Sunday Sevens
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As usual it’s not Sunday and there’s not Seven photos!


A gorgeous Sunrise started the week.  At least with the darker mornings it’s not just the early birds that can enjoy these amazing skies.


H made tea for the first time.  He’s made omelettes and easy things but this was his first time co-ordinating and cooking a proper meal.  As you can see I emptied my plate, he did a great job and was overly enthusiastic about doing it again.


A trip into Brighouse for H to get his hair cut.


We played our end of season competition. Everyone brings a prize for about £5.  The winner gets first pick, then 2nd, 3rd etc.  You guessed, I kept up my almost winning streak with 2nd place!


Inspired by The Material Lady who’s just run a half marathon I got off my butt and went for my first ‘run’ since April, and managed 5k in just under 39 minutes.  Even though I’m trying to get fit at the gym i was surprised how much slower I was.  I’ll blame the 10 hour shift I’d just done!


What a view!


Sticking with the body pump despite my gym budding being on holiday, again!


A little shopping trip into Leeds with H and lunch in Nandos.  I was wearing my new Molly Top, 2 ladies in the queue asked my where I bought my top!!  Proud moment!

I then put my foot in it when I asked if they were sisters.  Err, no.  They were mother and daughter!

Then we saw them in Clarks shoe shop.   “Daughter” asked how old H was.  I said 14.  She said, gosh, your husband must be tall.  Me… ‘are you saying I’m short??!!  You wouldn’t have asked me that if I was 5 foot 10!’

She got her own back, and we both fell about laughing!


A bike was left at the end of our drive.  I put a message on our villages local FB page, and the owner was found.  In the olden days we’d have had to put a note in the paper shop window!


Last Sunday I played in the Evening League Individual Championship.  I would have loved to have come 2nd but the only prize I picked up was in the raffle.  I saved it until later but it would have washed down the chip buttie very nicely!


Sunday Sevens – the brain child of Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.  Want to join in or find out more?  Head over to her blog and join in the fun!

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  1. Another busy week! Thanks for the link. I ran this morning and was almost killed off by the company I was in (and the hills!). I don’t think I would manage that time after a 10hour shift. Well done 😃

  2. Such a lovely, lovely week for you! Yes, you do have some glorious countryside over & up there, including Young Mr. H as well as outdoors. And lots of yummy food, too. Congratulations on your second ⛳️… and what did you pick, or was it a bit riské?! Reeeally wish I’d met you at Clark’s shoes. I’ve been known to come out of them loaded, but that’s been yonks ago & it’s past time for a big shop. 👠 What did you find? Don’t keep us on tender hooks! Toodles, Lovely! 😍

    • I picked the marks and spencer big box of yummy biscuits! Even though there was smellies and wine my sweet tooth won! My shoes are black patent flat with a buckle and a T bar – a bit school shoe ish. I thought I’d make some dresses to wear with them and thick tights for winter. xx

      • The m&s box sounds irresistible! Flats… and tights… and dresses (tunics, too?) sound yummy, always in fashion, & extremely comfy! And it gives me an idea, too… 😉 xx

  3. It’s great if you thought the mum was as young as the daughter and not that the daughter looked as old as her mum. My sister has been mistaken for my mother several times and she’s only eleven months older than me. Imagine how those people felt after making that comment!! Love your Molly top and am not at all surprised that you were asked where you bought it. Were you brave enough to ask if they wanted to commission you to make one?

    • Ive never done any commissions, I feel if either have to work for peanuts or they’d feel they were getting ripped off. I’ve no idea what I’d charge.
      My sisters 11 1/2 months older then me. I imagine she’d flatten someone if they thought she was my mum 😂

  4. Oops! At least you made somebody’s day – pretty sure it would have been the Mum. It reminded me of cheesy door to door salesmen back in the mists of time – I remember on several occasions my Mum opening the front door and hearing them ask her if her Mother was in. :/

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