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Sunday Sevens 25th April ish

WARNING! Don’t read this if you’re hungry. There’s quite a few foodie pics this week. They’re not very exciting, well the cake it, it was bloody lovely!

Another week of glorious sunshine. I only worked 3 shifts this week, and luckily I wasn’t starting until 4:30pm so was able to make the most of the lovely weather. Talking of work, I’m happy to report I have had NO patients with any COVID symptoms this last week. I think that’s a first in a very long time.

Cereal with a lager. Is that wrong??!! It wasn’t until early afternoon ….not that I need an excuse.

Monday evening we had out first trip out to a pub. It was a gorgous evening – no jacket required.

Pork pie or a sausage roll 1/2 way round the golf course. It would be rude not to!

And cake afterwards! It was one of the ladies 70th birthday and she’d put on cake and fizz for us after golf. The red velvet seen at the top (feature pic) was my 2nd choice – YES I had to have both…. there was plenty to go round.

More golf and more food! It was one of my pals 50th birthday, we celebrated with a game of golf, and had a pork pie (for a change!) and a bottle of beer after 6 holes. And after 10 holes we had donuts. You might be thankful there’s no pic of them if you’re hungry!

And there’s more! Before teeing off on the 18th it was muffins and either a G&T or Pimms. I usually come off the course starving but not after this round!

Little H and I popped down to have a cuppa in the garden with Cyber Mom…

On Friday I basked in glorious sunshine doing absolutely nothing (a rarity for me) before heading into work.

My pix are a bit mixed up! I think it was Tuesday we decided to BBQ our tea, but then it started drizzling but the overhang on the shed saved the day.

Are you enjoying the Bee?! But to the point did you know that applications are now open for contestants for series 8?! If you’re thinking of applying just go for it!! I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. A few people have messaged me on insta about applying and the main thing they’re worried about are the time restraints. Yup, it’s just like it is on TV, but everyone’s in the same boat and finds it tough. And to be honest, it’s not as bad as you think – it’s amazing how productive you can be without the distraction of social media!

Each week after the Bee has been aired Mark, my fellow Bee, goes live on insta to chat about it. He calls this “the Bee Sting”, and other Bees from Series 6b join him. Last week I did, and so did Nicole. You can see them after the event on his IGTV or on Matt’s YouTube channel HERE.

On Saturday H had his second cricket match of the season. I mentioned he had changed club last week. This week he played against his old club and H scored his first senior century against them. Proud is an understatement!

H aged 9, this popped up in my Facebook memories this week so I thought I’d share this too. How cute….shame he had to grow up!

So this post is a few days late and it’s now almost time to post this current weeks’ Sunday Seven pix. I’m thinking I might put SS’s on hold for May as I’m taking park in Me Made May 2021 and am hoping to post weekly updates. I’m being a bit realistic that I might be biting off more than I can chew committing to 2 blog posts a week! But you never know I might!

Cheerio for now. Stay safe, and keep smiling,

Ali x

Not sure what Sunday Sevens is about? It was a fab idea thought up a long time ago by the lovely Natalie of Threads & Bobbins – a fellow Yorkshire lass who lives in America. There’s no rules but the idea is to share 7 isn photos from your week. Read more about it on Natalie’s blog post – it actually took some finding – Sunday Sevens started way back in 2014!! Read her first post HERE.


    • I think I need another day in the week Robyn, though the sun’s not shining this week here so I probably won’t be getting out and about so much. Probably be a soggy game of golf with no cake this afty ☔️x

  1. Great news about no Covid patients this week – fingers crossed it will stay like that,
    I’m enjoying the GBSB again. A lot of tears so far this time round – that would be me for sure and I’m an ugly crier so wouldn’t make for good t.v. 😭
    Well done to ‘little’ H – I’ve no idea about cricket but he’s obviously made you very proud with whatever it is he’s done. I’ve no idea about golf either but there appears to be a lot of cake and other goodies involved so it can’t be a bad thing, In fact, I was just going to make lunch but I’m full up now looking at your pics
    As for being late for Sunday Sevens – I thought you were a day early for tomorrow’s one 😉

    • Haha a day early… never🙈😂
      The best bit about golf is the food – it’s the only reason I play😋x

  2. That cake looks amazing. You look fab in the golfing togs! Congrats little H on the century. I take it he was born in the right county should he get the call! Good to see cyber Mum. Excellent news re the covid situation. Had my second dose this week.

    • Yas! Glad you’ve had your 2nd dose Cathy, it’s reassuring isn’t it once you’e had them both. I’m wondering what they going to do in the future now about us having boosters??
      And yes the cake was truly amazing – and BIG slices too! Just wish they’d have been a big jug of cream. Now I’m drooling just thinking about it! xx

  3. Great news on many fronts, Ali! Special shout out to Big H for his first century – I think I might vaguely know what that is, but definitely know it’s a Good Thing!!!
    Phew! Don’t know as I could make it through all the “golfing” you do sometimes! Lol!!!
    That is SOOO Wonderful about your cases!!! Fervently hope it holds for you (and everyone). I’m on for my second dose this week. Just wish everyone over here would get the message and roll up their sleeves.
    Watched your bit of The Bee Sting and enjoyed you & the lads very much. (You’re in the third episode, but what came up when I clicked your link was the second.)
    Lordy! But I wish we could watch GBSB over here! 😢
    Sending lots of 💕💕 xxx

    • Glad you’ve been able to get your 2nd jab Del, it’s reassuring once you’ve had it isn’t it. I know there’s still a chance we could still catch it but from what they say we wouldn’t be a poorly. It still baffles me why some people don’t want it!
      Stay safe lovely, I know we keep saying it but we are overdue a FaceTime catch up, is Friday afternoon my time any good – after 2pm?? xx

  4. You’re lucky to have had warm sun up there. It’s been cold wind with the sun down here in Dorset. I’ve no idea how you have time to eat on the course. We can literally have 5 minutes at the half way house for pee and tea and then we have to be off again! I’ve just binged the first 3 Bees. I wish they’d put it on at 8, I’m nodding by 9! 😄😄😄
    Have a safe, Covid free week Ali. 😊

    • We had to let a group behind us through when we had our first picnic stop, but the course wasn’t too busy, so it was ok, the men were jealous of our bottles of lager😂
      The weather has changed here this week, it’s teaming it down at the minute and I’m supposed to be playing in the medal this afty – not looking forward to it. I’ve a chance of winning if a few cry off though….. every cloud has a silver lining.
      Stay safe down there, hope you’re getting plenty of sunshine and golf xx

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