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Secret Valentines Exchange

Things have been a bit hectic in the Thimberlina household.  I really need to update you with the final details of #SEWDOWNDEWSBURY but my Valentine’s post has just jumped the queue! The meet up post will be here before the week is out I promise, but last Sunday’s Sunday Sevens won’t be – I’m afraid it’ll have to be a double bill next week instead!

If you’re on Instagram you may have noticed lots of posts popping up with the hashtag 2017SVE.  This the Secret Valentine Exchange organised by Sanae and Ute.  Over 400 people in 30 countries took part in it!!  And I was one of them!


I received my recipients details in plenty of time and began stalking her on Instagram.  Well, not really stalking, just having a good nosey.   I really wanted to put some thought into what I could make.  As well as receiving their name, address etc, participants were asked to state their favourite colours.  Pink was one of the colours mentioned by Niemandszeit.  My thoughts immediately went to the heart themed shawl I’d started crocheting (before christmas I think).  So I finished it off, washed and blocked it, and then loved it and didn’t want to send it!!  Only kidding, but it was so soft and scrumptious that it was very hard to part with it.  The photos really don\t do it justice.

And then I got thinking again – I read my recipient is a physiotherapist and remember I had a fat quarter of this fabric in my stash…..


And made some pattern weights.  I think I made 6 (?!?), I was a conscious that my parcel was being sent abroad and didn’t want it to cost a small fortune to post!


I also made a bag to keep them in…


And I had some liberty bias trim left from a previous project which always comes in handy……


And I made a little leather heart too…..!


So my parcel was posted off the same day I received mine.  I was really really good and saved opening it until the BIG day!  In the meantime Mr T whisked me away for an overnight stay in a posh hotel with a spa and a golf course.


Luckily the weather was kind to us so we were able to play golf.


Luckily Mr T is a little rusty and doesn’t play as much as me, and I sank my putt on the last whole to beat him by a shot!


We came home on the 13th, and when I woke up the next morning I ran downstairs to open my SVE pressie!  Before I carry on, I’ve got to add this little snippet of dialogue from when my pressie was delivered.

Thimbers:  “My Valentines pressie has arrived!!”

Mr Thimbers: “Who from” …scowling!!!!   (he never scowls!!)

Thimbers:  “I don’t know, it’s a Valentine’s present from another sewer!”  (eyes rolled/looked of bewilderment!)  but the scowling really was priceless!

So here we are…….








I’m not sure what the official name is for my main pressie.  It’s an something that ties around your waist like a pinny but has pockets to keep things handy.  This will be soon good for me and I’m always putting stuff down when I’m sewing and can never find anything!!  Thankyou so much Jackie for your thoughtful pressies!



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  1. What a lovely Valentine’s Day from your secret Valentine & Mr. T!
    If men have tool belts, can’t women also have sewing tool belts? Or have I totally misunderstood your description… entirely possible… 😳

    • I wish I’d have made them sooner! I’m gonna miss them and the ones I’ve made for sewdowndewsbury as I’ve been using them!! 🙂

  2. Lynsey says

    What a lovely idea, spreading love around the world 💗 The heart shawl is gorgeous! You made a super present parcel and got a lovely one too. Your night away looks so relaxing.

    • Thanks Lynsey, it was a lovely week, I ws just thinking all the hand made gifts made an appearance but not the Pandora heart charm from my hubby – just shows it’s the hand made gifts that are the best!! 🙂

  3. Ah! The famous heart shawl – I believe you when you say it was hard to part with.
    I did a bit of scowling on Valentine’s Day too but that was because my husband appeared to have forgotten all about it. Unfortunately, he was in the U.K. so couldn’t see my scowls.

  4. Hi Ali! I totaly missed this gift swap but I enjoyed so much stitching santa that I will make sure to sign up for this one too next year!
    By the way I made a similar apron when I last had a booth at a craft fair. It is really handy to keep money and business cards with you.

    • Thanks Melissa, it was gun watching all the different heart themed things popping up on IG and looking out for the postie too! The heart shape is my favourite thing to crochet as ever row is just a bit different, and not too challending, and there’s a photo too of what each row will look like, which was really helpful as I’m a total novice when following a pattern.

  5. Oh how much fun! The gifts you gave were so wonderful (the weights are so cute and the shawl – beautiful!) and the gifts you received were equally lovely. The tool belt will surely be very handy. It looks like Valentines Day was a hit on all levels! 😀

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