Sunday Sevens
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I could really get out of sync with my blogging, I’m dying to spill the beans on my 2 latest finished creations, but Good Golly Miss Molly (hint hint), that will have to wait until tomorrow!

My very messy sewing room.  It’s a tiny room, what we call a box room in the UK.  And I know I’m lucky, but i just don’t enjoy being in it when it looked like this.  And yes I know, the mess is mine, but it doesn’t make me fell any better.    Things had gotten out of hand and I had stuff everywhere. And I don’t mean just in this room.

I should do a before and after post as I feel super duper productive as it doesn’t look like this anymore.


My mum in law went in to have a hip replacement.  She wasn’t feeling too photogenic, and H is bobbing down, but there’s a lovely view from the window!


Vogue 9082 had another outing.  I’ve definitely had my wear out of this frock.  I went to the Council Dinner at the golf club, all past captains and current hierarchy.  Here’s John – he was the Club Captain when I was the Lady Captain!


I was so very excited when this popped through my letterbox this week!


H played football and scored a goal!!!  This is a major rarity as he plays in the goals for his team.  But they were winning 4-0 and were given a penalty and H took it and scored!


I came across this newspaper cutting this week when I was sorting through some old stuff.  From April 1999, how time flies!  I was the baby at our station when this was taken, now I’m one of the old timers!


A curtain shop near the Hospital in Halifax – an apt name don’t you think?


After visiting my MIL on Sunday we called at the Chinese Buffet in Halifax.  After 27 courses I was still able to squeeze in a pudding or 4!!


No golf this week in case you’re wondering!

Sunday Sevens, invented by the Lovely Natalie from Threads and Bobbins – sharing a few photos of whats happening outside your usual creative madness!

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. Love the curtain shop name and your view from your sewing room window… and those puddings – bit sized, were they? 😉 Congratulations to H on his goal! And a cute clipping of you as a newbie – nice long hair! But you got me with “sarnie.” What’s’at?

  2. Does the ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’ hint have any link with the Vintage Tea Party invitation?
    One time I let my sewing room – or Lady Shed as I call it – get into such a mess it took me almost a week to sort it out. I pledged to clear up after finishing work for the day and it’s a much more pleasant experience when you go back in the next time. So far, I’ve kept to it – the alternative is too horrible 😉
    I wonder if any of those kiddies in the photograph decided to become a paramedic after their time with you?

    • It’d be fab to have another’s photo – I’m still friends with the other lady in uniform and it’s her daughter on the stretcher. I wonder how many of the other children she still knows?😀

  3. Those puds look marvellous. I was thinking I might go to Harrogate for the show again this year. The vintage tea sounds fun.

    • It does! I think I’m going to put my dress in a bag and wear it just for the tea party, otherwise I’ll look a bit daft! Let me know if you decide to go on the Thursday and we could meet up 😀

  4. Great innuendo on the curtain shop – very British! My cousin chickened out of calling her dog grooming business “Doggy Style”, unfortunately. No.3 Son is a goalkeeper and never gets to score a goal either, so I know how H feels. On the plus side, he’s the only one who gets to play the entire match without being subbed. Thanks for the kick up the backside to tidy my sewing room, too:)

    • Omg! That would have been a fab name, so funny! I proper laughed when I first read your comment and laughing all over again! Your cousin must have a wicked sense of humour – it must be a family trait! 😂

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