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It is Sunday but there’s not 7!  How could there be when it’s almost 3 months since I last wrote a Sunday Sevens post.  So I’ll just get on and try it keep the writing short and snappy.  Make sure you’ve eaten – there are a few food posts and they’re not all Slimming World!

Baby Moorhens on the golf golf.  They weren’t very willing subjects when I tried to photograph then, they couldn’t half shift!

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Stunning sunset one Summers evening at work.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 2

Gorgeous meal after a team match at golf.  So healthy, not the usual pie and chips which we often get.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 4

Followed by a not so healthy dessert 😻

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 5

An evening with H watching Yorkshire Cricket in a 20-20 game.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 6

Rory being very cute and not minding having her photo taken.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 8

Stormtroopers at our local shopping centre, whatever next!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 9

A very English Band Stand at Ripon racecourse.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 10

Cold baked sweet potatoes, I just love ’em with everything!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 14

English Summers at their best

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 15

I’m not a fair weather golfer so battled on in the horrendous conditions.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 16

An afternoon in Skipton…. I stumbled across Cool Crafting, I’d previously been to their shop in Kirby Lonsdale but this one is new and much bigger.  I took some more photos and will write a separate post….It really lives up to it’s name and is a really cool shop!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 19

Delicious carrot cake in Shipton but I just had to complain. Nicely of course.  The pointy slice of the cake was missing but the waiter thought I was kidding when I said I wanted the rest of my cake. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so polite.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 20

Another photo in Shipton – I took the lolly out just long enough for me to have my photo taken!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 21

Doing what I do best, at least in the summer – watching H play cricket.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 24

A different game – this was Harrison’s last ever under 15s game, and potentially last ever junior game.  I was a bit slow taking the pic though.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 25

But he gave me a big cheesy grin once he’d gotten changed.  I’ve no idea who he gets that from! 😂

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 26

I resisted this cake at the golf club…..honest!!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 27

I won the Mike Ingham Vase!  A beautiful crystal vase which I could’ve taken home, but daren’t so it’s in the trophy cabinet at the golf club.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 28

Tidying up the back of my car at work!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 29

This was in August on my way to work about 5.30am.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 30

Also in August, and the highlight of this Sunday Sevens post – I went to Scarborough and met up with Rachel who came all the way from Malaysia (not just to see me!!) and Corrine, who lives in Scarborough.  I’ve met Corrine several times in the past but this was the first time I’d met Rachel – from Sew South London.  We had such a lovely afternoon, it’s amazing how you just know you’ll get on with certain people!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 31

Another sewing pal, Bea, who I’ve now met in real life but hadn’t when I received this in the post…it never made my stash and was made up in no time!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 32

My niece Lucy (remember Lucy’s lace?) is at Leeds Uni and popped over for the afternoon.

T#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 33

I made this mini quark cheesecake for a taster session at our Slimming World group.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 34

Road trip – H’s girlfriend came camping with us for a few day (separate rooms of course!!)

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 36

How tall!!??  I’m 5’4″, H is now 6’3″ and his girlfriend is 5’10” I almost was tempted to walk with shorter families as I felt I didn’t belong!!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 37

We camped near St Austell at the same site as Cyber mom and dad were staying with their caravan.  As usual there were a lot of laughs, I can’t even remember what we were laughing at here!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 38

In one of the villages they made use of an old phone box and it now home a defibrillator.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 39

Our last night before we heading home.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 40

Aw, love this pic of me and little H. It was the end of the season for the senior team he plays for and they won the league so we had one or 2 drinks to celebrate.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 42

Sue and I at the races….before i took advantage of the all inclusive bar, wearing a speedy McCalls 6612

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 43

H shattered after a hard day at school, Nanny had given him a head massage and he was zonked out!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 44

A little zipper pouch I made as a pressie

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 45

Last Saturday at a surprise 50th party.  We’re having quite a flurry of 50’s this last year or 2.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 46

Another yummy pudding at the golf club that I resisted! Only because I’ve crept outside of my target weight at slimming world!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 47

En route to see a sewing/golfing buddy last Tuesday night there was the most amazing sky.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 48

After a tour of her new Sewing Room we spent 3 hours chin-wagging in her hot tub.  Yup, I was like a shrivelled up prune!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 49

Friday I called into Brighouse.  There’s a charity shop, well, there’s loads, but one of them has a designer shop next door and I picked up this jacket in a ponte knit for £15 which I thought was a good price.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 50

And this Betty Jackson full lined dress, also for £15.  I also picked up a black leather skirt for £12.50 but haven’t taken a photo yet.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 51

Friday afternoon I had a walk with cyber pops around Tong Village, this horse was oblivious to me taking it’s picture.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 52

And these cows were gathered around a smouldering fire keeping warm.  If they got any closes they’d have been cooking!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 53

Yesterday my nephew took part in a promotion of Les Miserables which is at the Bradford Playhouse in November.   He’s playing the lead role!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 54

Here’s the flyer if you’re local and would like to go see it.  Click HERE for more details and for tickets. They’re only £10 each and if any of their previous performances are anything to go by it will be fantastic.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 55

Today H played football in Hebden Bridge.  I called into the train station to use their facilities and just had to snap a photo of the olde worlde station.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 57

If you’ve managed it to the end, Thankyou!

Hopefully I won’t leave it so long for my next Sunday Sevens post.

And if you are new to my blog and haven’t heard of Sunday Sevens, it’s the brain child of Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.  They’re weekly-isn posts of 7-ish photos of what’s happening in your life outside of the sewing room.  You can join in once, and make it a regular part of your blog, or dip in and out as you fancy.  There really are no rules but I love having a diary of what I’ve been up to, and love reading what’s going on in my blogging buddies world too.


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  1. My favorite sentence of this post: “I almost was tempted to walk with shorter families as I felt I didn’t belong”. Hilarious! I love your humor!
    And I also loved that trainstation! Great photo and great post. I’m glead you are back!

    • Thankyou! It’s been a surprisingly good year for my golf this year, I can only put it down to loosing weight and getting fitter as I don’t practice! 😀

  2. Lisa says

    Yayy well done 👍 on the trophy and your willpower refusing the cake 😉 I’ll borrow some of that from you!! I love sweet potatoes but never had them cold 🤔 Must try them!! Some great bargains too there Ali I thought you’d made the striped dress!! Loved catching up on your summer 😊

  3. What a great catch up – has it really been three months? I see you had a good old fashioned camping/caravan holiday as well as your jaunts abroad. They are just as enjoyable, albeit in very different ways, aren’t they? Cold sweet potato is a new one on me and I’m not convinced! Well done on your golfing success – the trophy vase is best in a cabinet at the club as it will only need dusting at home, lol. The ‘Cool” craft shop sounds promising. There’s nothing around here, we have to travel an hour to the nearest decent town so I buy mostly online which is not the same as I love a browse. Nice to see pics of the whole family, too. P.S. Glad to see that you’ve signed up for #stitchingsanta again – wouldn’t be the same without you:)

  4. I had a tea break in the middle of this one 😉
    Thank you for the catch up – we’ve missed you in blogland. x

  5. Such great photos! You do look very tiny in that photo with H and his girlfriend! That stripy jacket was a great find, such a perfect fit. x

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