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#SundaySevens 96 And We Have A Winner or 2!!

Well, I finally gotten round to doing my Carol Vorderman bit and added up the total mileage of how far everyone travelled to the #sewdowndewsbury meet up.  And I was absolutely flabbergasted!  Even before the 808 miles from Chris who came from Germany were added you guys travelled 1,111.2 miles!!!  So in total that’s……..

#sewdowndewsbury #thimberlina #sewingfriends 1380

So the UK winner is Cathy from nanacathydotcom who guessed 1876, so she was only 43.2 miles under, and doesn’t live too far away herself so hopefully we’ll meet up at a future sewing gathering. Last year Sam won the competiton and this year she came, so you never know!

The international winner is Rachel, all the way from Malaysia, who blogs at SewSouthLondon. Rachel’s guess was only 54.8 over … 1974.

Well done ladies!!  If you email me your addresses I’ll arrange for your goodie bags to be posted off to you!!

So now on to what else happened last week……included some sewing.  I’m a bit worried that you’ll think I’ve given up the sewing blog in favour (or should it be flavour) of a foodie blog, as at the minute if i’m not preparing food, I’m either eating it or thinking about it! Or trying to work it off!

Helen made another frock!   She should take over my blog!

After something Helen said today when she popped round for lunch and a comment from Lyn at Tialys I’ve decided I’m going to nominate a dolled up day each week to get dolled up for absolutely no reason what so ever!   Do you fancy joining in?

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1369 (3)

The scrum food continues…. white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1370 (3)

Me in action on the golf course, and this time I took no prisoners and whooped the hubby’s butt!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1371 (3)

I made a start on my first jumpsuit which has ended up being a wrap top instead.  I’ve teamed this up with some white 3/4 length wide pants and can’t wait to show you them in some proper photos.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1372 (3)

The hubby and I took advantage of the light nights and have been trying to do an hours walking each evening, or body magic as they call it at slimming world!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1373 (3)

Spiralized potatoes cooked in the oven, H loved them!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1374 (3)

One of Rory’s friends getting acquainted with our new furniture.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1375 (3)

More of my photos have been popping up at the golf club – all 3 are mine, but the mushroom one is my favourite.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1376 (3)

Mag’s bottom!  She thought I was a bit daft when i wanted to take a picture of it after golf last week.  But just check out those cool pockets!!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1377 (3)

And lastly, my latest proper finished make…..to be blogged very shortly is the ‘feature pic’ at the top!!


Weight loss update: I lost another 2 pounds, that’s 13 in total and leaves me only 6 pounds to target!  Mum put 1/2 pound on and thought it was an April fool but it wasn’t.  She’s back on track this week.  The hubby is still loosing weight steadingly and has lost a stone altogether, but as he doesn’t have an official weigh in it’s hard to know exactly what he’s lost.  He’s going in the right direction though.

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.


  1. Congratulations to Cathy and Rachel! I’m thinking you should start sharing these recipes with us – otherwise it’s just cruel. I know how you feel, I could do with a dolled up day each week, but whatever day it was I’d still be dragged through all those muddy puddles by Hicks and ruin my dolled-upness 😦 Well done to you and hubby on the weight loss. Good to hear cyber-mum is back on track 🙂

    • You could wear your best wellies and matching socks and wear bright lipstick when you walk Hicks! Maybe I could add a recipe at the end if my Sunday Sevens? The cheesecake is to die for! 😃

      • Of course – because I want to look like a crazy lady! 🙂 Oh yes, go for the recipes, if you’re not breaching anyone’s copyright 🙂

  2. theyorkshirestitcher says

    Will you be sharing the recipe? Go on, you know you want to…..

  3. Sam Chandler says

    Congratulations to the winners, hope that you enjoy the prizes. Another busy week Ali and your new skirt looks fab.

  4. Love the new skirt–so cute for summer!

    Sorry, I had to laugh when I saw your comment about you and hubby taking walks–and then a picture of two hairy cattle. 😉

  5. Congratulations to Cathy and Rachel.
    Get you – baring your new midriff to the world. That top will look great with some white trousers – you’ll be all ready for your summer hols.
    Helen looks the business in her dress and your ‘dolled up day’ idea sounds great and I’d have joined in if I were still in the U.K. However, round these rural French parts, where they don’t seem to bother getting dressed up even for weddings (the bride and groom only barely seem to manage it) it does encourage a more ‘relaxed’ dress code. Getting ‘dolled up’ is one of the things I occasionally miss about England (along with fish & chips, good curries and the sense of humour – but not the weather). I look forward to seeing fab photos of some of your readers walking their dogs, dropping the kids off at school, doing the food shopping or just hanging out the washing in a frock and heels. I will be with you in spirit.

