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A little bit late this week, but hey ho, there’s really no rules for Nat’s Sunday Sevens so I’ll crack without further ado!

The first pic of the week when I looked through my phone was of my babylock.  I’ve really no idea why I took this, but I’m adding it here just in case I suddenly remember why and it turns out to be important!


Tuesday my new iPhone arrive.  Rory took a liking to the box and sat with me whilst I set up my new phone. 


On Wednesday Sue (my out of action due to injury golfing and gym buddy) had her first sewing lesson.  She absolutely loved it and now is the proud owner of a shiny new Janome! More to come about Sue later.


I managed to do some sticking and tracing last week.  I found a cold shoulder top on the lekala website which I thought looked quite on trend, and with only having one ‘cold’ shoulder i thought it would be more wearable as a day-to-day top.


 Thursday was a busy day.  MIL was readmitted to hospital and then there was parents evening.  We had tea in one of our local pubs to celebrate a good parents evening.  H was very nervous before the event so was really shocked with what the teachers had to say about him. 


 I managed just a lttle bit of sewing last week – some more pattern weights.  This time for my #2017SVE


Friday night we were at the golf club – the catering manager retired after 18 years.  This isn’t the catering manager though.   This is the baker who supplies her with my favourite vanilla slice style dessert!


Ooops!  Hubby slipped in his leather soled shoes.  Reached out and tipped over my bowl of rice!  That’ll teach me to side this after I’ve finished sewing!


 H and the hubby snuggled up watching TV.  Aw, even at 6′ 2″ he’s not too big for a bubble.


Whilst we were out for tea I was playing with my new iPhone, much to H’s embaressment!  I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up.


Sue’s stash after just 5 days of having the sewing bug.  I gave her a few things, she’s had a sewing spree and Lucy popped in some freebies when she bought her new Janome DKS30 from her!


Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins

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  1. Sue’s going to be a busy girl with all that new sewing stuff! She’s lucky to have you teaching her. I’ve been encouraging my friend & helping her along the way. We are planning to do a sew along together so she can see how each step is done.
    My how quick our children grow up. Looking at my grandchildren it’s like only yesterday my children were that size.

    • It’s just too scary where time goes! that’s a good idea about doing a sewalong. When I read your comment the other day I mentioned it to sue and I’ve bought the ultimate trousers from sew over it. She’s a fairly standard shape so I think they should fit her fairly easily and she’ll be surprised how straightforward they are, and she’s going to have a go at the Cleo dress too. πŸ™‚

  2. Ah bless your son. Treasure these later memories as much as his baby days. All too soon they have flown the nest. Onion rings, that’s not fair to photo them. Can tell you are Yorskshire with your side away!

    • Your expression ‘side away’ created some interest – i’d not even heard of it, but I do like all my food on my plate so I can see what I’ve got! πŸ™‚

  3. Ah! ‘Side Away’ is a Yorkshire expression is it? I thought you’d just made a typo.
    It obviously took getting injured to make Sue sit still long enough to learn how to sew. Looks like she will become a serious addict – just like us πŸ™‚

    • I’d not heard of side away, but i realised what she meant – I shears like everything on my plate and not in fancy dishes. You’re right about sue and her injury, she never ever sits still, I think her dog thinks she’s gone quite made! 🀣

  4. Rory is look my very sweet & Sue looks like she’s having so much fun already! Will she be entering the blogging world? H is really growing up fast, it’s strange that we’ve seen him change so much through the pics on your blog! πŸ™‚

    • He was 11 and the about the same size as me I think when I started blogging. I’m so glad you thought up the Sunday Sevens, it’s a real picture diary that I love looking back on and I’d never have just the best bits all together if I’d not joined in. Sue’s recently joined IG, mainly for her fitness but I image sewing will be playing a big part soon. πŸ˜ƒ

  5. Sue seem to be a great addition to the sewing community! Very commendable stash she amassed in just a few days. I bet there are great things to come from her! πŸ™‚
    How old is H now? He seems to have matured so much in the time you have been doing the Sunday 7s!

    • He’s 14, not 15 until June. He is maturing very quickly…..but he’s still lovely most of the time, I’m hoping he doesn’t turn into one of those sulky teenagers. πŸ˜ƒ

    • Ooo, that’s a tricky one. My clubs I’ve had ages and were expensive 15 years ago but they still work, my fees and other golf subs to our works golf society etc are over Β£100 a month. But I think sewing could possibly be more expensive due there being so much more things to splash out on…patterns, fabrics, notions….and machines! So they’re probably similar, but at least with sewing there’s something to show for all the effort, but golf helps keep me sane and is really sociable. And then there’s there’s the Portugal trip……😎 Sewing makes golf cheaper though as golf clothes are so expensive.

