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#SundaySevens 98 & An Impromtu Meet Up with NanaCathy

Happy Easter from a wet and chilly Yorkshire!

Hope your tummy’s aren’t full to bursting from all the chocolate!  This is the first year I’ve not had an Easter Egg of my own, but I admit to helping H out just a little bit when he looked to be struggling with his.

On Monday we had a cool, dry start to the week and I managed to get H’s white’s washed and dried so they’re nice and fresh for the start of the cricket season.

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Tuesday I threw a chunky chilli together and left it simmering in the slow cooker and went to play golf.  And I only went and won the competition!

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Do you remember the Simplicity 1696 amazing fit trousers I made last year?  Well, they’re now golfing shorts to be worn in Portugal for my holiday this week!  They would be too short to wear at my home club but abroad the dress code is more relaxed.

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On Wednesday my mum and I dropped H and his girlfriend at Flamingo Land and then had a day out round and about before picking them back up at tea time.  We met Bertie in a garden centre who was very chatty, especially when we left him – he didn’t like to be ignored.

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We resisted all cafes and cake shops in Malton and was super prepared with our own lunch.  Unfortunately it was a bit too cold so we ate our picnic in the car.

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And then the highlight of the day!

As Cathy from NanaCathyDotCom who won my recent Giveaway/Competition lives very close to Flamingo land I dropped her an email to see if she fancied meeting up for a coffee.  She did so we did just that and met up in Pickering!  We had a lovely hour chatting like old friends, AND resisted cake.  And she absolutely loved her goodie bag!

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Remember my standby point in Elland at the side of the river?  The road it’s on is called Gas Works Lane and this old building used to be part of something to do with the old Gas Works.  I have a feeling it used to be a social club.  I took the picture the other day when stood by just to record what it’s like now and hope one day it will be renovated rather than demolished.

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I fancied a change from an omelette so after dry frying some peppers, courgette and mushrooms I dropped a couple of eggs on top.  After cooking them for a few minutes on a gentle heat I finished them off under a hot grill.

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Round the back of the ambulance station is Brighouse Library and a stunning blossom tree.  It really is in full bloom at the moment but the light doesn’t quite do it justice.

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Today was supposed to be our first trip of the year to the coast with the jet ski.  The forecast was terrible so we changed our plans and headed to nearby Butterley Reservoir in Marsden, Huddersfield.

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Despite the miserable weather got wrapped up and kept smiling….

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingfriends 1394 (1)

The thought of our pub lunch helped to keep spirits high….. and I resisted a pudding!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingfriends 1395 (1)

Only because the MIL was coming for tea and I’d be eating another dinner!

Chicken with peppers, spinach and feta cheese, and chips.  All on-plan I must add for my diet!

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And then I snuggled up on the couch with my 2 favourite fellas and we watched Bridget Jones’s Baby, which just finished off our week nicely!

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And now on to Slimming News.  I lost  1 1/2  pounds – that’s now 15 1/2 in total!  Mum gain 1/2 pound, and the hubby lost another pound.    So in total we’ve lost just this year almost 3 1/2 stone between us!

And now just a little recipe to share with you…..How to make a healthy dessert which is perfect for topping your favourite cheesecake base, or a meringue nest, or just have it on it’s own.

You will need for the topping:

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #slimmingworld #quarkrecipes 1400

Quark – for a dessert to serve 4 you will need a 500g tub (at least, more if you’ve can’t find your greedy switch to turn it off!!).  This can be found at most ‘big’ supermarkets.  I think just in the Uk – Del has not been able to find any in the U.S.

(Quark is a fat free soft cheese that is really versatile and can be used in sweet and savoury dishes.)

You will also need Begian or white chocolate options, or other low calorie chocolate drink to flavour the quark.

Fruit – I find raspberries work well with the white chocolate, and mandarin segments with the belgian chocolate.

  • Mix 3 teaspoons of Options to the Quark.  Add more according to your own taste.
  • Add roughly chopped fruit and mix.