    • I think the whole world has gone into relaxed/casual mode, I remember when we used to go the the frontier nightclub (the old Batley Variety Club) and the men had to wear a jacket and tie, and no trainers or jeans. Maybe the dolled up day might go viral, you could start the trend in your village! I’ve not got many dresses, well not that fit me, I’ll have to get sewing some. My list will be even more unmanageable 🙀

  6. I am super happy and well I never. One in the eye for Mr E who says my maths is atrocious, which it is. Maybe it was just my powers of guesstimation. But best of all is the idea that next time I will be of your numbers. Anyway many thanks. Congrats on the weight loss. And well done on the golf course.

    • Thanks Cathy! And well done again, it was a great guess or maths or whatever…you won and that’s all that matters!! 😄

  7. That is EXACTLY the same set of garden furniture that we have just bought!! Do you ever bother to change the height of the table down to ‘coffee table’ level though – we don’t. That cheesecake looks amazing and it’s good to know that sweet treats are accommodated in your diet. It’s obviously working – only 6lbs to target, well done! Dolled-up day sounds like fun and would go down well with Mister, that’s for sure. Love the new skirt and the yellow dress. Lighter nights are such a treat, aren’t they? We just light the fire, cosy up under a blanket and stay outside until late – 10pm on Sunday! Good to hear you’re back on form whooping the hubs at golf (sorry, Mr Thimberlina!).

    • That’s spooky! I’m sure we must have been related in a past life! We’ve only used it twice – tonight and in Mother’s Day, our weathers just not been up to it. We’ve had it up all the time so far, and it’ll probably stay up. We’ve got a lightweight cover for it. It’s a car cover we had for the little mg and we never used it. It’s perfect to keep the bird muck off it and easy to get on and off. But I bet you’re using yours so much it won’t need covering. Oh to have the extra few degrees that you get further south. 🌞

      • We’ve ordered the specific covers but will probably only use them over Winter as it’s weather proof – cushions, too, which was half the appeal if I’m honest. There’s a pic of it in last week’s Sunday Sevens, but I’m certain it’s the same set. We’ve been lucky with the weather and have used it pretty much constantly since we bought it. Supposed to be great weather ‘oop North’ too this week, I think, so I hope to see piccies of you enjoying it any day now!

        • We’ve been taking our cushions off, I never thought about leaving them on even though they’re weather proof. I’m a behind behind with my blog feed, will have a catch up…😃

  8. Hi Ali – I’m so thrilled to have won a prize!! It almost makes up for not being able to attend the meet-up in person!! Thank you so very much – I am beyond excited! Xxx

    • Aw I’m so glad….I’d be excited too! I wish I could have entered but I’d have been no where near, it blew me away when I did the maths! 😃

  9. Wow, what a(nother) week for you! Congratulations to Helen on that gorgeous dress! How DO those taters come out like that??? I’d be elbowing H out ‘the way! Congratulations to the winners, and what an event it was! (Thoroughly enjoyed Hila’s video.) But I must disagree on a point: White “chocolate” isn’t reeeally chocolate, and I do not give up calories for it. Sorry, Lovely ~ that one’s all yours. 😄

    • The spuds were done with a spiraliser. Then a little bit of spray oil and baked in the oven, I did gave a few myself, and courgette ones are fab instead of spaghetti, it’s called courgettie! 😄 xx

      • Goodness, lots of fancy cookery – thank you for the info! Hope your temps are cooling down. Will send that info after I race to the library. xx

  10. Beads and Barnacles says

    That wrap top looks lovely. What pattern was that from?
    Spiralised potatoes look interesting. They look like they will get nice and crispy…

    • It’s from McCalls – 6083. It was going to be a jumpsuit and it says it’s suitable for wovens and jersey. When I’d made the wrap top it was quite obvious that there was no way I’d get it I once it had the buttons attached. I’d cut out the fabric belt so attached than and made it into a top. I’ll properly get more wear of of it this way than as a jumpsuit. I think I’ll still make the bottoms as I’ve got them cut out.
      Spiralised anything takes lovely st the minute, until the novelty wears off, but it was only £13 from Argos. 😀

      • Beads and Barnacles says

        Ooh I just looked that up and it looks interesting. The short length wrap jumpsuit looks cute. I might have to look for something a bit like that.
        But you are right, separates are more useful 🙂

  11. corrineappleby says

    I may have to join you with a weekly dolled up day. I’m in danger of turning into a right slob, partly because i can pretty much wear what i like to work! I’ll suggest it in our office! Congratulations on your continued weight loss. I’m hoping things will get easier for me now as i love eating salad when the weather is warmer!

    • Good luck with the weight loss Corrine, but this weather’s a bit disappointing, lets hope we have some salad days soon. I felt like i was practicing for my dolled up days last week on holiday as we got dolled up every night and it was fab! 🙂

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