! 😂

  8. 120 Sewing mavens! WoW. That must be something else. I wish I could have come too – next time though. I am very impressed by your restraint. I cant even begin to imagine what sorts of fabric I’d have got. x

    • You’d have needed a bigger rucksack that what you took to Dewsbury. But saying that, I don’t think overall there’s much more choice. We are lucky in our area as we’re surrounded by great shops. Are you going to be able to make the 5th? It’d be good to have a catch up even for a coffee if you can’t do the shopping bit too. 😃

  9. I’m so jealous, it looks so much fun! When you mentioned the raffle l knew you’d have won something haha! Really great post and your African fabric is amazing!!!

    • I must have a lucky gene! I knew too when I bought them, but buying 20 quids worth sure helped! It’s a shame you’re so far away, it would’ve been fab to meet you. How’s your handsome little boy? 😃

      • Haha, I’m sure you have a lucky gene and you’d have won even if you had spent one pound! Maybe next year if Sew Brum happens again I will make it a family visit haha! Little man is well, I’m enjoying him more now that he’s a bit bigger!

  10. I was so sad I couldn’t make it this year – I find I get overwhelmed by all the choice and end up not getting much! Love your wax print fabric!

  11. Eliza-sew-little says

    Lovely review of a great day. Shame about the man woman serving tea! Lovely to meet you and hope to catch up at the next one. Some great photos too.

    • Thanks Elizebeth! Was lovely meeting you too! You all did an ace job of looking after us at G&G. You now have a mission though – to hunt out the lady who made those bakewell buns. She brought them in the afternoon as I was heading to the pub. I remember because I passed her on the stairs and nearly mugged her!! Luckily there was one left when I returned 😁

  12. corrineappleby says

    I may possibly have been slightly jealous. Looked like a fabulous way to spend the day. Love your African wax fabric! Are you making a maxi Anna with it? Can you believe I’ve had that pattern for nearly two years and I still haven’t touched it?! See you on the 5th 😀

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  14. Wow – you took tons of photos! I’ve not made the Anna dress either (phew – and I thought it was just me), but I think the maxi version would be fabulous in the African was print you bought. See you at #sewbrum2017!

    • Haha..! I love my flight socks! They’re quite thin but don’t half stop my legs aching when I’m on my feet all day. 🙂

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