Sunday Sevens
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#SundaySevens week 63 (me 38)

Helloooo! It’s still still Sunday and I’m posting my Sunday Sevens on time,  SO that can only mean one thing…. I’ve got the weekend off! Yippeee!!

In the unlikely event that I’ve lost you already and you no idea what I’m on about, head over to Natalie’s blog and read more about Sunday Sevens. You can join in too if you wish!

Thinking back over the last week I don’t feel like I’ve done very much, but then I look at my pics and realise I have really. That’s the great thing about Sunday Sevens. It’s the photographic diary that I’d never keep up to if it was just for me. But sharing it with you guys makes it all worthwhile, especially when I read your comments.

So hear we are…..

Apologies for the accompanying text…. Tried to fix it from my iPad in bed and struggling. I’m up early so will look into it tomorrow… Sorry and night night 🙄

1.   This may well be my new place to stand by in Elland when I’m working. I’ve not set foot inside yet but I do believe it sells all sorts of craftiness. All will be revealed this week if I get chance to pop in.


2.    We dined out at an authentic indian restaurent, this was my starter – puffed rice eith green chillis, tomatos and coriander.


3. Yes…you’ve guessed! It’s my mum’s kitchen! Those who’ve been following for a while will have recognised it. My mum went to Stax with my dad (a local cash & carry sort of place) and came home with a disco ball! It even takes a memory stick and can flash to the beat (much to my dads annoyance!).


4.  On Saturday I did my second Park Run. It was really muddy. I got a new personal best – 33 minutes and 15 seconds! In total I’ve run just over 18km this week. I’m feeling loads fitter and it’s definitely getting easier. Can’t believe I only started running in August.


5.  H played footie (soccer!).  It was soooo cold, wet and windy. I couldn’t get out of the car but managed to park so i could still watch.

6. Yay! I’ve finally gotten round to making the Archer! Not finished yet, needs collar, cuffs and hemming. I nearly didn’t get round to posting my Sunday Sevens as I struggled to drag myself away from the sewing machine.



7.  I’ve had a hair cut!! It nearly didn’t happen as when I stepped out of the door I had a flat tyre! 😳 Luckily it’s within walking distance but I had to get wrapped up as it was blowing a gale with horizontal rain. My Colette Albion saved the day with its big hood.



The feature photo at the top is a photo of some fabric in our local Boyes shop.   My friend is desperate to learn to make a frock in read tartan for Christmas and I’ve said I’d help her.  She likes the Francoise from Tilly and the Buttons so we might have some progress to show you in the next week or 2!

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  1. I also want to know about the disco lights in the kitchen….I want some myself! Haha! Your new hair do looks lovely, so does the Archer 🙂

  2. You had me at that first fabric image 🙂 Never worked with plaid, sounds tricky to match! New hairdo looking fab. I was struggling with the new updates last week, but WP seems to have ‘settled down’ again now. At the risk of sounding old, I wish they’d just leave it as it is….

    • Me too… The technology thing I can just about cope with….until things change. Plaids not too bad – just line the pattern up with something like matching notches, I tend to draw bits of the plaid on my pattern. It’s not too bad, can make your eyes go a bit squiffy 🙄

  3. Karen says

    Another busy week. Well done on the Park Run. I am a road runner and find mud really sapping so your time is brill. Well done K xXx

    • Thanks Karen, when I’ve running the rest of the time it’s on the road but just do the park run as a bit of a challenge. Well, a lot of a challenge really! 🙂

  4. Love the lights in the kitchen. I NEED a disco ball. You really have been busy. Funny, I too thought we hadn’t done much last week, until everyone said ‘my haven’t you done a lot’ 🙂

    • It’s good how taking photos makes you remember what you’ve been up to, otherwise life just mingles all together and one week seems the same as all the rest, when they’re not really 🙂

  5. Well done on the Parkrun time! I am just finishing the Couch to 5k plan so am girding myself up to run Wyre Parkrun. I might wuss out and offer to be tail runner so I will be last by design.
    I want your mum’s kitchen disco ball – it would make cooking such a blast. I’m not sure The Management would agree but I know my daughter would be impressed.

    • The management doesn’t agree either at my mums end! How long before you finish your couch to 5k? You’re going to be super fit what with that and the swimming! Good luck, and even doing the tale running is fab 🙂

      • I ‘ran’ 5k for the first time without walking today with my running group. I was thrilled to do that and have agreed to be tail runner next week at Parkrun. Only 2miles to do with the swimming challenge so I will finish on time.

  6. corrineappleby says

    Your hair looks great and congrats on the latest 5k time! My running has completely gone by the wayside – haven’t been out for about 4 weeks.

    • Thanks Corrine, though I’ve not been out since. These 12 hour shifts make it hard to get motivated. I’m sure you’ll be back on it soon, just need some crisp dry days instead of all the rain and wind 🙂

  7. Love your new hair 🙂 and your mum’s disco kitchen!! Don’t go getting too fit with all this running will you or all your dresses won’t fit!! You’ll have to make more 😛

    • I’m hoping all my dresses will be handing off me and I’ll have to take them in! But yes, making more sounds a better idea! I bet your girls would love the disco kitchen too! Just image all the help you’d get at clearing up after tea if the disco lights went on! 🙂

  8. This looks and sounds like a lovely week! Your hair looks great and well done for completing your second park run! You’re almost persuading me to give it a try! Looking forward to seeing the red tartan dress 🙂

    • I think I’m going to take some persuading to do the park run myself now the weathers changed! I’m supposed to be doing it this coming saturday with 2 girls from work who are newbies so will have to put on a brave face for their sake 🙂

  9. A disco kitchen! I can hear the BeeGee’s singing away right now….. Love your new do, and the muddy sneakers are a great, inspiring picture. Those plaids are smashing, can’t wait to see what you and your friend come up with for them.

  10. Fiona M says

    Damn, I want a disco ball for my kitchen now.
    And where is this haven of crafty goodness in Elland? It’s just down the road for me.

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