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Giveaway Time! How Far Would You Go?!


Remember I said there’s going to be a prize for someone who couldn’t make the #sewdowndewsbury meet up?

Well there’s going to be 2!

The ladies who attended were such a generous bunch, here’s what you could win in the giveaway……
































All you have to do is guess the total number of miles that everyone travelled to get to Dewsbury.

There’ll be a UK winner and an international winner.  I’m going to share the goodies between 2 winners.  The whole lot of prizes weigh in at 7 pounds, so when I’m putting the 2 prizes together the UK one will have the heavier gifts. Also, if someone wins the international one and they live in Australie I won’t give them Chris’s wooly hat!

Please leave your guestimate in the comments below, and maybe say where you’re from and how far you’d go to have a fab day with sewing crazy ladies!

The giveaway will close on Friday 17th March at 2300.  St Patricks Day!  So let the luck of the Irish be with you and happy guessing.

Just to help you I’ve tried to update the list of who went.  If you went and aren’t on the list can you tell me, and if you’re on the list and didn’t go can you let me know too!


So…..who went

Me – I’ll give you a head start – 7 miles!

Chris – Hand Made By Chris

Hila – Saturday Night Stitch

Pam – Sweet Pea Green

Margaret – The Crafty Creek

Simona – Sewing Adventures In The Attic

Eleanor – Nelnanandnora

Catherine – Catternlace

Natalie – Somuchtolearn

Jenna – Stitched Up By Jenna

Hanna – Hand Made By Hannah

Pam – travelling from Chesterfield

Katrina – Rolling Eyeballs

Anne – Anne’s Blog

Gemma – Mustachioed Threads

Helen – Just Sew Therapeutic 

Sharon – Stretch Nation Clothing

Janette – travelling from Wakefield

Sam – travelling from Middlestown

Karen – travelling from Hull

Amanda – Apricot Mylo

Lisa – Lisalooby1234

Karen – The Sewing  Miserablist 

Katie – Monkeysocks Learns To Sew

Janet – JaySpangles

Lucie – Love Lucie

Samantha – CullenSamantha

Margeret – coming from the Yorkshire side of Manchester!

Teresa – Navy Blue Threads

Samantha – Manfa697

Boz – agirlcalledboz

Shauni – The Maginificent Thread 

Liz – so_momma

Jenna – Stitched Up By Jenna


Good luck ladies!  Before I go, just a thankyou to Margaret who I received my goodie bag from her in the swap.  She was a bit worried that she wouldn’t be able to go as up to a few days before her arm was in cast.  And then she was worried that she couldn’t make anything handmade.   No need to worry Margaret, I love everything what you put together for me, THANKYOU XX 

 Hopefully see you all at the next meet up, Thimbers xx


  1. Sam Chandler says

    Ooh some really lovely prizes there, someone is going to be very happy

  2. My guess is 475 miles. I am beginning to realise that I would travel pretty far to see me sewing friends! They’re a great bunch on here so would love to meet some in real life. Plus the lovely Simona also offered to meet me in Manchester for coffee and goodie bag swapping!!

  3. katie says

    oh my, i’m going to say 1776 miles. that probably gives you a hint as to which country i live in- USA, ha ha. what a wonderful giveaway!

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