Sunday Sevens
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I thought this week would be a bit flat after the excitement and build up to last weeks meet up, but it’s been anything but!

My week started out much like a normal person’s.  By a normal person I mean someone who doesn’t work crazy hours, and does a 9ish until 5 ish job.  I was starting at 8am.  This is just the worst for getting to work, I don’t know how you normal people cope with it everyday!   I travel on the motor way one junction on any other shift  but the M62 is so unpredicatable I just daren’t when it’s busy in case I’m late for work.

So I take a few short cuts and sometimes the scenic route through the Forde.  If we have really heavy rain I don’t risk this way though, luckily on Monday it wasn’t too deep and my undercarriage got a wash!  My car’s undercarriage!

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Some inspiration for those trying to eat a bit healthier.  For tea I made the biggest omelette ever and had it with beans, then took left overs to work for lunch.  It had everything in it, including sweet potatoes.

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Tuesday at 8:30am I had a text beckoning me to the golf course.  It was all a bit of a rush which resulted in a wardrobe malfunction on the golf course.  But after 8 holes of having to keep hoiking them up they had to come off!!

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Shrove Tuesday – I almost resisted, but they were popping up all over instagram.  I spotted a recipe for some made with eggs and mashed banana – they were actually quite scrummy.  I think it’s the first year I’ve only had one though.

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Wednesday was soup day – 3 different ones on the go, stocking up the freezer.

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Took the MIL out for tea and cake.   The first time she’s been out since being discharged.  She’s doing really well.

Obs I didn’t have cake!

Another first – I have never not had cake in this cafe!!  This is where I had a daft moment for those who’ve seen it on my IG!  Maybe it’s the cake that’s kept me sane all these years and now I’m going crazy!  Note, cyber mom also avoided the cake!  Well done mum!

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I’ve had a happy hubby this week as he was able to pick up his new van!

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Happy post!!  The left pattern is for an equestrian shirt/jacket.  No I’m not a horsy person but I just like liked the thought of a fitted shirt or jacket for golf.  And on the right my first bra pattern.  Now that the boobs are shrinking I’m thinking I might be able to make something to support them and not need scaffolding.  Not sure if I’ll make the matching Bridget Jones’s – there’s big and then there’s big!!

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Three golfing buddies who also sew came round for an impromptu lunch.  Mags brought her overlocker that she’s been struggling with and we twiddled with the knobs and hopefully have sorted out her tension problems.

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We had posh soup for lunch, and not a bread roll in sight!  Kale, cauliflower and broccoli soup with a poached egg and salmon flakes!  Very yummy!

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I’m itching to get sewing.  It feels like ages since I’ve made anything for myself and it’s only 2 or 3 weeks.  So I dug out this pattern and brazenly cut up the tissue pattern and had the skirt cut out in record time.  I didn’t realise all the tracing I did was just so time consuming!

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All this happened (i.e. in the above pics) up until Thursday night.  Then it was back to the grind stone on the late shift Fri/Sat/Sun.

I went along to Slimming World before work on Saturday and lost a pound and a half!  That’s 6 1/2 in total!  Cyber mom lost another 1 1/2 too – that’s 12 1/2.  And the hubby has lost a pound taking him to 6.  So all in all a happy healthy week!


Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. katie says

    Mmm, the pancake looks delicious! Congrats on only eating one, that’s quite the feat, ha ha!

  2. Lots of rain up North too then? It’s been miserable all week down South, but I daren’t risk my undercarriage in a ford, swollen or otherwise as it’s so low to the ground. Oh, the problems of driving a sports car! Looks like you’ve had the best food this week – that Kale soup with poached egg and salmon sounds divine. Well done on the weigh in again – that jacket will be just the thing to show it off. Good to see you still managed a round on the golf course despite the foul weather. How nice to have all your sewing buddies round for a session, too.

    • Oh dear, just a small price to pay for have a snazzy car! When I had the merc it scared me going through water with it being automatic. Weathers picked up these last couple of days and the golf course is calling me again….must dash! Just hope it’s not too soggy under foot. 😃

  3. Well done on the weight loss. It can’t be easy with your shifts. The soups and omelette look really tasty. Glad MIL is getting out a bit now. Naughty but I cut all my patterns tissue or pdf. I have never been taught any other way. My hubby likes your hubby’s vehicle. Very nice K xXx

    • Thanks Hun, I’m starting to feel better with all the healthy eater, probably more than when I stopped smoking. 😃

  4. I’m not a horsy person either but I have horsy friends and I can’t imagine any of them wearing such a jacket – it looks much too snazzy for hay and horse muck. Have Simplicity actually called it an equestrian jacket? I think it looks much better suited to a golfing jacket but you’d probably be better leaving off the Stetson.
    Good luck with the bra making – it comes into my ‘life’s too short’ category but I’ll be interested to see how you get on with it. Are you sure you don’t want to give Bridget’s apple catchers a go 😉

