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Fankenpattern to the Races – Newlook 6648 and 6730

For the last few years we’ve been invited to Ripon races and I’ve always made a new dress for the occasion.

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This year I almost deviated from wearing handmade as I finally was able to fit into a favourite RTW dress that has been too small for ages…..or I’ve been too big!

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Unfortunately I gained about 4 pounds after this picture was taken and it wasn’t as comfortable so I had to have a plan b.

I still had some of the blue ITY fabric (from this years SewUpNorth) left after making Simpicity 1613  So then I had a crazy idea to make some pull on wide legged pants (Newlook 6730) and create a jumpsuit if I shortened the dress and stitched them together.


I cut out the pants in a small which is a 25 1/2 – 26 1/2 inch waist and a 34 1/2 – 36 1/2 inch hip.

#jumpsuit #frankenpattern #newlook6647 #newlook6730

I’ve not been that small since I started school but due to the stretchiness of the ITY knit and the close fit I was wanting I thought it would be the right size.

#jumpsuit #frankenpattern #newlook6647 #newlook6730

I sewed all the seams with a regular 3 thread overlocked seam and after trying them on I needed to taken all the seams in approximately another 1/2 inch.

The fit was then spot on!

#jumpsuit #frankenpattern #newlook6647 #newlook6730

Now to see what they’ve look like together…..

#jumpsuit #frankenpattern #newlook6647 #newlook6730

I’d not stitched the two together in the above photo, I just wanted to get an idea if it would work.  I asked my instagram buddies what they thought and the general opinion was “yes”.  But then I had a dilemma as to whether I wanted to sacrifice this dress, or should I make another top to go with the jump suit.

I still had some of the blue fabric left and after rummaging through my pattern stash I decided to use Newlook 6648 which has a cowl – there was just enough fabric.  It must’ve been fate!

#jumpsuit #frankenpattern #newlook6647 #newlook6730

I’ve made this top before, but as a dress and was able to pull it on over my head.  As this was going to be pulled up over my hips I was worried that the neck opening might not be wide enough, so I made the back the same as the front with a cowl to make the opening a little bit bigger.

Yup!  That worked!

When I stitched the bottom and the top together the top was wider but I was able to stretch the bottom to fit.

I needed to create a casing for the elastic.  I was getting a bit lazy at this point, so used my cover stitch machine which was already threaded.   And I inserted my elastic as I was sewing the casing as I find this way easier and quicker than doing it afterwards with an  old safety pin.

Look at the old elastic I found in my stash!  65p from Woolies!

I used 2 lengths of elastic for the waist as one didn’t feel strong enough.  And instead of tying a knot and creating bulk I stitched over the elastic when I closed the elastic casing.

I added binding to the armscye and stitched the hems on the pants with a double cover stitch.  The neck of the cowl didn’t need finishing as it won’t fray and is turned over when stitched at the shoulder seams.

Overall it was a really simple make and I’ll definitely be making more jumpsuits this way!

#jumpsuit #frankenpattern #newlook6647 #newlook6730 25

I was really really pleased that I made the back and front with a cowl as totally by accident the jumpsuit could be ‘off the shoulder” and have a completely different look!

#jumpsuit #frankenpattern #newlook6647 #newlook6730

A few more photos posing at the races!

#jumpsuit #frankenpattern #newlook6647 #newlook6730

Looks like the 2 guys in the background were enjoying the photo shoot!

#jumpsuit #frankenpattern #newlook6647 #newlook6730

Everyone’s a winner!  This was as far as I got at being a winner on the day!  It’s amazing how brave a few gin and tonics will make you!

#jumpsuit #frankenpattern #newlook6647 #newlook6730

I’ve since worn this jumpsuit for a night out at the golf club too, and it was perfect for boogying the night away!  One of the ladies commented on how well it fitted and couldn’t believe how it didn’t fall off the shoulders when I was dancing.  It was a pure fluke, but I just smiled!

#jumpsuit #simpicity1613 #patternhack #frankenpattern 2

I’m wondering if I should wear is when I go to Yorkshire Cricket – one of their colours is blue and they give out head pieces for the crowd to wear….. I don’t think I could’ve got a better match if I tried!

#jumpsuit #simpicity1613 #patternhack #frankenpattern 3

This is jumpsuit number 4 that I’ve made, if you include the playsuit I made in the summer.  I also have a black RTW.    When Chris and I decided to Jump into June a couple of years ago a lot of people thought we were crackers but now jumpsuits are everywhere, and becoming more popular each season!

I’ll really want to make to more, and I really fancy a red one for our works Christmas do! Have you got a jumpsuit on your sewing to-do list?

Cheerio for now




  1. I have not!!
    But your one is a real head-turner – although I’m not convinced about the hat πŸ˜‰
    Do you always use a 3-thread overlocked seam on your makes? I always use 4-thread although I’m not sure why – probably because that’s how the machine came threaded. Is there a right way?

      • It’s not the making of it that deters me it’s the wearing of it. Like Kim, I remember them on another time round but, unlike her, I’m still not convinced they would fit into my lifestyle.
        I’m going to set aside a bit of time to watch the podcast and see if I can’t save myself some thread – might pick up some other tips too.

  2. With memories of jumpsuits (and loo floors!) in my past I was convinced I would never try another ……… and then i saw one in the Hush sale. Total convert.
    Your jumpsuit is fabulous, and I may now be sufficiently convinced to make one for myself πŸ˜ƒ

    • I think they’re so much more flattering than dresses, and easier to find shoes to match. The loo thing is a small price to pay, and I tend to drink less when I’m wearing one so am less likely to be feeling rough the next day!
      Looking forward to seeing yours when you make it, have you got a pattern in mind? We’re spoilt for choice at the minute.

  3. Lisa says

    Your jump suit looks fab πŸ‘ I’ve only made the one you inspired me to make in the summer but am at present procrastinating over a jumpsuit or dress in a lovely scuba! Interesting stuff to about the 3 thread as I too only ever use 4! Might now venture with 3 on my stretchy stuff? Thanks for the tips Ali x

    • You’re welcome! I was really surprised when I heard about using the 3 thread overlock stitch, but it does make sense if it’s stretchier. I’ve yet to try in on anything where there might be an serious stress on the seams though.
      Have you a pattern in mind for a scuba jumpsuit? x

  4. I love how much use you’ve had out of this fabric! I’ve made one jumpsuit and bought another. I really like them, but if I make anymore they will be two pieces that look like a one piece.

    • I’m so grateful you donated it at the fabric swap! A dress and a jumpsuit!! How lucky am I!
      I love your jumpsuit that you made, but making 2 pieces to look like a jumpsuit is a really good idea.

    • Thankyou! I’m a bit gutted the summer is over as it is more of a summery jumpsuit. Oh well, I’ll just have to make another!

  5. I laughed really hard on the two guys in the background and on your reaction to that picture! πŸ˜† The jump suit looks great on you, the colors show how much fun you are, it’s just perfect! Very creative work!

  6. Looks gorgeous on you but, no, I still can’t bring myself to make a jumpsuit and cover up my best features which is my legs, lol! Fab that it doubles up as an off the shoulder, too.

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