Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Sevens #26 – (me #1)

After loving reading the Sunday Sevens on a Sunday for a while I’ve finally managed to gather together 7 things from my week.  these don’t always justify full blog post to themselves but are still nice to share.

Sunday Sevens is the brain child of Nat at Threads & Bobbins – have a look where she’ll tell you all about it!

1. H had his first home economics practical lesson today – the classic victoria sponge.  Here is what he brought home from school!  He was obviously very hungry following extra curriculum activities so needed to satisfy his hunger pangs on the way home!  It really was very nice – but I did have to explain the etiquette of school baking and fetching ALL of it home!

Victoria Sponge by a 12 year old

He didn’t have an apron so obviously i had to make him one for this special event!

2. Tuesday was amazing! I received this gorgeous pin cushion for my new sewing room from Sewchet!  THANKYOU XXXX

#sundaysevens (1)

3. I finally got round to finishing a blocking this heart shaped shawl I’ve been making for my mum-in-laws next door neighbour. Its a thankyou for all she had done whilst she’s been poorly.

#sundaysevens (2)


4. Another delivery……no more using my mini ironing board to turn my machine into a flat bed sewing machine! This was £20 off ebay plus p&p so i was quite pleased.

#sundaysevens 3

5. Spent most of the day in bed as started my nights on Thursday, but did find time to block my hearts and make a chain – this is my bunting for my sewing room.  Just need to find some mini pegs now so I can attach the hearts to the chair.

#sundaysevens 1

#sundaysevens (4)

6. When I woke up and went onto the landing I could smell flowers??? I went into my sewing room and saw my hyacinth had flowered!

#sundaysevens 2

7. My last of 4 night shifts – last night was crazy – hope tonight Jo Public are going to be well and not need us too much!  (photo to follow – when I get there!!)

PS  Sorry I’ve not added the button but all will be sorted tomorrow when I get back to normal!  Is there such a thing!?

…… we are, a selfie on our way to our 1st call of the night. No, I’m not driving!!

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  1. Ha ha, I can imagine my boys eating their home cooked creations on the way home from school too! I swear I can smell those hyacinths, they’re beautiful! I now have to buy myself an extension table for my machine. I had no idea you could get these. Off to eBay right now…

    • It’s worth hunting round, this would have been about £70 new!
      He’s making something with glace cherries today. Just wondering if the cherries will actually make it to school!! 😃

  2. Fiona M says

    That cake looks lovely, not surprised he made a start on it before he got home!

  3. Your son’s cake rose nicely! And his denim apron is great. It’s nice of you to join the Sunday Sevens clan 🙂 hope your body gets back to normal after nights soon – my partner worked nights this week, oh, it’s not nice! Then you just get back to normal and you’re back on nights again!

    • He’s chief cake baker for sure now! Luckily I only do 6 full nights in 8 weeks so it’s not too bad as I used to have to do more. it’s just the 12 hours that do me in now. On the bright side I’m now back now til Friday 😀

  4. Loved the photos, apron, and hearts! (Were any of those crocheted?) Hope your night went more smoothly & you’re not too flummoxed by the shift in hours.

    • Thanks Del! Yup, all the hearts were crocheted, and both patterns from Craftsy too. The shawl is one of my favourite things to make. There’s a photo for every row to keep you on track which really helps me as I’m still learning to read patterns 😀
      PS my life is one big flummox, lol!

  5. It’s great to see you joining in! Thank you 🙂
    I’m jealous of your blocking skills – you must post a photo of your bunting once it’s up 🙂

    • I’ve just ordered some mini pegs today from Amazon so hopefully they’ll be ready for next weeks Sunday Sevens. 😃

  6. Welcome to the Sunday Sevens clan/cult/coven/whatever! I’m putting your son in charge of refreshments for our next get-together. 😉

    That shawl is really beautiful–the recipient is going to feel very special wearing it!

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