Sunday Sevens
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Another busy week, and if I don’t pull my finger out I’ll end up doing a double bill next week, so here we go!  Before I do though, I’ll just mention the ‘feature photo’ – our village has a soft furnishings/curtain shop and I’m just loving the Spring window display!

Monday I popped into Leeds for a pre cricket season cricket lunch with a lovely lady who I met through H playing for Yorkshire.  Look at this for a healthy choice in a burger place!!  What is happening to me!?

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Though I don’t shop for clothes I enjoyed browsing and getting some inspiration for my summer wardrobe.

I fell in love with this top/jumper……

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1370

And also this dress………

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1369

Tuesday it was a gorgeous day (7 degrees!) and I played golf for the first time this year without a wooly hat!

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Wednesday Sue had her 2nd proper sewing lesson and started making her first Cleo.

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She took it home and finished it, made another and bought fabric for 2 more!  (oh to have those legs!! – maybe if I carry on loosing weight with slimming world!)


Sue’s Cleo number 2………

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1375

Thursday, reality check and back to work, keeping the healthy eating going…

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1373

And more healthy eating – no I know it’s not the same as looking at cake, sorry!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1376

Talking of healthy eating….

At my weekly weigh in (a day early!) I lost  1 2/2 lbs, mum ‘stuck’ but that’s still 12 1/2 she’s lost so is doing really well, and hubby lost 2 more taking him to 8.  So all in all thats 28 1/2 pounds we’ve lost between us!!

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. Sue must be chuffed to bits with her first make – it looks really good on her.
    I’m one of those boring people who isn’t really tempted by gooey cakes and desserts so I prefer looking at your plates of simpler food – I accept I am in the minority here. Are those fried eggs I see? You could have poached them and they’d have been even healthier 😉

    • She’s over the moon! It was only because she was injured and couldn’t work-out that she had her first lesson. So it’s right what they say, everything happens for a reason! The eggs…. I dry fry them, then flip them over when they’re nearly ready. I’m getting better at it and not busting my yolks! I poach them for my posh soups 😃

  2. Yay you! We’re working on the spring weight-watching here, too, but not quite as successfully, I’m afraid. Glad to see you’ve got some lovely weather to get out and play in. I like your clothing store picks and I’ll be interested to see what you make with that inspiration!

    • I so many ideas now and can’t seem to find time to do anything about them. The weight loss food prep and gym is eating into my sewing and blogging time but hopefully it will all balance out soon. 🙂

  3. Good week for you! And Sue’s really coming along well with those Cleo’s – so nice to see good friends helping each other. Congratulations to all on continuing to eat healthy – must say those eggs look delicious & so does the (carrot & red cabbage?) salad!

    • yup, red cabbage and carrots – I shredded up quite a lot and put it in a bag in the fridge. Then I just made it up to coleslaw with low fat mayo as I needed it so it didn’t go soggy. It lasted about 4 days. It’s reminded me I need to make some more! 🙂

      • I’ve been using plain, non-fat Greek yoghurt with either eggs or chicken for salad. If you’re allowed (and like) yoghurt you might give it a try. I think I’ve got a cabbage somewhere, and should try it with carrots. Thanks!

  4. I’m loving these healthy pics – they’re keeping me on the straight and narrow. Well done to all on the weight loss. Everyone has a week they don’t loose weight – for no apparent reason, so I hope Cyber Mum’s not discouraged. I’m looking at that sweater saying to myself, now if I do the knitting, Ali can do the sewing 😉

  5. Good job all around on the weight loss! Being laid up here has meant very little moving around (except to exercise the knee). Fortunately, my appetite is not too great, and I’ve no interest at all in sweets! How did that happen?
    Nice to see how RTW can be inspiring (that black dress is gorgeous), now just waiting how the Ali machine can recreate! 🙂 And so great that you’ll have a sewing buddy so near to you.

  6. Mary P says

    ! I’m looking at that sweater saying to myself, now if I do the knitting, Ali can do the sewing 😉

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