    • Yea, it’s definitely for horse riding, maybe more for those who compete. My friend looks really smart when he’s show jumping but the rest of the time he looks like a gypsy 🤣. I maybe should make the big bloomers for golf, in case I have any more wardrobe malfunctions 🤣

  5. Lovely week for you, and productive as usual! Grand patterns – I also cut up my tissues and pdfs. If I’m trying real hard to get fit I’ll do a separate copy. Your soups look wonderful and I wish we had all the veggies you seem to be using. (And I was brave enough to try them. 😳) Lol! xx

    • Be brave!! I tend to just get whatever cheap on special offer. And the greener the better as I always think that must be healthier! I’m not sure if I’m eating too many eggs, I’m probably having at least 10 a week if not more!! :-0

      • At 2 eggs a day, that’s only 5 days worth, so I wouldn’t worry, ‘specially if they’re not huge! Will try the green on sale idea. As I think about it (having just gone to market yesterday) greens here aren’t on sale much. Perhaps because our temps are too high. Which would mean that what is available has been shipped in, isn’t fresh, and costs more. That’s more like what I see here. Is there a “have greens with each mean” idea over there? There isn’t over here!

    • Thanks, I’m still wondering, tho I picked some fabric up in the swap at sewdowndewsbury which I’m thinking might work. I should really get round to sharing my hawl! 😃

  6. Great week. I agree with Tialys – no way would I have been found in anything that smart when I kept horses. I think i looked like Compo a lot of the time 😉

    • If I get round to making it, which I hopefully will, I’ll have to see if I can find a horse for my photo shoot 😆 or maybe a donkey at the seaside will be more my style! 😃

  7. Well done on the cake resisting & healthy eating. It makes me feel very ashamed of what I’ve eaten this weekend😂😂 I have done lots of walking thought so I’m telling myself it’s ok!
    Look forwards to hearing about your bra making. I have a pattern to try sometime

  8. Looks for like a cycling jacket than a horse jacket – well the one without the collar.
    I make those banana pancakes all the time. Lovely with yogurt and fruit.

  9. Well done on the weight loss – we had a few incidents of shorts falling down when Mr Jane Makes was on his diet! We’ll have to get new ones for this summer! Really like the look of those trousers – I have to confess that I’ve been known to cut out the pattern rather than trace it! x

    • I’ve so many patterns that I’ve traced and just not got round to making, I’m thinking if i want to do everything I was to do I might have to start just cutting out. I’m hoping to stay in the smaller sizes so will be ok to cut them out!x

      • That’s a good way of sticking with the new eating regime – you won’t be able to use the patterns if you go too far off the straight and narrow! x

  10. Living here we’ve been driving rush hour free for five years – unless they’re herding sheep at 8am. We’d forgotten they existed until Monday when hubby decided to go to B&Q in Plymouth (sadly our nearest one now) at 7.30am and got caught. Silly boy. Love the shiny new van, but worried about you wandering the golf course in you knickers. Well done on the weight loss. What do you mean, the cake kept you from being crazy? 😉

    • Lol….🤣😆🤣 maybe less crazy! And the knickers were big ones 🤣. I’d be really shocked if my hubby wanted to go to b&q anytime, never mind rush hour 😃

      • If you say so. Big knickers, small knickers – still not sure that’s the dress code 🙂 As for hubby in B&Q – he’s making daily foragings into all the DIY stores. (He’s appeared just now from one in Okehampton with a new saw and proudly told me it’s called Irvin – more cake for him too, I think.) It’s very scary as he hasn’t the best track record in DIY.

  11. Very impressed with all this healthy eating malarkey, those soups look great but I can only manage no roll at work (and if I forget it). No chance at home 😉
    Love your sewing party: ladies who lunch, sew and swing! And yes, that was meant to be a golfing reference… x

    • Haha, yes we’re all swingers!! My husband is worse though as he has been known to swing both ways – put can play both left and right handed!! I find soup boring without the roll, so now it’s either poached eggs in it or some shardwoods noodles to make it last longer and add a bit of interest. 🙂

  12. corrineappleby says

    So impressed with your healthy eating and will power to keep going. I tend to crumble at the first sign of cake! Also mildly amused at your under carriage getting a wash 😉

    • I’ve been close, and I couldn’t resist the sausage rolls at a buffet last week! Put I’m trying to think of my hols and stay focussed. Maybe you living at the seaside with all the salt air should look at getting your undercarriage washed now and again – the salt water could play havoc with it!! hehe 🙂

  13. Can I just say that looking at kale and something or other soup isn’t quite the same as cakes and puddings 😉
    But well done on the weigh loss – in a ying and yang kinda sense I’ll go and eat some sweets now 🙂

    • Ooo, you tease!! I’ve be having cake and sweets in 6 weeks when I’m in portugal, until then i’ll be slurping the green stuff!! 🙂

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