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Sunday Sevens #ISEWLATED wk 2

Is it just me who is going around in circles and struggling to have focus and be productive. I don’t think so, but I’m going to try and have a bit more structure in my days off this week.

EDIT: I’ve been trying to do this for over a week and not gotten it finished and now it’s time for week 3 of isewlation. So I’ve decided to post week 2 now and post week 3 tomorrow, which will be a little bit more exciting! (Tomorrow’s post being exciting not you getting my posts 2 days running!)

Started the week with a group night in-in. I got sooooo tipsy that going to bed is a very vague memory! I can highly recommend it if you’ve not tried it though.

We got hit again! A wave and a clap is so appreciated when we’re out and about but chocolate really hits the spot!

I really need to get my stash organised so I’ve been spending some time measuring it, photographing it and updating my Cora app.

Different piles – denim, jersey, satins, crepes to name but a few. I’ve not finished as I still need to go through what I have in my lady cave, but I’m getting there.

A gift from a patient – so I could make a chilli!

Social distancing – having a brew with the cyber parents when I dropped off their shopping.

I made a jacket from an old piece of curtaining fabric….

And blew my own trumpet….. not quite a trumpet but still gave it a blow!

A moment of madness caught on camera whilst fuelling up at the pumps.

Cyber pops having his daily exercise cutting my grass. So grateful for this – if there’s a key worker on your street whose grass is looking a bit neglected I’m sure they mind won’t you cutting it!

Feature pic at the top is my amazing crew mate, with one of our fabulous community first responders. You guys rock😍

Stay safe everyone

Cheerio for now

Ali x

Fancy joining in Sunday Sevens or wondering what it’s all about? Head over to Natalie’s blog Thread and Bobbins and read all about it…..

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  1. Love the jacket 🙂 I’m not getting half as much done as I should, everyone’s muttering about lack of mojo. My OH is a CFR and today he’s started training to answer 999 calls over in Wakefield 🙂

    • Good luck to your OH, it’s a tough job in EOC but they should be well supported there. Hope you’re keeping well Margaret 😷xx

  2. I really love the jacket, it gorgeous.Hurrah for cyber Dad doing his bit. My mojo has gone walk about too-this week has been about the garden, plus sleep and reading, and not getting poorly. How lovely to see the gifts, such a change from nasty notes left by idiots complaining about parking etc…
    Look after yourself and stay safe. xx I ring a cowbell for you on Thursday….

    • I bet our mojos aren’t self isolating, I bet they’ve all gathered together and are having a ball somewhere😂 keep safe and keep ringing the bell Cathy, Thankyou 😊😊

  3. Hey, Gawjus Lady! Up in your cave today, stroking fabric … I mean sorting out your stash? Any reason to stroke fabric has got to be good for you❣️ Virtual hugs to Cyber Pops for his lawn patrol. Am so glad your entire country rings you guys up Thursday nights and gives you chocolate. We don’t have that over here. It really tickles me when I read about your country’s signs. Take care & don’t worry if you’re not accomplishing “things” this week. Give yourself a break! xxxx

    • No stroking today Del, I’ve been super lazy and recharging my batteries hoping to have a more productive few days before I’m back ago work. Chocolate really does make everything better, except the waist line, good job I can let the waist bands out on my clothes! xx

  4. No you’re not the only one I cant concentrate on anything for longer than a few minutes. Cant be bothered sewing , gardening reading etc for longer than a few minutes. I need to get a grip. Just volunteered to make scrubs so that should get me going. You key workers are brilliant doing a wonderful job. Sending you virtual chocolate xx

    • Making scrubs should get you motivated, it’s fab that so many are joining in helping make them. Thanks for the choccies….they’re going down nicely with my glass of vino…hick! xx

  5. Love the jacket and love the tidy piles of fabric. I don’t seem to have lost my creative mojo (except for making clothes as there’s nowhere to wear them) but I have definitely lost my tidying mojo. Although, wait, I think that might be a mojo I never had anyway.
    Enjoy your chocolate xx

    • Don’t think I have the tidying mojo either! So unproductive, there’s always something much more interesting to do. The tidy piles are now a big bigger and sat on my kitchen table, which is ok as I can’t have any visitors, but maybe I’ll get that job finished off this week. And maybe I won’t😂. Hope you’re keeping safe Lynn xx

  6. Great jacket! I’m impressed with the fabric sorting – something I really need to do myself. Maybe that’s (another) task for during lockdown 😉.
    I think you’re right about all the mojos being off somewhere having a ball coz mines missing too!
    Stay safe out there. You lot deserve ALL the chocolate 😘

    • Our mojo are probably getting proper sozzled as I’m typing this. I really must catch it and have a word! Hope you’re keeping safe and well Kim xx

  7. Love the jacket. Something very satisfying about making things from curtains – Have I been watching to much Sound of Music? Love the trombone playing picture 🙂 Stay safe and enjoy the chocolate xx

    • Making the jacket was like getting a free one! Love not having to buy fabric, is that the Yorkshire in me…. probably not, think we’re all the same! I think I’ll be heavier after this lockdown if the public carry on being so kind xx

      • I grew up in Surrey and I’m the same – although I did live in Leeds for 10 years and am married to a Yorkshireman.
        I’m sure you run around enough to burn it off – and very pleased you’re feeling the appreciation. Everyone is so grateful to all the people who are supporting us hiding inside, but even more so to those who are putting themselves in daily contact with the virus. Thank you as always xx

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