#sundaysevens #thimberlina #slimmingworld #quarkrecipes 1399

Add to your favourite cheese cake base – for a totally unhealthy treat I used 8 digestive biscuits and 50g of melted butter.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #slimmingworld #quarkrecipes 1401

  • Try to share out equally!
  • Remember to tell your family you’re making this because once you lick the spoon you’ll want to eat them all right there and then!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #slimmingworld #quarkrecipes 1402

Here’s the same topping added to meringue nests – this saves a huge amount of calories/syns/points depending which if any diet you’re following.  I also added some broken meringue to the topping.  Excuse H – he would’t stop eating for long enough for me to get a pic without him in it!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #slimmingworld #quarkrecipes 1403

And here’s a chocolate orange version (you might remember it from my Mothers Day Sunday Sevens) with grated chocolate on the top.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1385 (1)

And if you just want a snack on the go (like I did at work last night) you can buy single sachets of options and add them directly to the tub of quark so long as you have an implement which will double up as a stirrer and a shovel.  Luckily I had a knife in my lunch bag otherwise I would have to use my pen or maybe a syringe!

I managed to mix a sachet of chocolate orange options just with the top half of the tub of Quark, and after eating that then mixed a sachet of mint chocolate options with the bottom half of the tub.  Absolutely yummy and I didn’t feel I’d missed out on the whole Easter Egg shebang one bit!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #slimmingworld #quarkrecipes 1404

Hope you enjoyed my foodie photos and maybe they’ll give you a few ideas if you’ve stuck what to make for tea.  I think choosing what to have for tea is harder that cooking it!

My next Sunday Sevens will be a double bill in 2 weeks as it’s my girlie golfing holiday in Portugal in only 4 sleeps!!!!!!

Sunday Sevens – founded  by the lovely Natalie at Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. Did I just count ten shirts on the line….TEN?! I know H plays a lot of cricket but, blimey, that’s one helluva lot of washing! The North/South divide regarding weather was in force today as we’ve had glorious sunshine – sorry, didn’t mean to sound like I was gloating! Seems like you didn’t let a drop of rain stop you having fun though. And a win at golf – fantastic! The trousers look perfect as shorts. I’m getting impatient for our Spanish holiday now you’ve mentioned your Portugal trip. How lovely to have some early ‘proper’ sunshine. I love that pic at the end of you all copied up watching Bridget Jones, but……how on earth did you persuade them to watch such a blatant chick-flick?!

    • Thinking about it, I really don’t know how they gave in so easily to my request. I’ve been asking to watch Bugsy Malone for weeks and gotten no where.
      H has different shirts for different teams – juniors, seniors, Yorkshire, district, and then old ones he wears for training, and then jumpers and skins. And then there’s 4 pairs of trousers! At least they don’t need ironing, and he’s good at scrubbing the stains – I put my foot down a couple of years ago and said he needs to do that.
      Holidays can’t come soon enough, and I’m soooo jealous of your weather. We’ve still only used our new furniture twice!! :-0

      • Ah, that explains it, and I suppose it’s similar to the countless football kits our boys seem to have. Bugsy Malone – that’s a film I haven’t seen for a few years. We tried to download My Fair Lady this afternoon for The Boys but it’s not available so they actually requested Dirty Dancing!

        • Dirty Dancing……love that film, and Pretty Women…. wonder if i’ll be pushing my luck to make it anther chick flick night tomorrow? But then there’s Broadchurch…!!

  2. You’re doing so well with your slimming – you holding off sewing till you’ve stopped loosing?! πŸ™‚ have a fab holiday – how big does your H look now?

    • Thanks Manju πŸ™‚ i’ve sewn a couple of things lately, but am holding back as I’m nearly at my target weight. I’ve saved quite a few clothes from before I put the weight on, so i’ve a few bits and pieces to put me on until I get cracking again. H is huge. We’ve not measured him for a while but he’s looking bigger than his dad who is just under 6′ 3″ and he’s not 15 until June!!

  3. Look at you go! I’m impressed at your willpower in the midst of all those opportunities for cake. I remember my brother at that age and you’re not lying–they really do never stop eating! Have a wonderful holiday and I’m crossing my fingers that the weather is a big improvement over what you’ve had at home. πŸ™‚

    • the holiday was amazing – I came home yesterday, and not eating the cake so paid off, I felt fab on holiday and even bared my midriff once or twice! I’d have never done that before! πŸ™‚

  4. You’ve been very inventive with your desserts. I think I’ve said before that our French version is called Fromage Blanc which, you have to admits, sounds so much nicer than ‘quark’.
    Great that you managed to meet up with Nanacathy. I bet she was dying for a bit of cake πŸ˜‰
    I hope you have a lovely time in Portugal in your summery short shorts.

