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Sunday Sevens 2021 – Bumper Edition!

Do I mention I’ve missed a few ? No….. life just goes at such a crazy speed sometimes, there’s no need to make up excuses. I’m not promising this will be a weekly post, but I’m hoping it will be more than quarterly. I’ve had a scroll down my photos and picked out a few since the start of the year. A few? Well about 50. So I won’t waffle on with lots of writing otherwise we’ll both be here all day! Not sure what Sunday Sevens is about? It was a fab idea thought up a long time ago by the lovely Natalie of Threads & Bobbins – a fellow Yorkshire lass who lives in America. There’s no rules but the idea is to share 7 isn photos from your week. Read more about it on Natalie’s blog post – it actually took some finding – Sunday Sevens started way back in 2014!! Read her first post HERE. Hope you have a great week. Some restrictions are easing here in the England, and tomorrow …

Handmade Harrogate

Back in June last year I organised a meet up in Harrogate. It came about after I called in to Fine Fabrics of Harrogate and was chatting to Sandra about the possibility of and she kindly offered her place as place for us to meet, and there was the mention of cake. So it was a no brainer. Fabric + Cake + Lovely sewing pals = Fab day out And it was! We met about 10am, I think there was 18 of us. or there abouts. Sandra had organised coffee and chocolate brownies, and she also had a goodie bag for each of us! We said our good byes to Sandra and headed into town. Sandra’s shop is just on the edge of town, on Skipton Road. It’s walking distance to the train station. There are parking restrictions outside but if your calling in Sandra can lend you a permit so don’t worry about not being able to park close by. Our next stop was Bobbins and Bolts. I bought my Lander Pants pattern there …


I thought of solid colours initially as this is a biggie for me – I buy so much beautiful fabric in all sorts of designs but then nothing goes together. So my aim this year is to try and only buy solid coloured fabric. But then whilst out shopping in our local farm shop is came to the freezer section – and it’s all frozen solid. Especially these Yorkshire Puddings at a bargain price of 12 for a £1 – homemade too!     Linking in again with the 52 Week Photo Challenge from: Nanacathydotcom Rainbow Junkie The Aran Artisan Wild Daffodil