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February Hawl

Time to share my pattern and fabric additions from February!

This is a new thing for me.  I often add the odd photo to my Sunday Sevens but then I forget where I bought or acquired fabric and patterns so hopefully by writing a monthly post of my acquisitions it’ll help me and might be of interest to you too!


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Simplicity 1361

For starters the description absolutely cracks me up!

Make a riding shirt that’s uniquely yours. Misses’ fitted equestrian performance shirt has front separating zipper and uses heavy weight interfacing in collar and cuff for a stiff shape.

It’s years since I last sat on a horse, but I was drawn to this pattern as I thought I could make a lightweight jacket for golf or to wear with jeans.  Or shorten the sleeves and make a zip up T shirt for golf.

Simplicity 8229

I’ve been watching the underwear making antics from the sidelines for some time.  Since stopping smoking I’ve always felt I was a few pounds heavier than I would like to be and I didn’t want to go to trouble of making my bras and then loosing weight and then being too big.  But since loosing a few pounds and needing less support I thought maybe now is the time.

I chose this particular pattern as Madalynne who designed it has made a video tutorial to accompany it which i thought would be useful for a newbie bra maker like me.  I’ve yet to decide if i’ll make the matching bloomers!!  It might depend how much the fabric costs as they look like they’re quite fabric hungry!!

The next 3 patterns I picked up at the pattern and fabric swap at SewDownDewsbury.  I don’t know who donated these patterns but thankyou!! I’m grateful you did!!

The Vintage one on the left cost 3/- and surprisingly is my size, or there abouts.  Previously when I’ve seen vintage patterns they’ve been for a 34″ bust and a 22″ waist or other ridiculous sizes out of my range!

Newlook 6860 I thought would make some pretty summer dresses for the hot balmy days when I’m watching H play cricket (yes I’m an eternal optimist!).

McCalls 6083 – with Jumping Into June the Revival coming soon can a girl have too many Jumpsuit patterns??!


#sewdowndewsbury #fabricswap #sewingmeetup 1362


This fabric was brought all the way from Germany by Chris.  I wonder if this is the most travelled fabric ever to be donated at a fabric and pattern swap!  Well, me and Karen from Wakey Makes decided both liked it and there was quite a bit, maybe 2 1/2 metres so we’re going to share it.  The colour was hard to photograph.  It’s best describes I’d say as Air Force blue, and is a thick stable knit and feels like some sort of technical fabric.  The squares are embossed and are shiny!  Maybe Chris could shed more light on this fabric….?

#sewdowndewsbury #fabricswap #sewingmeetup 1368


Padding for my bottom!!  Sharon from Stretch Nation makes active wear to sell and also supplies fabric for making your own.  She’s recently started stocking padding for cycling shorts.

#sewdowndewsbury #fabricswap #sewingmeetup 1364


My goodie bag from Margeret in the goodie bag swap.  She was all bothered that she couldn’t make anything as her arm had been in plaster until just before the meet up but she put together a gorgeous and thoughtful set of goodies.

#sewdowndewsbury #fabricswap #sewingmeetup 1365

I didn’t intend to buy any fabric at the meet up.  My Cora app is almost crash with being overloaded and I wasn’t sure it could take any more!! But I couldn’t resist these 2..

Cream scuba with a gold leaf print.  Now who wouldn’t want this in their stash at only Β£5 a yard!?  It’s destined to be a skirt for golf, I’d only need 1/2 a yard for that to maybe it will be a dress….i’m not sure?  Or maybe I should go back and buy some more as I’ve just ordered another jumpsuit pattern and this could make one crazy jumpsuit!!

#sewdowndewsbury #fabricswap #sewingmeetup 1366


Pink and black stretch cotton sateen – also Β£5 a yard.  And also bought with the idea of making a skirt for golf.

#sewdowndewsbury #fabricswap #sewingmeetup 1367

I also have a bag of fabric that I’ve been gifted by a Helen, a sewing buddy but I’ve not had chance to photograph it yet, so I share that next month!



  1. theyorkshirestitcher says

    The cream scuba with gold is delicious, and would make up brilliantly into that Western riding jacket. Awesome.

    • It would! I think it would be wasted as a skirt and does need to be something else…too many ideas buzzing round now!! πŸ™‚

  2. Just fyi the fabric was bought as scuba knit. It came from Stoff&Stil, but I don’t believe they have it any more, so I’m afraid I don’t have any further info.
    I’m getting quite envious about your stash of jumpsuit Patterns!

    • Thanks for the fabric info Chris! I’ve just ordered another jumpsuit pattern but least to loose an 10 pounds at least before I dare make it never mind wear it!! It’s a bit daring for someone in their 40’s but hey ho, we’re planning a holiday for the end of june so there’s time yet! πŸ™‚

  3. Great idea for remembering your fabrics & patterns! And now we both have the same jumpsuit pattern. About fabrics for unmentionables – did you get me email? Have another in mind to send soon as I’ve a chance and hopefully before you buy fabric. πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Del, sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve not given you the silent treatment intentionally. By the way, do you remember when I was wondering if I had sent you the samples? Well, I found them. They’re from Minerva and are well organising and easy to post so I will send them over to you when I get chance. I did get the email and haven’t done anything about sewing them up yet, I feel like I’ve lost a day out of my week at the minute and can’t seem to get on top of things 😦

      • Not to worry ~ figured you were super busy!. Hope you get caught up specially with your sewing. Samples sound interesting so will look forward to seeing them whenever. πŸ˜‰ Hope you’ve got good golfing this week! ⛳️

  4. theyorkshirestitcher says

    Where did the cream scuba come from? I could see that as a bomber jacket!

