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Another Day At The Races M6612

Before I ramble on and tell you about yet another McCalls 6612 I just need to say this flurry of blog posts isn’t due to me being in the middle of a sewing frenzy.  It’s me playing catch up from what I’ve made over the summer and due to one thing and another (the main thing being cricket) I’ve not done much blogging.

A few weeks ago I had a last minute invite to a day at the races.  Last minute, as in the day before.

It was ladies day so some sort of head gear was in order, along with a frock, shoes and bag.

My first thought when I was thinking about what to make  (a ‘normal’ person would think “what to wear”) was this fabric I bought at Lucky Fashions at this years #SewDownDewsbury and how well it would go with this handbag…. It’s a rich cream coloured scuba with a gold leaf pattern and was a steal at ยฃ5 per yard!

#M6612 #THIMBERLINA #mccalls6612 13

I quickly cut out McCalls 6612 and basted it together.  Although i’ve made this pattern in all different fabrics this is the first time i’d sewn it up in a Scuba.  I basted all the seams as close the the edge as possible with minimal seam allowance as this fabric had much less stretch than all the other fabrics I’d made it in, and I didn’t want it too figure hugging.

#M6612 #THIMBERLINA #mccalls6612 14

Yup!  That would do!  I’d take a full 1.5cm SA on the shoulders to alleviate the gaping on the armscye but other than than I was happy with the fit.

Do you like my sandals?  Cream with gold….what a stroke of luck that they matched so well!

At this point I went to bed.  I’d leave unpicking and restitching until morning.  It was getting late and I didn’t want to make an fatal errors.

So the next morning, in true Thimbers style, it was like something out of Ready Steady Cook but with sewing machines instead of cookers!

By 9am, I’d unpicked the basting stitches and sewn up the seams ‘properly’.  I’d decided not to bother finishing the hem, armscye or neckline, and instead made a mad dash to Debenhams to see what they had in the way of hats and fascinators.  I was in luck, but the fascinator ended up costing more than bags, shoes and dress put together!

I dashed home, applied makeup, straightened my hair and was ready when Sue picked me up at 10am!

#M6612 #THIMBERLINA #mccalls6612 15

We had a great time, but again I was unlucky and lost all my money.

#M6612 #THIMBERLINA #mccalls6612 16

The blow was softened by the free bar and I came home happy!

I’d taken the sticker off the fascinator so wasn’t sure which was the front, and ended up turning it around at some point in the afternoon.  I’m still undecided which is the right way.

#M6612 #THIMBERLINA #mccalls6612 17


As I was leaving I bumped into the Lady who won the best dressed.  I think we were both a little worse for wear!

She had made her entire outfit including the bag and hat!!   I just wish I’d have been breathing in!!

And have you noticed (you probably haven’t!) that I’m wearing a different fascinator!?  It’s mine honest – Sue had borrowed it as it went really well with her dress.

#M6612 #THIMBERLINA #mccalls6612 18

I think I’m nearly getting there.  Just one or 2 outstanding posts to catch up on, including a mammoth Sunday Sevens which I really must get on with soon!

Hope you all have a fab weekend, and if you’ve nothing to wear for Saturday night there’s still time to whip up a new frock!

Cheerio for now,

Thimbers x


  1. Well don’t you all look gorgeous!
    I’m just about to make my first item using scuba fabric – any tips?

    • Thankyou ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜
      Scuba doesn’t press too well, and it can be bulky if your binding necklines or armscye. The seams can look good with a decorative stitch to hold then open. What you making? ๐Ÿค”

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  3. Love this dress! Had to laugh at the fact that the fascinator cost more than the rest of the outfit put together and, no, it doesn’t matter which way the fascinator is worn does it? The ‘Best Dressed’ lady looks gorgeous, too…..I’ve never had a waist like that:(

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