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Sunday Sevens 2021 – Bumper Edition!

Do I mention I’ve missed a few ? No….. life just goes at such a crazy speed sometimes, there’s no need to make up excuses.

I’m not promising this will be a weekly post, but I’m hoping it will be more than quarterly. I’ve had a scroll down my photos and picked out a few since the start of the year. A few? Well about 50. So I won’t waffle on with lots of writing otherwise we’ll both be here all day!

Not sure what Sunday Sevens is about? It was a fab idea thought up a long time ago by the lovely Natalie of Threads & Bobbins – a fellow Yorkshire lass who lives in America. There’s no rules but the idea is to share 7 isn photos from your week. Read more about it on Natalie’s blog post – it actually took some finding – Sunday Sevens started way back in 2014!! Read her first post HERE.

Hope you have a great week. Some restrictions are easing here in the England, and tomorrow I can play golf. Stay safe whatever you are doing and keep smiling!

Cheerio for now

Ali xx


  1. Wow I love Sunday Fifties. I like that I can tell you are smiling under that mask.Glad you have had two doses, you need them. I ‘ve had my first, second due in May. Wonderful to see you so happy, and you can go back on the golf course too.

    • Sunday Firties…that made me smile – I should’ve called my post that. Glad you’ve had yours too Cathy, I think we’ll all be a lot safer when we’ve all had it. Stay safe xx

    • Aw thanks…. it’s good to be back, must be 4 years since I was blogging regularly and now looking at my blog I feel like I’ve a big chunk of my ‘sewing life’ missing. x

  2. Wow! Back with a Big Batch! Delightful to read through them all & catch a glimpse into all you’ve been doing. Am sooo glad you can get golfing again! Hello to Bob! xxx to you!

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