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#SEWDOWNDEWSBURY – an update and teasing you with more photos!

Only 3 sleeps for you guys!  I’m not sure how to count mine as I’m working the night shift tonight and tomorrow so it’ll be 2 ish I think!  

It’s all getting just too exciting!

So I thought I’d write a short post as I keep thinking of things to tell you!

I’ve been down Dewsbury today to make sure Weatherspoons have saved us a corner.  They have – we’ll all be directly on your right as soon as you walk in.  

Errm, what else.  

Have you made a badge?  

Like the goodie bag swap badge making isn’t compulsory.  I only just traced mine off last night (using just my iPhone and a frixion pen)  and am hoping to do a quick running stitch over the fancy writing and then stitch it to something a bit more substantial.  Not sure when this is going to happen, I’ve not even hemmed my Moneta yet!  And I’ve not got a goodie bag  to put my goodies in!  Oh my, I really need to kick my butt into shape!  

I think you’ve all seen the map I created, but I thought I’d just use it again to introduce you to a few of the shops in Dewsbury for those who haven’t been before, or for those who have only been to Fabworks.  

There’s quite a lot to see (and buy) in Dewsbury so it might help you plan where you want to go, or in which order. 


This is just outside the town centre, a 5 minute walk from the market and Weatherspoons.  It closes early on a Saturday at 2pm.  It sells most types of fabrics, including leather, and if it’s scuba you’re looking for then this has the best choice.  Fabworks online has brought them to the limelight in the last year or so, although they have been trading for donkeys years as a brick and mortar shop. 

Yorkshire Spoolettes 5


Lucky Fashions

I shouldn’t have favourite but I do!  Manjit the owner is so lovely and really cares about what she sells you.  It’s only a small shop but she has so much choice and specialises in dressmaking fabric.  The last couple of years she has put on refreshments for us and offered to do it again.  I  declined her kind offer, so it’s my fault she hasn’t, as I think it will be too busy this year  – the numbers have more than doubled on last years! So sorry ladies, but she did offer! 


The Pound A Yard Shop

As you can see from the photos it’s been here quite a while and is well established! The fabric unfortunately is no longer a pound a yard!  

This shop is huge and is over several levels, so would be difficult for those with mobility problems.  It would be a fab place to play hide and seek!! Maybe I should add that to the itinary!  

All these photos are just from the ground floor! They sell crafting cotton, curtaining, wadding, upholstery fabric, and all sorts of fabric that you’ll not have come across before.   Don’t be put off by the exterior!! 


Creative Craft Centre

This will be moving round the corner in April to bigger premises, so if you’re reading this and it’s one of my old posts it will have moved – but not far!! 

The craft centres entrance is just inside the undercover area you can see on the photo.  Simplicity and vogue pattern are half price, and by the way of habbadashery there doesn’t seem to be a lot they don’t stock.  And if  yarn is your thing you won’t be disappointed.


And then there’s the market.  There’s several fabric shops, habbadashery stalls, and  a wool shop.  There’s an undies shop that if you find it easy to buy bras you might drop lucky and pick up a marksies one for less than a fiver.  It’s a ‘real’ market with proper bargains.  There’s a tripe stand too 😝 not something I’m contemplating any time soon, but you might!


Don’t forget there’s a giveaway for those who can’t make it for who guesses the total mileage travelled by all the attendees.  There’s a prize for in and out of the UK.  Hila is our Prefect of all things to do with numbers so she’ll be checking with you to make sure we know how far you’ve travelled.  

As the number of attendees is now 30+ I think I might do the goodie bag swap before we head out shopping at 11.  So if you’re taking part and are going to arrive later than 10:30 am it’s really important that you let me know so you’re not left  keeping your own goodie bag, though I’d be more than happy to keep mine πŸ˜†.

Talking of goodie bags, I have 2 Goodie Bag prefects! 

Karen and Karen…….

And the prefects even have prefect badges! Thanks to Karen 😘

Also, I realise some of you already know people and will have lots of catching up to do, but could you keep an eye out for those who aren’t.  If you turn up and don’t know anyone, come and find me, don’t be shy! 

I’ve probably missed some things but I’ll publish this now, and add to it later if I think of anything.  So by for now, and hopefully I’ll see you on Saturday!  

I’ve just thought of something else!! 

The Moneta party!!!!! Here’s a sneak preview of mine!

We really really need a group photo of everyone wearing their Monetas, so I was thinking (yup, I’ve been doing too much thinking, my brain is aching!) 11am just before we hit the shops – if that’s not ok with anyone who is planning on wearing their moneta please let me know and I’ll try and do some more thinking! 


    • Sorry! I only started these Dewsbury meet ups as I felt like I was missing out, they were always so far away. Is there anywhere near you where you could arrange something similar? πŸ˜ƒ

      • BΓ©a says

        I can get to London things, so I’m not bereft, but you’ve really made Sew Down Dewsbury into a massively fun sounding thing, and if I didn’t have to work on Saturday evening, I’d probably be trying to work out what trains I’d need to catch to be there!