  6. I didn’t know that term either. Is it fair to pass on an addiction? I tried with my youngest daughter. Unsuccessfully.
    Sorry about mil. I hope she’s on the mend. My mother was ill again and in hospital but is out and doing not too badly. Trouble is she lives quite a distance away. We stayed in accommodation for 3 nights (she can’t put us up) so it’s more difficult. We’re going back again this weekend. I can’t sew when I’m away. Or post to blog except on phone (hence weekend’s awful photos on my blog! I had to get PR entry in.

    • Aw, it must be hard, we’re looking that she’s not too far away, and she’s got amazing neighbours too who look out for her, and bring her fish and chips for her tea on a friday! Hope your mums doing ok xx

  7. Oh, lucky for Sue to have developed her obsession because of you and under your tutoring! πŸ˜‰ Love those b/w shots of your handsome young man. The “bony” pattern weights are fabulous!

  8. Love the way H is trying to look like he’s not really bothered about you taking the photos πŸ™‚ Never heard of side away – and I had lessons in Yorkshire speak for years.

  9. Beads and Barnacles says

    Ooh what a lovely sewing stash. She’s going to have great fun with all of that. You should get commission on that very speedy sewing machine purchase…

  10. Fona M says

    Side away – it’s what your sideboard is for!
    Great that you are infecting your friends with sewing bugs lol!

    • I never realised that’s why we call them sideboards! It really is great to have more sewing buddies, it seems to be taking off all over these days!

  11. I can still remember the excitement I felt when I got my first sewing machine all those years ago! Hope Sue keeps it up and becomes a sewing buddy for you as well as a golf and gym buddy. I wasn’t ready to do another swap yet, but have been following progress with the Valentine swap – someone’s going to be in for a treat with those pattern weights, even if one of them has a little less rice in now, lol!

    • Sue’s really taken to it, and it’s great now as depending on the weather and the time of day we’ve always got something to do! And karaoke too!! πŸ™‚

  12. I love the fact how you “gave” Sue “the sewing bug”. It is always great to have a sewing buddy! And this is the reason I also love to read blogs like yours! Have a nice week!

    • Sewing is definitely infectious, but she never wanted to have a go as she thought she couldn’t do it! So she was more surprised than anyone how much she likes it! πŸ™‚

  13. Co-o-o-ngratulations to Sue for taking the plunge into sewing! πŸŽ‰
    (And for such a grand beginning to her projects & stash!)
    And to you for being such an excellent & willing teacher! 🍰
    What a frabjus week & photos – know you’re middle way through another. xxx

    • And another few since! I’m slowly catching up with everyone, though I’m not even dressed yet and I’ve been up 2 hours!! :-0

  14. There’s you talking of cold shoulder tops and H having bubbles with what must be a cold leg blankie!!!!

    Bet he’s beating the girls off with a stick, handsome and tall.

    Don’t think you’ve much to worry about sweetie, lads in my experience stay lovely to their Mum’s forever unlike dreaded daughters who seem to think we were all born ‘old’ and thus have no experience of their so called real life haha!

    • I always wanted a girl and got a shock when I had a boy, but he is lovely and very cuddly, thought not in public! He’s gotten himself a girlfriend now, I think she’s been on the scene about 3 months and they’re very smitten. But word came back yesterday though a friend of a friend that her parents think he lovely, so I’m glad it’s not just me! πŸ™‚

  15. loved seeing what you’ve been up to in a week – may borrow this format for one of my posts- really loved the fabric you choose for the weights and think I might have a go at making some myself, as i am using tins of tomatoes at the moment and yours look so much nicer.

    • You should do, Sunday sevens is fab and great to look back on for yourself to remember all the happy stuff that easily get forgotten πŸ™‚

  16. Well done on getting another person into the sewing fold! I have started a few but no-one seems to be quite the fabric hog that I am 😦
    I love the pattern weight fabric – those bones are magnificent!

    • It’s fab isn’t it! I oringally bought it and thought I would make something for my sister as she is training to be a podiatrist, but it think it suits a physiotherapist better! πŸ™‚

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