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Hello!  These weeks are just flying by,  I can’t believe it’s nearly Easter.   I’m a bit late this week with my Sunday Sevens, I feel any later than Wednesday and I should add it to next week, so here goes before it’s too late!


Monday was a gorgeous start to the week with high temperatures and lots of sunshine.  My favourite stand by point is back open on Gas Works Lane, Elland Bridge.  This has been closed since the Boxing day floods of 2015 when the river behind came right up and over the wall and caused massive devastion in the Calder Valley.

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I managed to fit in 3 Body Pump classes this week which really get the heart rate up and help to tone the muscles!  I do other classes too but this is my favourite!

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Pre-washing some fabric I’m reviewing for Minerva Crafts.  I’ve actually finished my make and the review will be on their site shortly.

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Lots of colourful primroses bordering the putting green are making me feel like summer is just around the corner!

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Thursday night me nephew was in a show at Bradford Playhouse, we managed to sneak in a drink in the bar before hand – note me on the diet coke and hubby having a naughty pint of bitter!

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Cyber pops looking as handsome as ever waiting for the show to start…xx

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I spent an hour (or 2) sorting some of my shoes out in the bottom of my wardrobe and taking photos for the ‘stylebook‘ app on my phone.  I’ve still to upload them to the app but my wardrobe is now much neater.  I even found a few pairs that I forgot I had!  As I wear steel toe cap boots for work my shoes tend to last forever and don’t get worn out so fast.  Here’s just a few from my screen short on my phone…..

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Another evening stroll for the me and the hubby.  The houses on the right are where we live and we’re really lucky to have a the sound of bleating when we’re sat in the garden now the sheep are back in the field.

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Sunday morning I thought I’d take advantage of the lovely weather and cycle to work.  BIG mistake!  It was only 4 degrees and bloody freezing!!!  But the sunrise was stunning and it did warm up a couple of degrees as the sun crept a little higher.

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I thought I’d save the foodie photos till the end.

Sweet potato, parsnip and carrot soup whizzed up half chunky and half smooth.  No herbs added I just use chicken stock cubes.  Served with sharwoods noodles, chip cubes (boiled for 5 minutes then sprayed and popped in a hot oven for 20 minutes with some spam lite cut into cubes).  This dish when down a treat with the hubby and he is a huge spam fan and was fab for me as it was a super quick tea as I always have a big jug of fresh soup in the fridge.

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I generally have a bag of grated white cabbage and carrots in the fridge to to make my own coleslaw with ridiculously light mayo as I need it.  It lasts about 4 or 5 days but I’ve usually used it up before then.

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Leftover chilli with cauliflower rice and some coleslaw make a really quick meal at work.  For cauliflower rice whiz a cauli up in the food processor and then just warm it in the microwave.  This is really good if your trying to cut down on carbs.  (supermarkets sell it ready made if you don’t have a processor).

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And look what I got – I lost another pound, which meant I received my one stone award in just 8 weeks!!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingfriends 1381Cyber mom lost 2 1/2 pounds – that’s 16 in total and the hubby lost 1 too, that’s 15 altogether!

I’ve never really done a diet properly in the past, as in joining a club and having the support of all the other members and the consultant.  If you’re wondering if you should do it, I’d really recommend it Slimming World.  I don’t even feel like I’m on a proper diet as I’m never hungry.  It’s just got me motivated to get organised and have some structure to what I’m eating, and a lot more variety too.

And look…… favourite Yasmin Yoke skirt doesn’t fit me any more!!  There’s too much top stitching to unpick and alter it.  I think it’ll be quicker to make a new one.

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I know I mentioned a recipe to be added to the end and I’ve shared some of what I’ve been eating this.  Next week I’m going to hopefully have time to share with you my chicken traffic light risotto which is really yummy, and it works the bingo wings too as there’s lots of stirring to be done!  Until then, hope you have a fantastic Easter and don’t get too sick on chocolate – I’ve told my hubby I’d rather have fabric!

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. katie says

    How exciting, a stone in 8 weeks!! I’m sure the skirt will be missed but you must feel fabulous! Congrats!

  2. The weather has been fantastic hasn’t it😃 Hope it lasts.
    Look forward to reading your fabric review, They have sent me wool to try so I’m busy knitting. Last month I reviewed some patterns which was great too as it got me making something different!
    Your food looks soooo tasty it’s making me hungry😃 Have a great Easter 🐣

    • There’s quite a selection of things to be reviewed and you’re right it’s good to make something different and that you wouldn’t maybe have chosen as a project. It’s dropped cold here now, I think mr sunshine was just teasing us last week. Happy Easter to you too 😃

  3. Bravo on the slimming! YGG! Love that blue velvet jacket. Sassy shoes, albeit where’s your golf pairs? DH and I spent last weekend glued to the tv watching the US ‘Masters’ ,was thrilling to see Spain’s Sergio Garcia win his 1st major. Blessings to you and family for a beautiful Easter.~cheers

    • I was a bit rubbish and couldn’t stay awake for the golf, even the hubby fell asleep! My golf ones aren’t as plentiful as the heals and whatavyer and are usually in my car. The jacket is one of my old favourites that I saved even when it was too small. I’m so glad I did 😃

  4. Well done on the weight loss. I’ve kinda stuck. Big decisions though about what to do with things that no longer fit – mind you not such a big difference as you’re showing.

    • If there your favourites and the alterations aren’t too time consuming it’d be worth doing maybe. Have you ever joined SW? If def recommend it, I was stuck and can’t believe how this stone has gone, I admit I’ve missed my puddings but not as much as im enjoying shrinking! 😃

      • I’m attending SW. Lost a stone in 7 weeks. Have been before and lost more than that but regrettably put it back on when I stopped going and slid back into bad habits!
        I love your last sentence! I need to really feel that!