    • Spooky you just left another comment as I was just about to reply to your first one!
      Both fabrics are from Lucky Fashions, I need to add that to my post. You’re right, it would make a fab bomber jacket! I was just going to say too that sharing my spoils will be great if I get more suggestions what to do With my fabric πŸ˜ƒ

  5. theyorkshirestitcher says

    Thankyou. Might have to get somebody to take me over there….. 😎

  6. Cool fabrics! I’d do a dress from the cream (the Le Roy pattern maybe?) and jacket from the blue. That jacket pattern actually could be pretty versatile–extend the back and add a pocket for cycling, make it out of performance fabric for running, use a nice ponte to make it a bit dressier, etc. I am rather enjoying my mental image of our Yorkshire lass in a cowboy hat, however. πŸ˜‰

  7. Thinking the riding jacket would look good made up in lurid lycra for a cycling jersey.

    That scuba is awesome!!

  8. You will surely be the most gorgeous golfer on the green if you make skirts from those fabrics.
    As for that gizmo for padding your cycling bottom – surely there’s too much information moulded into that πŸ˜‰

  9. Hi definitely not sharing that fabric now!! It will be perfect for a jumpsuit. You go for it. The cream and gold, I have a similar one from Fabworks I am going to try a Morris in it. Happy Sewing K xXx

  10. That cycle padding is looking rather dubious! I’m looking at that jumpsuit pattern wondering if I could make one – it doesn’t look that complex. Is it? Despite my inability to get my sewing machine out these days, I did make my wedding dress, so I’m not as rubbish at sewing as maybe you think I am. Mind you know me, this may all be hot air – we had lunch in the pub and I may have had a couple of glasses of wine πŸ™‚

  11. I had no idea you could buy that cycle padding! Mustn’t tell Mr Wardrobe, otherwise I’ll get saddled (sorry not sorry) with making shorts for him…

    • Haha! Good one!! When I’ve had a look at my bought cycle shorts the padding looks just like them so hopefully when I get round to it it should be a successful make. Go on…. make him a pair!! You could make him some really jazzy ones so he won’t get missed out there on the roads! πŸ™‚

      • Tempted, definitely. His idea of jazzy is navy blue; it’s soooo tempting to make him something really, really bright and loud!

    • It’s stunning 0 Handmade by Hannah has just made a skirt with it, it was on her instagram a few days ago and looks amazing! πŸ™‚

  12. I’ve looked at that riding shirt pattern before as I liked the fit, look forward to seeing your version. Jump into June sounds a great idea…maybe I’ll dig out that pattern I’ve had for yearsπŸ˜‚ Love your fabrics & a good idea to blog about your months purchases. I occasionally forget all about something I’ve bought until I find a random bag in my sewing room!

    • You really need to jump into June with us! When we did it a couple of years ago jumpsuits weren’t ‘in’ like they are now, so hopefully there will be lots of us joining in this year! πŸ™‚

  13. Beads and Barnacles says

    This is a brilliant idea. I keep planning to keep track of what I have added but never really get round to it.
    That scuba looks fantastic

    • The scubas proper blingy! It’s still not had a wash, best get it done today so I can Erik my magic on it! πŸ˜ƒ

  14. So glad you liked my little gift jar. Your right I was worried about not being able to make anything myself. But now I’ve had the go ahead from the hospital to start getting back to normal I’m like a woman possessed. I’ve been sewing all weekend.
    By the way I think the cream ponte would make a brilliant sheath dress. X

    • A few have said about a dress for the cream and I think you’re right. I’ve got a metre so that should be plenty. I can always turn it into a skirt after a few wears. So glad your firing on all cylinders. Are you on Instagram? If not it’s easy to set up and not as time consuming as blogging, it’d be good to catch up with what you’re making xx

  15. I have the Madalynne pattern too – it was a Christmas present that I am yet to make up. Actually I do desperately need new undies, think I just need to get some time when my brain doesn’t hurt to focus on it though. What can I say about Simplicity 1361- it’s definitely one where you have to look past the lurid fabric choices on the pattern envelope and imagine a superior make!

    • You’re right there, I can’t imagine why they chose those fabrics, I bet most people wouldn’t give it a second glance. Good luck filling your drawers with lovely undies.

  16. Oh what a great post! Those scubas are very cool, the pink! I know we’ll be seeing you jumping into June with a big smile wearing a snazzy new jumpsuit. The jacket is a great pattern, and I believe that back in the day (waaaay back) I had a pattern very similar to the LeRoy. I’m envious of both your weight loss and your sewing “fire”. πŸ™‚ Hoping to at least get some cutting out done here next week.

    • Hi Jen, hope you’re on the mend, I’m struggling to catch up with things so not headed to your blog to see if you’ve been up to anything. Hopefully your knee will be less painful and you’re getting some normality back in your life. xx

      • Thanks Ali! The knee is coming along nicely; I’m driving again so that’s great news. Have fallen way behind however in sewing, blog reading, and blogging. Up to speed again soon though.

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