    • I know Robyn, I sorry for making everyone jealous, lets hope there’s something near you, or how about putting the feelers out and seeing if you there’s interest near you and you could organise one. πŸ™‚

  1. Awesome! I cant wait! Its going to be so much fun!!!!!! I feel like this week has been dragging because I am so excited for this meetup.xx

    • Only 2 sleeps!! We know how the kiddies feel when they’re proper excited! Only one sleep for chris till she gets on the plane!! See you then! πŸ™‚

  2. I think it’s just as well I’m not coming – I’ve gone all dizzy just looking at the photos of all the fabric shopping opportunities.

    • lol, there is a lot! It’s no wonder my stash is out of control, and I’m going to try not to buy anything…..yikes, can’t promise though, I was really tempted when I was in Lucky Fashions as they had lots of the stretchy mesh fabric that I made my dress from. Lets hope I find the same strength on Saturday!

  3. Pam (sweetpeagreen) says

    Excited too – need to make my badge at some point – happy to take the Moneta photo πŸ“· as I’m wearing my my Coco 🀑

    • We’re only a train drive away. albeit a long one, hopefully we’ll get to meet up one day. I never thought i’d get to meet Chris from Germany, and Jen from America but wonders never cease! πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, that all looks so great – I want to go EVERYWHERE (apart from the tripe stall, I think I might give that a miss…)
    As I’m on a weight restriction I will just have to buy only the finest, lighest fabrics. A tall order, but somebody has got to do it, ey?
    See you Saturday – the satnav is already programmed ! πŸ™‚

    • When I was in Lucky fashions the other day, I don’t know if you like the stretch mesh fabric like the dress i made a couple of weeks ago, but she’s got lots of that in, which would made lovely tops of summer, and weigh nothing!
      Only 1 sleep for you!! I’m really giddy! Cyber pops will have the kettle on for us Saturday morning so you can have a cup of Yorkshire tea before we head down Dewsbury! πŸ™‚

  5. Sam Chandler says

    Ooh better get cracking with my Moneta. And my goodie bag. Oh and the badge … I forgot the badge. Lets hope the weather picks up or I will need my brolly too! Thanks for all the hard work you have put in to organise this Ali see you Saturday.

    • C’mon girl, get busy, lol! I think we all forgot about the badge, myself included. Looking forward to finally meeting you, but it’s a wonder our paths haven’t crossed sooner – I really should have bobbed into you work for a cuppa! πŸ™‚

  6. So excited πŸ€—πŸ€— (although a little nervous too ). Looking at all the fab pictures I’m going to start a shopping list πŸ˜‚. It definitely sounds like a fun day! See you Saturday xx

    • A shoppping list is a great and idea and an obvious one, but i don’t usually and just buy stuff willy nilly! And then have a pile of stuff and don’t know what to make. I suppose it’s like going to the supermarket and then when you get home there’s nothing in for tea! lol πŸ™‚ PS don’t worry if you’re a bit nervous, everyone will be, including me! You’ll have a fab day and sewists are just the best and are great company!

  7. Right, that’s my bum royally kicked πŸ˜‰ Need to get the other badges finished and my own name badge, and I’m good to go. This plan looks absolutely fab, thanks Ali xx

    • You’re welcome Karen, and thanks for offering to help otherwise I think I’d be in trouble tomorrow! And for making the badges, you’re a star! Remind me to get a team photo on Saturday with my prefects!!
      I’ve not started my stitching but am going to take it to work tonight so hopefully will be able to do it in my dimly lit car between calls!! πŸ™‚

  8. My Ali you have been busy. What grezt organising skills. You seem to have tgought of everything. Can’t wait! The cast is off my arm but I’still strapped up so my lucky bag isn’t very exciting not thing handmade at all but I’m showing support and have done my best. Really looking forward to Saturday

    • Glad to here your arms on the mend, it it’s a relief to finally get the cast off. I’m sure whatever is in your goodie bag will be lovely, as will be catching up with you! πŸ˜€

  9. Ali, I do believe you could organize an ant colony! Such fun you’ll all have, anxious to see pics of all the Monetas, and all the sewists, and all the shopping, and all the fun!

    • Lol, that’s funny, a new one on me! It will be fun to see al the Monetas together, I’m still looking for a word for what they should be called collectively. My favourite suggestion so far has been a mischief of Monetas, but now I’ve just had a thought, what about a ‘Colletion of Monetas!?’…what do you reckon? πŸ˜€

  10. I forgot about the name badge! Don’t know if I can do something quickly. I’m not wearing a Moneta so happy to be a photographer if you’d like. I have made something for the goody bag, though. That’s a first!
    Looking forward to Saturday. A x

  11. 30 Monetas all in a line – now THAT’S a photo to look forward to! Soooo much fabric to browse through, you really need a whole weekend, not just one day. I hope the uptake on the goody bags is high, as it’s a lovely idea. Don’t forget to photograph the badges – they promise to be amazing!

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  13. Thanks for organising today. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
    I will now use Instagram! I’m amcclure54. Haven’t worked out how to finds the Moneta photos yet! I’ve followed a few that I was offered and found yours.
    I’m anne’s blog on blogger as sewanneuk.blogspot.co.uk

  14. theyorkshirestitcher says

    I had a great day, thanks sew much for organising it. Sorry I had to cut and run.

  15. Ah! I’m catching up on posts so know that the trip has come and gone, but seeing this post makes me so jealous that I do t have something like this near me!! I’m looking forward to catching up on the after-posts to see how it went (And likely get just a bit greener with envy!)

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