    • Thanks Lyn, I did have a fab time and the shorts were just the job for on the golf course in the sunshine, though a brolly was needed for all of 5 minutes! πŸ™‚

    • You’re welcome, hope you’re managing to loose a few pounds too. Have you tried the quark yet? I’ve missed it whilst I’ve been away and need to stock up! It’s my weigh in in the morning and I’m hoping i’ve at least lost a pound but I’m not feeling too confident at the minute due to having excessive amounts of cake after my omelette at breakfast!! And sneaking some into my golf bag too for when I was peckish on the course!

      • You’re doing well, so a naughty day or two is fine as long as you get back on track. In fact I’m sure it helps not to feel to deprived for too long. I was doing well until friends came round Thursday late afternoon and we started on the prossecco at 4.30! Been good though since and cycled 18 miles this morning πŸ™‚

  5. So lovely to see you this week and to meet Cyber Mum. I can confirm that weather wise this has not been the best of Easters. Now aren’t you glad I wouldn’t let you have cake in the cafe. My gift was amazing, stand by for a post this week. The blossom looks lovely. Have a great week.

    • Hi Cathy! Yes, thankyou again for helping me steer clear of the cake. I could’ve done with you in Portugal as my willpower was sadly lacking at breakfast time. πŸ™‚

  6. That cheesecake recipe is great, can’t wait to try it myself! thanks for sharing. Looks like another very busy joyful week, for you guys, despite the weather! That old building looks beautiful let’s hope someone restores it, the Victorians certainly put lots into decorations and arches!

    • You’re welcome – ….have you managed to make it yet, and if so what did you think? I think the name ‘quark’ must put people off trying it when they see if in the supermarket as it doesn’t look very appealing. That’s good for me though as it’s never sold out!

    • The will power dwindled on holiday but I’m back on it now and pushing to get to my target, so fingers crossed and jaw wired I’ll soon be there!

  7. Thanks so much for the shout out, Lovely, and for recipes at the end, and for all in between! (Strangely, read a couple of paras all about cricket plays in a novel, which I didn’t understand a bit, and wondered when H was going to start the season. What a lotta kit!) By the time you read this it may be just 2 sleeps before your trip, and I do hope you have loads & loads & loads of fun ! ! ! xxx

    • you’re welcome Del, I hope you can make some sort of variation of the cheesecake. The holiday has sadly been and gone but as you know from the video we had a ball!! I might just have to send another one to you, but with no singing!! πŸ™‚

  8. Beads and Barnacles says

    Oh that cheese cake looks great. πŸ™‚
    Congrats on your golf win and weight loss.
    Those shorts are bright but would be perfect for a trip to Spain. I hope you have wonderful weather for it, it’s been super nice down south for easter but I’m sure that will change soon

    • The cheesecake really is fab, and healthy too if you go easy on the base (which I find hard to do!) Please can you send us some sunshine up north, i’ve had the heating on since getting back from my holiday! πŸ™‚

      • Beads and Barnacles says

        Yeah it got cold here over the last week. But still not too bad, I probably would have turned my heating off of it hadn’t been drying out the remaining dampness in the walls.

  9. My goodness I love your cheery posts! In spite of the wicked weather, it seems like your week was a dandy one. Wonder what the American equivalent of Quark is? The recipes look delicious. How fun to have spur-of-the-moment coffee with NanaCathy! And handsome H has a girlfriend (should I have known that?)! Hope to get back to blog writing and reading soon, I’ve been missing so much! And congrats on the continued weight loss!

    • Aw thanks Jen, you comments are always cheery and I love reading them! Del has been researching quark at your side of the pond and not been able to find an equivalent, but I don’t know if you have the some kind of stuff in your shops as she does. It’s a fat free cream cheese if that helps and isn’t very tasty or exciting unless something is added to it. I’m not sure if i continued the weight loss on holiday, all will be revealed in the morning when I go to the fat club! πŸ™‚

      • Hmmm, I do know we have fat free cream cheese, might have to give your recipe a shot and see how it goes! (The “fat club”! hahahaha)

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