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#SundaySevens 90 – Double Bill

Hi Folks!

Apologies for the double bill!  I’m thinking back to when some used to say I don’t know how you fit it all in! And now I’m wondering the same as it really is a struggle at the minute.

But I won’t dwell on it, I’ll just say (like for most of us do) that there’s just not enough hours in the day and it’s generally the blogging that suffers the most for me.

I am hoping to catch up on some reading this week, so if you get comments popping up on not so new posts you know why.

It seems like ages ago now, but I had a lovely surprise when I turned the page to find myself in the Sew Today magazine!  Back in October (I think?!) I attended the Big Vintage Sew-Along Tea Party at the Harrogate knitting and stitching show.  It was great fun!  The Vogue 9082 i made for the occasion had so much wear at the races, weddings and dinners last year it was worth every pain staking hour cutting out all those appliquéd flowers!



And another lovely surprise!  A parcel came from the lovely Del across the pond!  She knows I’ve made peg bags for everyone except myself so she made me one!  Complete with pegs!  (the begs are currently serving a different purpose stopping my pasta from spilling out in my cupboard!).  Thankyou Del I love it! x


Aw, and she sent a pressie for the cyber parents too…some crocheted coasters, which just happen to match the colour scheme in their kitchen.


I had a whole morning which was very dull and probably had something to do with me not been able to be so selfish with my time off through the week.  I’ve been roped into joining the Health and Safety Committee at the golf club.  Enough said!


I’ve been stretching my sewing skills –  quite literally!  This very fine and very stretchy mesh was surprisingly well behaved when I made Lekala 5669. I’m proper giddy about how this turned out and can’t wait to show you it finished!


I’ve solved the problem of the wide neckline of my thick woolly Molly Top – I wear my ultra chunky arm knitted scarf.


I’ve had fun and games hacking the Moneta pattern – the gathers weren’t really me, so I’m planning to have pleats in a contrasting fabric.  Yes, it was just as complicated at it looks!


Eleanor from Nelnanandnora hosted a pre #monetaparty party!  It was a great afternoon, catching up with friends and making new ones!


I dashed home from Eleanor’s to finish my frock as I was hoping to wear it to a do at the golf club – the singer was a George Michael tribute act.  How much does he look like him?!! The night was a total sell out and it was liking giving George a good old send off as we boogied the night away!


I mentioned in my recent Valentine’s post that the hubby and I had been away, so you’ve already seen one or 2 pics from there.  But here’s one more.  Every now and again, maybe 1 in everyone 5,o00 pics (i take a lot!)  I see of myself I like.  And this was one of them.

In the background is the golf practice range.  Yes!  You hit out into the lake!  It felt really strange.  For the last 20 years I’ve always tried to avoid the water!


I’ve started taking a tropical pet to work……   Only kidding!!  It’s my lunch!


I’ve signed up to support the Eve Appeal’s Make Time For Tea Campaign.  So for those living in the vicinity look out for an invite for tea!  I’ve not decided on the date yet – i need to check my shifts, but you’ll be the first to know!


The other day  I was at a ladies house and saw this crocheted pot stand hung behind her kitchen door.  She said her daughter bought it from a craft stall.  I was quite disappointed as I thought she was going to tell me all about it and how she made it.  Doesn’t it look fab though?  I’m going to have to add this to my to do list!


Today the hubby and I have decided our house needs a big sort out.  Well, we actually decided ages ago but today was the day and we made a start.   A huge early spring clean has happened in the kitchen, this was went the contents from under the sink were everywhere but under the sink!


Much better, only a little bit untidy as I had just started making lunch….


What no cake!!  For those of you who I leave drooling over the yummy puddings which I can’t resist, and the onion rings, well, there will be no more!!  Not in the near future anyway.  For lunch we had spinach and cauliflower soup!  Much nicer than it sounds, especially when it had a shit load of noodles in it to make it more filling!


So there we go, my week in a nut shell!

I’ll just mention that I joined Slimming World last week so at the end of my Sunday Seven’s I’m going to document how I’ve done.   It’s my 3 year non-smoking anniversary and in that time I had put on about 30 pounds.  I’ve lost a stone on my own, but now I’m wanting to get back to where I was and an really determined.  My ladies trip to Portugal is a great incentive!

Cuber mom goes too, and so does big sis’.  So sorry Cyber Mom and Sis’ (i’m sure you won’t mind really), here’s the scores on the doors for how we’ve done this week.

Me:  lost 2 1/2

Cyber-mom:  lost 1

Sis’: lost 3 (but missed last week so hers is a 2 week loss)

So collectively we nearly lost half a stone!!

This is really good as my mum is quite convinced that we have a combined weight that remains constant, and generally over the years if one of us looses weight another one of us put it on!

Enjoy your week!  And those of you going to #sewdowndewsbury it’s only 6 sleeps!!  It feels really real now as tonight Chris and I have been what’s Apping each other sorting things out.  I still can’t believe she’s flying in from Germany!!


Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. corrineappleby says

    Yay, you have a peg bag and it’s lovely! Also loving your fix for your Molly top – will remember that one! If you need any Slimming World advice I’m an expert as I’ve been going for bloody years! (Perhaps not such an expert then…)

    • Thanks Corrine, SW is going ok at the minute, I think it’ll be In a week or 2 when I can’t be bothered to cook and want a takeaway. I’m so happy with my peg bag, and soo looking forward to spring so I can start pegging out!!! Gonna miss you this weekend, you’ve been there since the start 😕

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your magazine debut ! ! ! 🎉 Considering all the work you put into the lace for it, not to mention the dress, it is well deserved. Good for you for joining a slimming group, and for staying off the ciggies! Those get-togethers look like such fun for all, and I’m certain Saturday will be a huge success. (Thanks also for the shout-out. 😳 ) xxx

    • This slimming business is quite fun really, escpecially the classes. I’ve lost weight on my own but am enjoying being part of the group. Even the hubby has lost weight!!thanks for the vote of confidence for this Saturday, fingers crossed….xx

        • It’s just eating healthy Del with unlimited pasta, rice, noodles and spuds so I’m never hungry. I’ve not had a cake or dessert or chocolate since a week last Saturday!! Now I don’t know what the secret is that’s helped me say no, but I hope whatever it is is here to stay😀

          • How interesting – thank you! Never woulda guessed that unlimited list. We’re lectured that pasta-rice-potatoes are no-no’s unless you’re carbing up for a long race. But then the food industry over here is not necessarily connected in any way with the health industry…

  3. You are a go-getter! I need a nap after just reading your post! LOL Good job, and thanks for all the good photos.

    • Aw, Thankyou! And thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Sometimes I get to the end of the week and feel I’ve not done much then am surprised myself when I look through my photos. 😀

  4. Is that your friend Sue at the pre-Moneta party? Is she ready to take the leap into making dresses – you must be a good mentor. I see Hila was there – another one who makes me wonder how she finds time to fit everything in to the hours available!
    That crochet pot stand looks to me as if it has been made using strips of fabric like a rag rug – I can’t zoom in on the photo but did you get that impression when you saw it in real life?

    • Yea, it was definitely strips of cotton, and looks like half double crochet, not sure what that is in English! Yup, it is sue! She’s loving it, and tried on Hila’s moneta, I’m not sure who’s got the photo, I’ll have to find out. She’s got a lot on at the minute though and won’t have time to make a moneta, I’m hoping she might wear the Tigger one I made for the moneta party!! 🤣🤣
      Hila is something else when it comes to producing fab garments in record time. I think she’s kidding me that she works, unless she runs a clothes factory and they’re making her clothes🤣

      • I’ve told Hila before that I suspect her children are actually models she hires from an agency when she wants to blog about kids’ clothes 🙂
        Half DC (US) would be Half Treble in English. I think you could do it in DC (SC in U.S.) though, depending on the fabric you use. I was thinking about making a rug actually – though only a little one – maybe so little it will be a pot stand 🙂

        • But then it could grow and half several uses through it’s life 🤣 I wonder if Hila has her kiddies up early and makes them cut out all the patterns before they go to school 😂

  5. Don’t apologise for long post – not only is it fab to read, but just what I needed this morning 🙂 For a lady who wants to loose weight you look pretty damn good in sew today. But I know how you feel – you need to be the weight you’re happy with. It’s a space I’ve arrived in too, because I don’t get the exercise I used to with HRH. So following your slimming will encourage me – see now I’ve made you responsible for my weightloss too, you’ll have to do it 😉 xx

    • Lol, I hope so, I don’t want to loose loads but you’re right about being the weight you’re happy with. I’ll enjoy making my clothes more, and there’ll be less fit adjustments, and even though I’ve only lost a bit I feel better already. So I’ll be shrinking together, good luck with yours xx

      • Thank you. And you’re absolutely right, you do enjoy your clothes more – fortunately knitting stretches, so less adjustment 😉 Although that doesn’t mean it always looks good!

        • I’ve been going through the hidden away too small for me clothes yesterday and now they’re fitting, and the stretch ones aren’t showing off my underwear lines like they used to. It doesn’t take much to make a difference, shame it goes on easier than it comes off though! 🙂

  6. Good luck with your slimming plans, it’s going to be easier if you have others to do it with – and the weigh in is a good incentive, I should think. I’ve lost half a stone – but only the half that I put on over Christmas, lol, so I’m back to ‘normal’. I love a good, long post so thanks for obliging! Moneta party, Dewsbury meet up, you’ve got loads to look forward to. Shall we book our hotel for the London one soon? I’ll drive, so could pick you up from the station unless you’ve got other plans already.

    • Are you think the one at excel in September? I’ve been looking at travel lodges nearby as I’m not sure where else to stay. How far is it for you to drive? I thought it’d be hours away.

  7. Good luck with all your projects–so much happening! I must have missed the post on the dress that showed up in the magazine, but how gorgeous is that! I love how you’re always taking on new sewing challenges, like the dress pleats and that very cool knit fabric. Always working the sewing muscles–great job you!

    • I tend to get inspiration g from the challenges and try and make something to fit in with what i need. As I wear a uniform to work and just lounge about during the day I don’t need loads of clothes -but I have!! – and what I have never seems to get worn out. So sometimes I enjoy making things a bit different in these challenges, but after this crazy moneta I’m feeling the need to make something simple and straightforward. 😀

  8. I just spat out my tea laughing at your tropical pet lunch! Enjoy – and good luck for the week ahead.

  9. You’ve been busy, don’t know how you get it all done! Kitchen clear-outs are always a chore, aren’t they. Loving your molly top fix. Sweet little gift from Del! 😀 And your weight loss plan is progressing wonderfully. That spinach/cauliflower really does look delicious! Great post.

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