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Sunday Sevens Week 44 (me 19)

Happy Sunday Everyone!  


Today is such a treat!  It’s my first full weekend off in 4 weeks!  H is at Nanny & Grandpa’s, hubby’s still knocking out the zzzzz’s after we had a late night at a wedding do (oops, wrote weeding do first!! no it wasn’t a garden party!), and now i’m just going to quickly do my Sunday Sevens before I knock together another Dimpsy T.  And we have absolutely NOTHING planned for today!!  Well, maybe just watch the first team play the semi finals of a cup match, see mum in law and do all the washing……so not much really!

Here’s my week in 7 photos.  I must say that at first (19 weeks ago!!) I found it hard to gather together 7 photos.  Now I always have too many and I love looking back at my pix of the last week.

1.  Driving through Halifax we saw a couple in an old Morris 1000 who’d just got married!  I couldn’t get a photo from the front, but they did look lovely!

#sundaysevens 2 (15)

2. There’s usually a pic’ from the golf course in my Sunday Sevens and this week is no exception. I’ve had to increase the exposure so you can just about spot this little fella in the tree!  Not a very good photo, sorry, as I got closer he didn’t scarper but he did hide behind some branches so I couldn’t take a close up.  He must be shy!

#sundaysevens 6 (4)

3. What a View!  This was taken on a road called Albert Promenade in Halifax.  I was stood by, sat eating a bacon buttie on a bench enjoying the view, looking across to Sowerby Bridge.  If any of you in the UK saw the series “Happy Valley” with Sarah Lancaster in, then this is the valley!   If you didn’t see it it’s worth watching on catch-up.  A bit gruesome in parts but very enthralling!

#sundaysevens 3 (10)

4.  H going out to bat.  We travelled up North for Yorkshire to play Northumberland.  We got them all out for 38, so our innings to bat was very short lived.

Northumberland 9th July 7

5.  As we’d travelled quite a distance (only 2 1/4 hours for us!) they decided to play a 20-20 match as the first game was over so quick and the boys weren’t ready for home.  I escaped for an hour and went to John Lewis in Newcastle.  We don’t have one near me but I believe we’re getting one in Leeds next year!  The fabric’s a bit pricey, but great quality and usually up to date with RTW clothes on the high street, so worth a visit if there’s a sale on!

#sundaysevens 5 (4)6.  Driving back I asked H to take a picture of the Angel of the North – this is the best one!!!!  Click on the link to see what you’ve missed!!

#sundaysevens (15)

7.  Me, hubby and Holly Jumpsuit having a night out!! Must say Holly’s a good dancer!!  I’m aching this morning!!

#sundaysevens 1 (15)

The ‘feature photo’ is an update on the kitchen!  This week the range cooker has been professionally cleaned and looks like new, the spotlights in the ceiling are in, and it’s had a couple of coats of paint.  The kitchen is being delivered next Friday and I have one very excited Mummy!!

Sunday Sevens?? Still not sure what’s going on??  SS is the brainchild of Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins – it’s your week (yes it could be yours too if you fancy joining in!) in 7 photos. Natalie’s very organised and even collates it all together on Pinterest.  Often we do things that don’t warrant a blog post of their own, but it’s still nice to share them we your blogging buddies!

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    • I was hooked! And more so as I recognised places where it was filmed. On a Sunday sevens a few weeks ago, the photo of my works car was next to the canal where it was filmed too.

  1. I missed Happy valley and will probably end up buying the DVD when the price comes down a bit. I am jealous of the cleaned range cooker – I have one but it needs a bit of help from a professional.
    Is it me or is that an alien in the tree? I can’t make it out at all.

    • It’s a squirrel – but the worst photo of one you’ll ever see!! Is this any better…probably not – not even sure this will work…! Slightly better pic of the squirrel??

  2. Ha ha! I couldn’t even see the tiny bit of The Angel until I enlarged the photo! That was decent, having a 20-20 to make up for the quick victory. Will it be another Holly, your next jumpsuit with that lovely fabric from a previous post?

    • I’m liking the new Sallie Jumpsuit from closet case files. That’s in a jersey too so should be easy-ish to get the fit right. I love the Holly but it’s not very versatile with it being a strappy number.

  3. Hope you’re having a lovely relaxing day 🙂 I had to squint at what’s in the tree – if I was on my phone I’d never have worked out what it was haha! Same with that Angel of the North, why is that so exciting?!

    • Not really sure what all the excitement is about except when we see it we’re usually nearly there (wherever we’re going!) 🙂

  4. Bekki Hill says

    Crickey! You’re making us work hard this Sunday, first what’s in the tree then can you spot the Angel of the North? 😉 Can’t believe there’s no John Lewis in Leeds I thought Leeds had everything!

    • No good with the pix if you’re looking on your phones, sorry! We used to have a Lewis’s 20+ years ago with was fab, but nothing up market, except Harvey Nics and they don’t have fabric ;-(

      • Bekki Hill says

        Ah! That makes sense, I lived in Leeds from 1982 – 92, so maybe that’s what’s making me think you should.

  5. I love how many out and about photos you have this week. What a gorgeous view 🙂 England at it’s best at this time of year. I’ve tried to photograph The Angel before, with similar results – it’s amazing to see though, isn’t it?

    • I think it’s easier if you’re heading north, it sort of greets you, otherwise it’s tricky to see. I’d like to see it close up, just to see how big it really is 🙂

  6. I was wondering why you hadn’t posted in a while, then I realized that my WordPress Reader somehow unfollowed you!
    Enjoy your break!

    • I’m still here!! I sometimes do that and ‘loose’ people, thing we have gremlins sometimes or in my case fat fingers which touch buttons by accident!

  7. What a great array of photographs this week! H does look very smart in his kit! I love how organised John Lewis looks; nothing like my old market stall of fabric used to look :-0

    • It wasn’t as tidy once I’d had a good old rummage!! They weren’t up for bartering either like you can on the market! 🙂

  8. I loved Happy Valley too, hope there’s a second series… Good to see your Holly out and about. I have a few lunches with friends planned before the kids break up, so mine might make it out too…

    • The jumpsuits are fab getting a bit dressed up, I’d like one that’s not strappy so I can wear it for lunches 😉

  9. What grand progress on the construction!!! Congratulations to all!
    Your H does look quite neat in his cricket whites (hope that’s phrased properly!), and my eye then went to that green velvet you call grass & we’d call miraculous. Enjoy seeing your travels each week, and checking out the references you include. Must look for that film you mention, too – thank you!

    • Cricket whites is the right term, but they’re usually black by the time H has finished diving about! And the green grass is very green today. We’ve had so much rain play was delayed for 2 hours! :-0

  10. Construction must be such a joy. haha. In US we don’t have John Lewis of course, but my goodness what a nice place that is! Was there in Cardiff a year ago, but didn’t even know there was a fabric department! Now I’ll have to go back? Love the little squirrel(s).

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