  5. Well done Ali on your weight loss and great you’re making it to Body Pump too, it’s a workout and a half, that’s for sure. And good excuse to make more lovely clothes., although I never do as much sewing in the Spring and Summer as I like to get out and about when the weather is better.

    • Thanks Karen! the body pump is certainly helping getting back into shape as the pounds are coming off, and it’s helping me at work too with all the lifting. 🙂

  6. Those shoes! And so many red ones!! Lovely to see you yesterday. Family arrived at midnight! Have a Happy Easter and enjoy the chocolate.

    • I do seem to have a lot of red and orange ones, though I’m not sure why! I don’t have a lot of red or orange clothes – maybe they just jump out at me in the shoe shops! 🙂

  7. Well done on losing a stone – that’s brilliant! I’m with you on starting a skirt from scratch. I got fed up with alterations. All that unpicking takes forever!!

    • My mum and sister are wanting me to make new too as they’re eyeing up the clothes that I’m not longer able to wear!

    • Thanks Karen! I can’t believe how easy I’m finding it, if I’d have know how much I could eat I’d have done it sooner! 🙂

  8. Congrats on your weight loss! That helps so much, having things prepped in advance, doesn’t it? Have a lovely Easter!

    • It really does. I think being prepared stops me getting proper hungry and then just having anything, especially when I’m working. Happy Easter to you too – what’s left of it! 🙂

  9. CONGRATULATIONS on your loss!!! (Sounds weird but you know what I mean.) When not drooling over those shoes I’ve been looking over the U.S. site, which has some nice recipes. Brava for tackling a cycle in to work and enjoying the sunrise (even if the teeth went chatter-chatter). Love your primroses – won’t grow here. Meh! Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend with grand weather! xx

    • The weather in typical bank holiday style has been really naff Del. But we’ve been out and about and it’s not deterred us. Thanks for the congratulations, it did sound funny! I’ve decided i’ll leave it a few more weeks before I tackle the ride to work again as it took too long for me to feel my fingers! xx

      • Glad you carried on despite the weather. But do understand the need for working digits rather than frozen ones! Brr – send us some o’ that cold!

  10. Fabulous weight loss! Great idea about the grated carrot and cabbage in the fridge. I shall do that. Makes it worth getting the processor out! I’ve been reviewing for Minerva too. My first post goes live on the 19th. I’ll look out for yours. Have a lovely Easter.

    • Thanks Lucie, it’s definitely the healthy eating that helping as I’ve been exercising more for almost a year now. I’m looking forward to reading about your pompoms, I’ll keep an eye out for your post 🙂

  11. Ooh – you have the fancy smart bars at your body pump class. Very swish. Congratulations on your weight loss – you’ve worked really hard for it.

    • I joined out council scheme for the gym so go to difference leisure centres. There’s only one of the centres with the fancy Les Mills bar but they are much easier to get the weights on and off. Have you been to the new 101 class, it’s hard! I’m booked on in the morning! It’s certainly help firm things up as the weights coming off 🙂

      • I’ve only done 101 once so far but the new squats track might be the hardest one yet! BP is my favourite class at the gym and the combinination of that and pilates makes me feel tiptop.

        • Im loving it all, I’m finder it tougher but mainly because I’m trying to push my self more with heavier weights. I’m going to get to Pilates too after my hols. I’ve not done it before so any tips would be welcome.

          • Not many – just to find an experienced instructor who can offer you options if you find certain moves easy or hard. Enjoy!

  12. Well done on the weight loss and to cyber mum for getting back on the weight loss horse. After a long weekend in the midlands and littlest and boyfriend home for Easter and LH’s birthday Monday, I’ve given up and will start again next week!

    • It’s not giving up it’s just having a life and being happy. You don’t want to feel deprived. You sound motivated so hears to a fab week and lots of healthy food! 🙂

      • Thank you. That is basically the tack I’m taking. Getting to the right weight is only the start, it’s staying there once you get there that’s the real challenge. So I’m not dieting but working on my lifestyle, which inevitably means some days will include excess calories. I know it will take longer but hopefully will be a permanent change. However it is not a good lifestyle move when you buy chocolate for your daughter then eat it before she arrives!!!

  13. A whole stone – well done! A good excuse to make a whole new wardrobe, methinks. I got to Thursday and decided it was too late to do a Sunday Sevens, hence the 35 photos this week:) I must have missed where you said you were doing testing for Minerva Crafts. I love my monthly make for them – it really keeps me looking for new ideas to create. Good on you for cycling on a cold morning and doing three body pump classes in a week – you deserve your dieting success:)

    • I’m just doing the review thing they put out a few weeks ago, I’m not part of the MBCN (though I’d like to be!). I really need a new wardrobe, well quite a few new bit, but I’m just really finding it hard to fit in sewing. I’m either preparing food, thinking about food or eating! Or at the gym! Once I get to my target, which won’t be long, hopefully I can ease off and start sewing more. 🙂

  14. Congrats on the weight loss; your hard work certainly pays off, even if you do have an orphaned skirt now. The coleslaw looks so yummy! I must make some – but rather than mayo, think I’ll it with low-fat poppyseed dressing. What do you think? Yummy? And my, all those fabulous shoes! And I think I’m just a little bit in love with that Minerva fabric. Another grand week!

    • Thanks, it was a grand week and I’m so grateful for Sunday Sevens as my weeks may otherwise seem uneventful, but I always look forward to flicking through the pics on my phone and seeing what I’ve been up to! We do so much on auto pilot it’s easy to forget! 🙂

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